Monday, May 28, 2007

Mia Day 8

Hi all,

Sorry we are a day late on our posting but we cannot see blogger here in China. Literally, we cannot see anyones blogger here so I cannot post. So, Lai, my friend, is helping me get all this online but sorry for the delay.

Day 8 was the medical exam. It was an amazingly thorough exam that ruled out every possible disorder Mia may have--- NOT!!!! It was a very simple exam that they pretty much looked at her ears, nose eyes and called it good. Of course our little one got the seal of approval and she passed her medical-- Yaaa!!

After that we went just hung out and relaxed. We have done our fair share of shopping and today we are going to go to Starbucks and relax there for a while.

Mia is doing great. Everyday she is blossoming more and more. It is truly amazing how sweet and adorable our little girl is. The only issue, as I mentioned before is that she does not go to bed easily. She cries and cries. We have been thinking that she may need a pacifier but I have been hesitant because I don't want her to be a 4 year old with a paci hanging out of her mouth. Mommy finally gave in last night and our guide found one that is shaped like her bottle and we tried it for the first time and it worked well. At first she fused and fussed but when she finally realized she could suck on it, everything was good. I was worried it would fall out of her mouth and she would cry, but she did OK with it. She slept 12 hours and happily woke up at 8:30am. So, I guess our girl will be a paci girl. I'm going to try to restrict it to only nap and bedtimes.

Anyway, all is well. We are totally homesick and want to get to our boys. We miss them a ton!!! We are saying an extra prayer for Amy (sister in law) and Brad (brother) as Amy will be induced at 6am Tuesday morning. We are praying that delivery goes well and that Savanna comes out healthy. We are sure Amy will be fine as this is her 5th-- Yes, 5th!! We cant wait to get home to see our new little niece and new little cousin to Mia, Ethan and Owen.

Ethan and Owen, It was fun talking to you tonight. We miss you and cant believe we only have a few more days till we see you again!! OH HOW I CANT WAIT!!!! Have a good day at school tomorrow and we will see you soon. WE love you a ton!!!

Mommy and Daddy

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