Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dumont & The Grand Canyon!!

I'm going to work my way backwards. First I'm going to show Dumont which was at the end of the week and then move to the Grand Canyon. First off, Dumont was fun. We had an issue with my dads truck so I was unable to drive the truck with the trailer (and toys) attached to meet Kevin in Dumont. So, our solution was that Kev and the boys came home Thursday night (a day early), slept at home and then on Friday morning we all drove together to Dumont. It was a little further for Kev to travel all the way home to pick Mia and I up but it was sure nice traveling in the RV together as a family.

This first collage is of Kevin and Mia while we were driving. Mia desperately wanted to sit in Kevin's lap while driving. Usually Kevin is very safe (it is the cop in him) but he had really missed Mia and I so he picked her up and drove for a while with Mia in his lap-- it was very cute!! Kev stole her paci and Mia was attempting to get it back. I love the picture with Mia's hand on Kev's face. I had to lighten the pictures in order for you to see them because my flash didn't go off but you can still see how cute the little "game" was.

These are just some random pictures of Dumont. My sister Cassie came with us this time and it was nice just laying around relaxing.

So now onto the Grand Canyon pictures. Kevin was a good hubby and did as I had asked and took a ton of pictures-- Good job hunny!! Anyway, here are a bunch of collages of the trip.

While at the Grand Canyon the group (Brian, Heather + family/ Joe Kari and Kaylee/ Dave, Kimberly and Emmily and Brian's parents Leo and Lorainne/ oh ya-- Kevin and the boys too) did a lot of "Jeeping." The boys love love love going on the freakiest trails that are so steep they literally could just fall off-- good thing mommy wasn't there-- I get totally freaked out!! Anyway, they had a ton of fun on all the cool jeep trails.

The group stayed in Williams AZ which is about an hour drive from the Grand Canyon. One day they took an old time train to the Canyon and on the way back "robbers" come and rob everyone on the train. They come up on horseback and the train comes to a stop (funny that a train would stop for robbers-- haha) then they jump on the train and "rob" the guests. Before they left Joe gave each of the kids a dollar and told them that the soda was free on the train trip to the canyon but they had to pay on the way back (which wasn't true). So, when the robbers boarded the train they pulled out their dollars so the robbers could "rob" them. The kids caught on eventually but poor little Brandon didn't get it (he is 4) and freaked out thinking they really were getting robbed. Kev said it was a fun experience.

Cool pictures of the group at the Canyon.

OK, LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Ethan with the sun on his face and wind in his hair-- he is like my little model!!

And here are some final pictures of Kevin and the boys time at the Grand Canyon. They got to do so many really cool things while there including visiting Indian land and ruins, lava fields and more. I love vacations like this where they are educational as well as fun. Kevin said they really missed Mia and I but that it was kind of fun just hanging out as "the boys." Mia and I also really missed our men but we had a fun time together as "the girls."

So now I am off on Spring Break this next week but the boys are back to school so I still have all the typical mommy responsibilities while the boys are in school (homework etc.). I'm sure I will do a day at Disney and probably hang out with Laila a bit. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to come.

Have a great week!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Then and Now-- WOW!!!

Since Kevin and the boys have been at the Grand Canyon this week it has given Mia and I a lot of time to hang out by ourselves. I have just enjoyed her so much and that little girl just steals my heart at every turn. Even when she is fussing and throwing a fit she is still just amazingly adorable. Her language is booming and she is just growing in every way (well maybe not too much in the weight area). I could go on forever but I am just smitten by this little girl!!

Anyway, I was sitting here looking back at pictures of Mia from China. I was just shocked with how much she has changed! I decided to post a few pictures from our last day in China and then a few taken recently. I am shocked with how little Mia was when we got her. She was only 6 months old at the time so obviously she was small but look at the picture with Kevin's hands around her-- she was tiny!!!


Look how itty bitty she was. I totally forget how small and young she was when we got her. AMAZING!!


She is just too cute in this picture. This was her "IN CHINA BIG SMILE". She made this face all the time!


Here is a picture of Mia just on Monday. Look how happy she is-- I just love her smile!


I love this picture because it is such her funny little personality. WOW does she have personality!! She is such a character and now that she is starting to say quite a few words she says "things" to everyone walking by. She constantly waves and says "bye bye" to everyone and loves the reaction she gets. It is so cute!!!

Anyway, I just felt compelled to post about my little girl since I got to spend some really quality time with her this week and got to realize all over again how AMAZING she is!!!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Disneyland With New Friends!!!

Mia and I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with some online friends from Delaware at Disneyland yesterday!! Eddie, Lisa and Mia (they have a Mia too) were out visiting family for Easter and Lisa, who reads my blog and we were in the same October DTC Yahoo group, emailed me that they were going to Disneyland and wanted to know if Mia and I would like to meet them and I EXCITEDLY took them up on their offer!! I just feel so blessed that I was able to meet such an amazing fellow adoptive family-- from across the country nonetheless!! Eddie is from Hong Kong so they had an expedited referral so they have had their Mia since she was 16 months and she is now over 3 years. Mia is a sweet and well adjusted little girl. She is so happy and quick to smile. She was sooooo sweet to my Mia and they got along wonderfully (so did us parents)!!!

