Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hockey Party

The other day the boys wanted to go to the roller hockey rink and play for a while so I took Mia to the park at the same community center to play.

She had a blast jumping off the dolphin tail and whale statue things.

Relaxing on a rock

Smiling for mommy!

And a big one!!!

The boys had a hockey end of season party at the water park (hockey rink, park, water park and more are all on the same grounds and are a part of the community center). It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast!

Mia shooting the other kids with the water

She loved this squirting machine. I had to rip her away when it was time to eat pizza.

Ethan diving off the diving board

Owen diving off the diving board

My pretty bathing beauty

The mischievous face of my girl

Swimming on the step

Tuesday I am hosting a Lucky Mommies (and kids too) swim party. If there are any of you lucky mommas or waiting lucky mommas that live in the LA/ Orange County/ San Bernardino County/ Riverside county area that would like to come over on Tuesday, we are going to just let the kids swim and play and we will all eat! Email me if you are interested

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Things

Things have started to really slow down and I am loving it. I have totally just been relaxing and doing nothing. There have even been a couple days this past week or so that I did not leave the house all day-- which is totally rare for me. I hate to admit it but last night the boys had 3 friends spend the night and we went to an 11:15pm showing of Transformers 2 and did not get home till 2:30am. Luckily they all slept in till 10am so it was not too early of a morning. But with that said, it is now 2pm and I am still in my pajamas just hanging around the house. Totally pitiful I know, but just been cleaning and working on the computer and making breakfast then lunch and just hanging out. Loving this relaxed mode!! Tonight my friend is babysitting for all the kids so Kevin and I can have a date night so eventually I will get out of my PJ's - I promise!!!!

Here are some random pictures over the last week or so.

Ethan's hockey team won first place in their league.

My cousin Sarah (the Olympic bike racer) was married last weekend in Arrowhead (where my parents have their cabin) and it was just beautiful!!

My handsome men!

I included this picture because it is a good picture of the back of her hair-- totally cute!!

This is how found Mia a couple days ago-- butt naked playing the ukulele.

Singing to her awesome tunes!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Disneyland Fun & Thanks

First off, I never posted pictures of Mia with the beautiful blanket that Kim's mom from Journey To Isabella made for Mia. Kim gave Mia the blanket when she was out visiting with her family and we met at Disneyland. I immediately took pictures of Mia with the blanket but the color was all off and they were not the best pictures and I never remembered to post new pics. So, I finally got a few cute pictures of Mia and the beautiful blanket. I am so thankful for such a beautiful piece that matches so wonderfully with Mia's room. Thanks so much Mary for the beautiful blanket-- we will always treasure it!!

Mia acting silly with the blanket

You can see how full and thick the blanket is. It is very heavy and sooooo well made!

Perfect for cuddling up in!

Cheese! Mia loves her new blanket-- Thanks again!!!

Last week I took my nieces, my kids and Cassie (my sister) and we met Laila and her kids at Disney for the day. We stayed until almost midnight and had a great time!!

Laila and Ava on the Kasey Junior Train in Fantasy land

The other kids in the Kasey Animal Cage

Ava looking adorable on the carousel

And Owen doing something daring as always on the carousel

Handsome Mr. Tyler

And Pretty Miss Mia

Ethan and Mia having fun!

Kaitlyn and Ethan having Fun!!!!

Owen Kylie and I on Peter Pan

Ava and Mia having a ton of fun at dinner

Tyler joining in on the fun!
It was a great day!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beach Trip Day 2

Day 2 at Docwhiler beach was very similar to day one but we started the day with a 10 mile bike ride along the boardwalk with the kids and the Sidenfadden family. It was a nice ride and a great way to start the day. Here are pictures from the beach day 2.

Mia was obsessed with Popsicle's this trip.

Another Kate Mack smocked bathing suit. Much cuter in person than in the pictures. This one I got off eBay used for $9-- what a steal!!!

With the Popsicle dripping all over- yuck!

Love this picture-- for no real reason then I love her little legs!

Same with this one-- just cute!

Sandy Popsicle--yummmmm!

My Ethan chilling on the beach

The boys working their sand magic...

Owen looking for something-- not sure what...

Lame picture but I think it is such a funny look on Mia's face-- totally makes me laugh when I see this picture.

Looking for little tiny shells

Found something

Trying to take the treasures home---uh--no!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Beach Trip

To kick off summer, we went on a beach RV trip this past weekend. We went with friends to a beach at the end of the runway for LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) called Docwhiler Beach. It was a nice beach and we camp right off the sand so it was really easy access to fun and best of all, it is about 50 minutes from our house. The only issue is the noise of the planes taking off but on the weekend it was minimal and you got use to it really quickly and after a couple hours, you didn't even notice it.

On Thursday before we left (we left Thursday night) Mia got her hair cut. I was so sick of the straggly long hair that looked unkempt all the time so I asked my friend who cuts my hair what would work best for thin straggly hair like Mia's. She came up with the cutest bob in the world-- just like mommy's hair!! It is short in the back and then comes down to chin length in the front. Her bangs are the longest part of her hair and it looks so darn cute on her. I just love it and her bed head is way better with this cut. In fact all I have had to do a few mornings is put a brush in it- not even wet it- which is totally unusual because to make her crazy locks lay down I always had to wet it and it would still look horrible. Anyway, I am totally in love with this new cut and until it gets thicker, I think this is her new cute cut!!

While they antagonize each other all the time, they also on occasion play well together. Here is an example of one of those times.

Ethan and another boy

Mia loves the sand

The boys making, I think, a motorcycle track for their little motorcycles.

So darn cute!!

Smiles for the camera. This is another Kate Mack bathing suit. I cant remember the name right now-- maybe Bahama or something like that but it is just so cute on her!!!

I love blue and aqua on her. Really, any color looks so pretty on her skin color.

Boys hard at work!!

You can see how short her cut is in the back. Really short, but it totally works!

Covered in sand-- yuck-- but she never seems to care. She just loves the beach.

And this was daddy-- working hard --lol!!!!
We had a great time but this was only day one. I have another day worth of beach pics I will post tomorrow.