Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mia Day 2 May 22, 2007




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  1. I have really enjoyed following your story and your trip thus far! We leave for Beijing in the morning to pick up our Sophie!!! Too bad we won't be overlapping at the White Swan - I'd love to meet Mia. She is truly adorable. Have a safe remainder of your trip.

  2. Congratulations in finally arriving at the big day and having Mia join the Bock family. She is very cute! We have really enjoyed following your trip. Safe travels.

    Mike, karolyn, Lauren & Gavin Congalton


    Keep those pictures coming! :)

  4. Oh my goodness she is ADORABLE!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  5. How precious she is and she seems to have such a sweet spirit about her. Congratulations on being a Mommy again. Enjoy the rest of your trip and thank you both for sharing it with those of us waiting.

    Sheryl in GA

  6. Michelle (iggypickle)May 22, 2007 at 1:49 PM

    Oooooh Christy!! She is such a sweetheart. I have to say, though....her little grin seems to have an 'impish' quality to it!!!!!! LOL!!! She looks like she's either up to something, or, she's already figuring out that she's got you guys wrapped around her little finger!! Good for her! LOL!! Take care, guys!!!!!!!! Kiss that baby for me!

  7. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I have enjoyed seeing your photos and videos; they brought back many memories of our trip to get our Ba baby in December. I'll be eager to read about your visit to the SWI, if you go.

    Susan, mother to Rachel Shu-Ting (Ba Shu Ting)

  8. What precious photos! Mia is so sweet! My baby has been sick during the entire trip so far. Praying that she recovers before we board the plane on Saturday.


  9. Wow! She gets more beautiful everyday. Thank you so much for being so generous as to share so many video clips and pictures. She is just a doll. I never thought I would be grateful that you were skipped, but if you wouldn't have been skipped you wouldn't have your Mia. She is so young and so happy! And so beautiful!

  10. I am not sure if it is even possible for this kid to be more precious.

    OMG she is adorable.

    Are you starting to understand why you were skipped yet?

    Kevin healed a bit and you guys got the perfect baby.

    Sucks at the time, but retrospect adds to understanding.

    Can't wait for my turn. I need to practice what I am preaching here. It will be worth it in the end I know. You guys are living proof of that.


  11. OMG Christy! She is soooo cute!! Brings all those wonderful feelings so fresh in my mind back to the surface! Congratulations to you and your family on such a precious baby girl! Our prayers continue to be with you!! Trish

  12. Oh you guys!!!! I'm watching all your beautiful videos in tears! This is truly miraculous! God is sooooooo good :) I have been praying for you, especially that Mia would have a special connection with you and bond quickly. I'd say she's there!
    Looking forward to seeing you all :)