Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I just got the call and our TA is in--- YAAAAAAA!!!! That means we are approved to travel and all we need now is to get our US Consulate appointment and we can travel!!! Our facilitator is putting in our request for our consulate appointment TODAY and when they return to work on Friday (they are off Tues, Wed and Thurs this week) hopefully they will process our request. We should know by early next week when our appointment will be. I am just soooooo excited and cant believe we are so close.

OK, so here are the tentative travel plans:

* Our agency is requesting our CA to be Tuesday May 29. Assuming that is our CA date then here is how it will play out:

* Tuesday May 15 (maybe the 14th- depends on how much time in Hong Kong we want): Leave LAX on red eye to Hong Kong

*Wednesday May 16- Flying- We actually lose almost one whole day in travel

* Thursday May 17- Arrive sometime that day in Hong Kong- sight see

* Friday May 18 to Saturday May 19- Sight see

* Sunday May 20- Fly from Hong Kong to Changsha, Hunan. Check into Dolton Hotel

* Monday May 21-- GOTCHA DAY!!!!!! WE GET MIA!!!!!

* Tuesday May 22 to Friday May 25- Stay in Changsha doing all in country paperwork for adoption and sight see

* Saturday May 26- Fly from Changsha, Hunan to Guangzhou where the US Consulate is located

* Sunday May 27- Free day

* Monday May 28- All Mia's doctor appointments

* Tuesday May 29- US Consulate Appointment - CA (hopefully)

* Wednesday May 30- Swearing In Ceremony and pick up Mia's visa late in day

* Thursday May 31- Fly home!!!!

So, that is our tentative travel plans based on having our CA on May 29. It could shift a day or so if we don't get the date we want but that date should be fine and hopefully we will get it!

Anyway, I am just so happy right now and cant believe we will be leaving in 2 weeks-- YAAA!!

I will post more when I know more. Now I need to get packing. I have been doing a good job but I feel like there is so much I still need to do to get ready not only for the trip but also when we get back with Mia. Lots to do!!

Christy :)


  1. Yahoo! Congratulations!

    You will love the Dolton. Very nice. The rooms are not as nice as the White Swan, but the service is nice and the buffet is great!

    They have internet connection in the room so bring your laptop! I can check with my husband about what you will need if you want.


  2. Congrats Christy on the TA! You're almost there. If you have any packing questions, etc...feel free to contact me.

  3. Christy, we are so happy for you and Kevin. We can't wait for you to have Mia in your arms. Please keep us posted.

    Robert & Linda

  4. Congrats! I'm really looking forward to following your journey. I hope you blog in China so us waiting mommas can all live vicariously through you.. LOL!

  5. Oh Christy! Congratulations!! It won't be long now and Mia will be in your arms! This month....this month sweet Mia will be in mommie's arms!

  6. Congrats on your TA!!! Hooray...can't wait to follow your trip to Mia!

  7. Christy,

    I just looked at your itinerary. It seems that you won't get into Guangzhou until 5/26. That is the day we return home to the U.S. Darn it! I was so looking forward to meeting you.

    Have a wonderful trip anyway.


  8. Congratulations! I know you must be SO excited. I am really happy for you Kristi. The wait has been so hard on you. Is hubby all better to travel now? I hope so! Mia is adorable.