Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Piggies gone and Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Well, we are almost all healthy and Kevin is the only one of us who did not catch the N1H1. We are all feeling better but the cough and headache is lingering. Kids are back in school and all is well but I must tell you about the calamity of errors that occurred on Sunday.

We had a busy weekend with a party on Friday night, an adult only Halloween party we love and look forward to on Saturday night and we were supposed to go to Disneyland on Sunday after church. Needless to say, everything was cancelled due to our unforeseen illness. Sunday we were all laying around like bumps on logs just trying to survive. Ethan and Owen were both feeling a lot better and were medicated so they were on the side yard playing hockey. They came in and Ethan wanted to re tape his hockey stick. I'm laying on the couch with Mia and Kevin is on the computer. All of a sudden we hear "oh no oh no-- it cant be--help help." When I hear that my stomach turns and my heart stops. Sure enough, I look in the kitchen and Ethan has his hand in the air, blood is everywhere and he is yelling. Being the wuss I am I sent Kevin into the war zone and sure enough, Ethan had literally chopped off the top of his thumb and it was flapped over-- holy cow it turns my stomach to type it--gross!! It was about mid thumb on the fleshy side cut in half but still attached. I never looked because I would have freaked but Kevin bandaged it and headed to Urgent Care (where he then spent the next 5 hours waiting for them to stitch the thumb back on). Turns out Ethan was attempting to cut the existing hockey tape off his stick with a very large and sharp Santuko kitchen knife-- always impressed with my sons well thought out plans-- holy cow!!! So Kevin and Ethan leave and I begin to clean up all the blood that has been spread everywhere. I finally finish the gruesome clean up and all of a sudden Mia comes running into the kitchen crying and she is literally covered in blood. It is all over her night gown, face, hands, mouth-- everywhere!! I'm freaking out because I cant tell where the blood is coming from but then I realize she was having her first bloody nose. My boys never had a bloody nose nor have Kevin or I so I have never had to deal with a bloody nose and the large volume of blood produced. I got the nose stopped and got her in the bath and then proceeded to then spend the next chunk of time cleaning up the blood from her nose. Holy cow was that a bloody morning-- As U2 put it-- Sunday, Bloody Sunday!!!

So we are fine now and back to work and school. Ethan, with his stitched up thumb, is at science camp up in the mountains for two nights until Friday with his 6th grade class. He was sooooooo excited this morning when I dropped him off with his suitcase and sleeping bag at school. Owen is good and looking forward to Grandparents day at school on Friday. Mia, Kev and I are looking forward to traveling to San Diego to see my blogger pal Kim's son Nick graduate from Marine Boot Camp on Friday-- Go Nick!!!

One more item-- guess who turns 3 tomorrow????? Yes you guessed it-- my little independent, never stops talking, strong willed girl-- Miss Mia June Fei!! October 29, 2006!! I am hoping to get some cute pictures of her tomorrow but not sure if that is going to happen so the birthday post may be delayed by a few days-- we will see. Here are a few pictures of Mia in her Sunday School Class a few weeks ago. I thought it was so cute the way they hold onto the rope- I had to take a picture of it!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oink Oink!!!

Yes, as you can see from the title of this post that pigs are in the air. Our family is all sick right now with a wonderful case of swine flu-- ugggg!!! Owen woke up Wednesday morning with a high fever, cough and sore throat. He got worse on Thursday so I made him an appointment to see the Doctor on Friday. Friday morning all the kids work up sick with the same symptoms-- ugg!! We all went to the doctor and they did not test for N1H1 but they said that they fit the characteristics of N1H1 and that pretty much most kids who are sick with flu like symptoms right now have N1H1-- so that includes my 3 little piggies!! Anyway, we have been seeing fevers up in the 106.4 range which freaks me out but medicated they seem fine. The doctor did not prescribe tamaflu because she said the side effects are worse than the actual illness and since my kids are healthy they would just let it run its course-- fine with me. So I go and get all the over the counter motin and Tylenol Flu and all the lovely meds and get home and realize I feel horrible. Sure enough, I laid down and have been feeling horrible since. So Kev is the only survivor right now and I pray he keeps it at bay. Owen is feeling better this morning but Ethan, Mia and I are still not well at all. Pray we get better soon as I have a very busy week complete with driving to San Diego to see my blogger pal Kim's son Nick graduate from the Marine Corp Boot Camp. Kevin and I are sooooooo looking forward to that so we need to get better once and for all!!!

Hope all is well with you all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My little Tinker Bell wanted to wear her costume her BFF Ava gave her. She put it on and wanted to wear her matching Tinker Bell clip that our good pal Kim gave her. As soon as she was in the costume she began to spin and leap and act like the "pwitty pwinsess" she is. Here are a few shots of her "modeling" session.

This picture cracks me up because I said to her that she had a smile just like the tinker bell on her shirt. She looked down and said "ya momma I do have a pwitty smile like Tinker Bell but I have pwitty black hair not yellow ones like her." Well said my little black haired Tink!! She then put her face down on her chest so she could smile like Tink.

