Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Hawaii

When I downloaded some pictures from my camera the other day I found a few more Hawaii pictures. I had thought I had got all the Hawaii pictures downloaded already but I still had a few from our last day. The last day we took a glass bottom (really glass sided) boat ride. It was beautiful!!! I took a few pictures from the boat and then some in the park area right by the marina.

Ethan and Mia looking at the sea creatures.

Mia and daddy on the boat.

All the boys on the boat.

I love this picture of Owen. I think it looks really vibrant and cool!!

Ethan looking as cute as can be!!

Pretty girl!!

Hugging Daddy's leg.

Whats over there?

I love this picture.

Playing with the tree.

Another cool picture.

I love this one too!!!

Sitting down for a spell.

Taking a walk

Mia and Owen chilling watching the skateboarders. They were having a competition and the boys were loving watching the show.

This is just a funny picture. I was cracking up looking at her body language and the look on her face. Too funny!!!

So I think that is about it for Hawaii. I may do a highlights of Hawaii post but for now I think I have posted most all of them. Hope all is well with you!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Disneyland Plus

First off, we were at church the other day and we decided to take a picture of my parents with all their grandchildren. The only one missing was Brodie who went to be with Jesus 9 years ago. Brodie was only 5 months younger than Ethan and was the second grandchild of the Owen side. Brodie was Brad (my brother) and Amy's first child and he was born with a heart defect (left hypo plastic heart-- no left ventricle-- I think- and the great arteries were all reversed.) Brodie had surgery when he was 4 days old and did great-- he was a fighter-- but the virus RSV went through his unit and took many babies lives including Brodie. He will always be with us!!

Mia, Ethan, Haileyanna, Dad, Nathan, Christian, Owen, Mom and Savannah

Last week we took the kids to Disneyland for the last time of the summer. Cass came along with my nieces and my kids. We also met Karen and Kailee and Tanya and Gracie.

We got there right when the parade was starting and Mia loves the parade. It was sooooo hot that day!!!

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Cassie and Mia on the horseeee!!

Gracie and Tanya on the horseeeee!!

Kailee and Karen on the horseeeee!!!

Mia and Ethan on the horseeeeee!!!!

The girls waiting for the tea cups. They love the tea cups.

We stayed late for the fireworks show but we were trying to find a spot to watch them and they block off everything so we were having a hard time. Tanya said something about not being able t find a spot and this guy overheard her and told us to come with him. He proceeded to take us to some roped off area right in front of the castle. Literally they are the prize seats that you cannot pay for-- you just have to be chosen to sit there. Now I have watched the fireworks show many times but this was the most amazing display I have ever seen. When you are in front of the castle you can see all the small nuances that you miss standing elsewhere. It was just fabulous and we were so fortunate that this wonderful guy (who we found out was the guy who is literally in charge of the fireworks show) overheard our conversation.

Tanya and Gracie before the fireworks.

Karen and Kailee getting ready for the show.

Mia sadly missed the whole fireworks show because she had totally fallen asleep. Poor thing did not even have a nap so she crashed early.

We had a great time at Disneyland-- as always-- and it was a great end to summer vacation!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School & Ethan's Real Birthday!!!

** By the way, a few people have asked if the boys school is big because there are so many kids in the pictures. It is a K to 5th grade but it is a big school-- I think there are around high 700 to low 800 students. It is big but is a great school with great scores and great staff. I really love the school but next year when Ethan goes to middle school we will be moving them to private school. Not because we don't like the school that Ethan would be going to but because we want the boys to have a faith focused (kind of insulated) education.
Today was the first day of school for the boys and it was actually Ethan's 10th birthday as well. Ethan (nor Owen - July 25) has never had his birthday at school so this was a first for him. The morning came quite quickly as we have been going to bed way too late and waking up way too late so this morning was quite a shock. The boys did great with getting ready for school because they were so excited but I'm sure as the days go on their sleeplessness will start kicking in.

The boys walking into school on the first day!

Kevin and Mia walking into school. Mia was way tired also since she too has been on the late schedule.

Owen lining up with his class.

The male teacher behind Owen is Owen's new teacher and was Ethan's teacher 2 years ago-- the year we brought Mia home. You may remember pictures of Mia with Mr. Kooyman.

Remember this picture-- This was the week we got back from China when Ethan was in 3rd grade.

Auntie Lynsee and Kaitlyn finding their class line. Ethan and Kaitlynn are in the same class again for the 3rd year in a row. We are so pleased ad they get along really well. And yes, that is the same auntie Lynsee that was riding Ethan's bike at his birthday party. She is a fire inspector for a local fire department.

Ethan and Carson are back in the same class again and they could not be any happier. They are great friends.

Kaitlyn are in the same class as well-- Ms. Ricco (one of my favorite teachers and a good friend)

Ethan and Kaitlyn are at the same table along with Carson and Ethan is sitting next to his neighborhood friend Tanner who is a really sweet kid.

Later in the day I brought homemade (like how I threw that in) cupcakes for Ethan's birthday.

Carson and Ethan again.

Ethan and his teacher Ms. Ricco who is a friend of mine. I was sooooo praying Ethan would get her and I am soooo happy he did. She is a great teacher and a wonderful person.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan #10

We celebrated Ethan's birthday yesterday with a big swim party. His actual birthday is tomorrow (August 25) which is actually his first day of school-- sorry Ethan. We had a blast with all our friends and family and it turned out to be a great end of summer birthday party.

Ethan got a BMX race bike from mom and dad and he was exceptionally happy!!! The one picture is of Ethan and Owen on their race bikes-- now all we have to do is get them racing!!

Not sure what happened to this collage but some of Ethan riding his bike and his aunt Lynsee also riding his bike. There is a picture of Jordan (who spend the night with a few other boys -- remember he was the neighbor kid-- one of the boys best friends- who lost his mom, dad and brother in a car accident about 18 months ago. He is doing pretty good but he moved with his aunt about 45 min away-- we miss him) and a funky picture of my sister Cass and my niece Savannah. This was at the end of the night-- not the best shot.

The whole crew!!

These pictures were taken at dinner tonight. I haven't posted many of Mia recently so I thought I would give you something.

Tomorrow I have a Disneyland post and I just found some really cute pictures from Hawaii that I didn't realize I had. There are some of Mia that I totally love so I will post those soon.

Also, I wanted to say that I miss Laila and Lo sooooo much!!! Lai has been in Peru since we got back from Hawaii so by the time she gets back next Thursday it will have been almost a month since we have seen each other-- way too long. I also miss Lo. Lo lives in Manhattan and I miss her so much-- come home and visit-- I miss you!!!!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Cute Pictures

I know many of you are getting totally sick of Hawaii pictures but I have been bad at taking pictures since we returned so I don't have a lot to post and there is just so many Hawaii shots-- sooooo here are a few more. I promise these will be the last of them. We have a busy weekend with school starting on Monday and Ethan's birthday party is on Saturday (Ethan's bday is Monday August 25- the first day of school--uggg) so I should have some good pictures to post tomorrow night. For now, here are some Hawaii shots from the craft room at the hotel. There is one picture of the older kids making their "candy lei" and Mia was sitting on the glass wall looking as cute as ever, therefore I had to shoot her. The color is not great as the lighting was odd and I only had my little camera but they are still cute.

Mia looking just too darn cute :)

Drinking mommy's diet coke-- I know it is horrible but what can I do? Just a little.

Older kids making their candy leis.


Just too cute!!