This first collage is of the girls being sweet to each other, riding on the Pooh ride, taking pictures in front of the castle and getting ready for story time with the princesses!

This next collage is of the Mia's at Story Time. Belle told an amazing story and the girls really enjoyed it. After the story we were able to take pictures of the girls on the Princess Stage. There are also a couple pics of Mia and Eddie watching the parade.

Here are the girls posing on the Princess Stage as well as posing with the Princesses. I just love love love the picture on the bottom right of Belle and Mia-- it is soooo cute!!!!

The next collage is of everyone on the Buzz Light year ride. I just love this ride and it looks like Eddie did also. The last pictures are of the Mia's playing while we were eating dinner. They were running around this pole and laughing and laughing. They got along so well! It was just too cute!!

More cute pics!!
The following pictures are some of my favorites!!

This is absolutely precious!! Mia and Belle look sooooo cute together!

I love this picture of the girls playing. They had so much fun!

This is a great picture of the family!!

Mommy and Mia

Another great shot in front of the castle!

The girls holding hands

Mia's on the princess stage

Another great Picture!!!!

I just want to thank the Romish-Mui family for such a great day. The girls loved each other, us adults got along great and it was so special to spend time with another adoptive family! Lisa and Eddie were so sweet and generous and just amazing people. We had such a great time and I am sooooo happy they invited Mia and I to join them for the day. I believe I made some great friends and I am sure there will be more visits to come!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter is such an amazing day!! Celebrating the resurrection of the Lord is truly AMAZING!! I LOVE EASTER!!!

This first collage is of The kids getting their Easter Baskets. They loved all the loot and Mia got a puzzle and loved it also. After they got their baskets we got ready and headed out to church.

Our church does a HUGE outreach ministry at the LA County Fairgrounds and thousands and thousands of people attend. It is a phenomenal ministry and I always love being a part of it. The first set of pictures is of us at the fairgrounds. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! It was sunny and clear and about 85 degrees (a bit too hot but nonetheless-- it was beautiful). It was as if the Lord was just up there smiling on us! One of the pictures in the collage is of the view of the mountains from where we were sitting. It was breathtaking!

This is the official-- not too good- picture we attempted to take while at the fairgrounds.

After Church we had all our family over for Easter lunch. We had an awesome meal (thanks to a lot of my brothers cooking that he did in our COOL NEW KITCHEN) and really enjoyed hanging out. It was a leisurely and enjoyable afternoon. The kids even got to swim in the cold pool-- they didn't care-- they are kids!!

It was a sad end to the day as I had to say goodbye to the boys and Kevin as they left for the Grand Canyon until Friday. I am so sad that Mia and I cant go but unfortunately the boys spring break is this week and mine is the following week so I just could not work it out to go. Anyway, I sent them off and they were very excited for their vacation. It is a happy ending to the week as on Friday I will be meeting Kev and the boys in Dumont and we will be there till Sunday. So, at least we get to spend a bit of time together as a family.

Anyway, that's it for now. Have a great week and I will post soon. I am soooooooo excited as tomorrow I get to meet a fellow adoptive mom and her Mia (and hubby too) at Disneyland!! They are out visiting family from Delaware so Disney will be fun!!! I will post pics soon!!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Open House~ Jump House~ And Our House

The last few days were all about Houses!! First off we had the boys open house at school this past week. Our school chooses to do the open house in March instead of May or June. That way, the kids don't feel like after open house the school year is over and they are done learning. We start the night with dancing and music and then we have In and Out Burger and then visit the classrooms. I took pictures in Ethan's room but totally forgot to in Owen's room. So, I posted a few pics but there were not many.

Dad, Mia and Ethan, Mom and Ethan, Owen and Ethan, Cousin Kaitlyn (who is in the same class) and Ethan)

Now onto the other House. My friend Tenderly did a party for her kids at a bug Jumpy warehouse. It was a blast and the kids and the adults had so much fun!!! Mia has absolutely no fear!! She was all over the place getting bounced onto her head, back and everywhere. She would jump up laughing and keep going. I, as well as every other parent in the place were amazed at how tough she was. I too was totally amazed. I know she is a tough little cookie but I could not believe how tough she was in the jumpies. There is a video of it-- take a look-- it is to funny!!

I think this is a cute picture of the Kids and I!!

More Jumping Fun! Mia with aunt Cassie, Laila, mommy, Ava, Mia and the Boys with their friends

My friend Joanne and her son, Tenderly jumping, Ethan flipping, Aunt Cassie, Ethan and Mia, Owen, Ava and Laila and more fun!!!