Soooooo pwitty!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mickey's Trick and Treat with the Lucky Mommies

The Lucky Mommas went to the Mickey Trick or Treat on Friday night. It is a fun event where they close California Adventure to the public and you have to buy a separate ticket for the event. There is candy and more candy and more candy. The kids had such a great time and it was tons of fun seeing all the girls and their mommy's as well.

The boys brought their pal Carson to join in on the adventure.

The kids rode the Toy Story ride which is 3D so I had to get a picture with the glasses.

Posing for a group shot. There is Mia, Gracie and Becky. Kailee (who by the way is in a Gap online ad -- total little model- check her out on the baby Gap site) was there too but was not in the mood to model for a group shot.

Gracie and Becky

It is almost impossible to get a shot with everyone looking at the camera and smiling.

Another try

One shot of Kailee-- she was an adorable kitty cat for the event!!

Love that Gracie smile!

Beautiful Becky

The boys on the Ferris wheel-- on a sugar high!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cruise to Cabo

I just read about a family who needs to find a home for their adopted son. You really need to read about the situation but it is heartbreaking and this poor family is suffering but sadly, they must find a home for their son. Please read about this family and this 8 year old boy. Keep them in your prayers.
Kevin and I had a great time on our alone cruise without kids. We had no plans to go on this short 4 night cruise until we saw the prices and then we couldn't turn it down. FYI-- if you live close to a port, you can get cruises for next to nothing. This 4 night cruise out of San Diego to Cabo was only $199 a person and that is everything included except drinks. It is almost cheaper going on a cruise than staying home :)

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed doing literally nothing. We woke up late, ate, sat and read, ate, laid by the pool, ate, went to our room to nap or watch a movie, got ready for dinner, went to dinner, went to the club or went dancing or sit and talk. It was just what we needed as a couple-- time alone to just be together. If you think of it as marital therapy, it is actually a cheap therapy session :)

This was our Cabo day. We had to take the life boats to the shore because there is no pier for them to dock.

Cabo was about 95 degrees with about 95% humidity. We are southern California people and while we are use to hot hot weather, our weather is dry so the horrendous humidity got to us and all we felt like doing was sitting at a restaurant and relaxing. While eating out lunch a guy came up to the bar and ordered a beer and decided it was too expensive to he left. I asked if he worked on our boat and he said yes so we bought him a beer. He sat and chatted with us for a long time until his other friends from the boat walked by so they all came over as well and we bought them all a beer. They were great!! We had such fun drinking beer and margaritas and hearing about their home life. All of them were from Trinidad or St. Vincent Islands (English speaking islands around Jamaica-- I think). They were great and it was a perfect afternoon hanging out with some cool guys!

Pretty much an accurate description of what we did most of this cruise-- ate!! We were on a Royal Caribbean ship that had two fine dining restaurants other than the dining room. One was called "CHOPS" which was a steakhouse that gave Ruth Chris a run for its money. I had fillet and Kevin had lamb. It was 6 courses and just amazing!! The other restaurant was PORTAFINO which was Italian-- and it was no Olive Garden Italian (which by the way, I love Olive Garden). It was amazing food and the pictures of the skewer thing above and the shrimp thing were from Portafino. Amazing food and an amazing time.

OK, on another note I figured out an issue I have with regards to alcohol. I love a good Pomegranet martini before dinner and then maybe one with dinner. I never get loaded but I realized on this trip that if I have a martini (or any alcohol) before dinner, I totally get ill during dinner. Not like throwing up sick but nausea and stomach cramping sick. Totally strange. I tested the theory and after 2 nights of feeling sick I then tried not drinking before dinner and for 2 nights I was great. Interesting-- at least now I know.

Great trip, great time bonding with my hot hubby, great food, and a great relaxing time!!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meatballs 3D~ Ducks~ KX85

We had a great trip away. Kevin and I went on a short cruise to Cabo San Lucas (4 night) and it was a wonderful time away from the kids. My sister was awesome and babysat the whole time-- so thanks tons Cass!! I will post pictures of that soon but right now I created a couple collages of things we have been up to.

First off we went to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs in 3D a couple weeks ago. The kids thought the glasses were totally cool. We were watching the boys friend Jeremiah over the weekend so he came too.

Next we went to a Ducks Hockey Preseason game with our friends. They have a box this year so it is so nice to be able to sit on the couch and get drinks out of the refrigerator and have room for Mia to run around. We had a blast and -- YIPEEEEE!!!! HOCKEY SEASON IS BACK!!!!!

The boys got motorcycles about a year ago and we have realized they have grown out of them. Kids bikes hold their value really well and Kevin takes awesome care of things so we decided to sell the bikes about a month ago and to keep our eyes open for good deals on the bikes we want for them. Ethan wants a KX85 and Owen a KX65. We have been looking for used bikes on CraigsList for about a month and late last night Kev found an amazing deal on a KX85 located right in our city for about $600 less than what it should have been. Needless to say we snatched it up quickly. Kevin picked the boys up from school today and took them to Ethan's football game which was an away game. After the game he called me when he was pulling into the driveway and we opened the garage door just as they pulled up. Owen already knew since it was not his bike (just so he didn't feel bad- we are still shopping for his) but Ethan was blown away and was just yelling-- no way, no way!!! He was so excited and it is a really cool bike with a lot of upgrades. We were stoked to get it!!

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