Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mia Day 9- STARBUCKS!!!!!

Sorry again that there are not a lot of pictures. Today was a lazy day of doing nothing much. We did make our first rum to Starbucks which was a wonderful experience. It is a really nice Starbucks with a fireplace and all (not that we need it since it is almost 100% humidity here in Guangzhou all the time). It was fun just having a snack and coffee and realizing. Other than that, we didn't do much besides a little more shopping.

Mia is doing well. Last night we tried out the "let her cry it out" theory and it did not work. She cried and cried and we let her go for a long time but finally we realized it was not working plus our hearts were breaking listening to her. So, the second I went beside her bed, she was fine. So we took her to our bed and she went to sleep within about 10 minutes. It is frustrating but it is hard to start implementing new schedules and routines when you are halfway across the world living in a hotel. So, we will do all that when we get home and she is in her crib.

As you probably saw from the pics yesterday that Mia got her first pair of squeaky shoes. They are so cute on her and she loves to jump up and down to make them squeak.

Other than that, we are so anxious to get home. We miss home and the boys and our friends and family soooo much. We only have 2 more days and they could not go by fast enough in our opinion. Don't get me wrong. We like China and it has been a wonderful experience, but we really miss home and just want to get back to normal.

Anyway, I will try to take more pictures today and maybe some video. I will post more later.

Ethan and Owen, Only 2 more days and we will be getting on a plane to come home to you. I can hardly wait. We miss you both so much and we cant wait to get home so our family is all together. We love you boys a ton and Mia is so looking forward to meeting her brothers. We will see you soon!! YAAAAA!!!

Love mom and dad


  1. I would say that Mia is SO cute and I have really enjoyed reading your blog while you have been on your journey of a lifetime...

  2. You're giving her Starbucks and wondering why she won't go to sleep?? Just kidding! :) Can't start a girl too soon on good coffee. Congratulations on finding Diet Coke.

    Now waiting for that 14-hour flight home! :(


  3. I have loved reading your blog! Thank You so much for sharing!