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Now onto our house! The kitchen is totally functional and I am loving it. There are a few things that Kevin plans on doing when he and the boys return from the Grand Canyon (they are going there during the boys spring break in the RV with all our camping friends-- Mia and I have to stay because my spring break is the following week--ugg). Once he returns he will put the crown moulding on the tops of the cabinets, the bottom of the cabinet mouldings that hide the under cabinet lighting and the back splash. That is about all there is left at this point. He left the doors off the under the sink cabinet because when he was installing the plumbing a little water leaked and he wanted to make sure it was totally dry before he puts the doors on. He is actually putting the doors on as we speak. So, other than what I mentioned, the kitchen is pretty much done. I am just in love with it and am really enjoying cooking on our new appliances. We have Easter at our house tomorrow so I will get to do a lot of cooking-- I'll post pictures tomorrow!
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Eggs, Dresses & Kitchens

On Saturday our Sunday School Class has a giant egg hunt at my brother and sister-in-laws farm. It is a huge event that is a great family time. The kids just love it and we end the hunt with lunch. Both the boys found a "golden egg" which meant they got to choose a cool toy when the hunt was over. They were both quite pleased with themselves. Mia had a great time. She didn't really get what was going on but really enjoyed picking up the eggs.

Before the hunt they start with a presentation of the "Resurrection Eggs" which is a cool way to show the whole time of Jesus' death and His Resurrection. The first few pictures with the kids on the grass were of the Resurrection egg presentation.

Mia loved finding the eggs and did a pretty good job at finding them.

So, many of you know about RED THREAD STITCHES and the wonderful clothes Robin makes in order to bring their daughter Hope home from China. Well, a while back I ordered the KIMBERLY DRESS after my blogging friend Kimberly. I was so excited to receive my dress a week ago and I put Mia in it this week at Church. I realized I needed to take a picture of her in the dress before it got dirty but she would not comply.

So, this is what I got. I like the second pic (top right) the best but the dress looked so darn cute on Mia and I just loved the Chinese print-- WAY TOO CUTE!!

So, the pictures are in of the kitchen. As a tiny bit of background, we have wanted to do this big kitchen/ family room addition where we add a bunch of square footage to our home-- but-- with the market as it is we don't think that will happen anytime soon. So, we decided to keep the same footprint of our kitchen as it was before (which we don't really like but it is really all we can do with the space we have) to save money not having to do flooring and figure we can at least have an awesome kitchen to live in for a while and if we ever get to do the addition-- then way cool and we will have not invested a ton in the first place. We are not done but it is coming along really well. Kevin has tomorrow to do moulding, get the fridge in and a few other necessities before he goes back to work. As of tomorrow the kitchen will be totally functional- Stove hooked up- sink water hooked up- garbage disposal hooked up- dishwasher hooked up- fridge in and more. Already our warming drawer and oven work so I got to cook a frozen pizza for dinner (only boys Mia and I because Kevin had to work a DUI checkpoint tonight and went to work around 6pm). Anyway, as you can see, the kitchen is looking great!! The granite is BEAUTIFUL and I am so happy we chose what we did. I love our appliances and totally love what we chose for our faucet. The whole thing has really come together well and I am so proud and amazed at Kevin and his dad's ability to do pretty much everything. As you look at the pictures, know that the ONLY thing that Kevin and Don did not do it the granite. They did EVERYTHING else!! Wiring, plumbing, building all the cabinets (literally they came in a flat box and they had to be totally built). They did everything and I am so proud of the job they have done.

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What will still be left after tomorrow will probably be some moulding and the back splash. Kevin will get to that in the next couple weeks. I look forward to seeing the whole thing put together-- I LOVE IT ALREADY!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Disney Fun!!

* Update-- the kitchen is coming along but I have not posted pics yet because it has not changed that much. Yesterday all the cabinets went in and today (Sunday) the granite goes in. Once the granite is in, I will take pics-- at that point it will finally look like a kitchen again -- YAAA!!!!!! Expect Pics tonight!!

Yesterday (Friday) Mia and I met Kailee, Karen, Tanya and Gracie at Disneyland. We just went for a short time and I was totally late so we didn't get to do a ton but it was fun getting to hang out for a bit.

After Karen and Kailee and Tanya and Gracie left, Mia and I went back in Disneyland and hung out for a bit longer. We were eating a snack by the big flag pole by the entrance where they put the HUGE Christmas Tree each year and Mia was being adorable as usual so I had to take a few pictures.

I love this picture of Mia! She was having so much fun!

More cute pictures!

I love this picture of Mia also!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun at the Food Court

I met my sister and Laila (plus kids) at the food court at our outdoor mall today. Mia and Ava had a ton of fun!!


Mia is such a climber!! She climbs up EVERYTHING and scares me to death! She actually does really well but it still freaks me out to watch her climb to new heights.



Mia and Ava enjoying their beverages!!

So, Kevin put a few more cabinets in place today but I will wait until tomorrow night to post some pics.
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