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Bathing Beauties!!!

My beautiful Girls!!!!

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Wallet stolen-ugggg!

Cute pic just because.... 

BUT, my stinkin wallet was stolen today at mc donalds- teach me not to buy my kids micky D's again- sheshhhh!!!  Quick stop on way home from church. Just the kids and I. Of course Kevin is in Wisconsin at a missions conference so it's just me and the kids. Set purse down by drink machine. Lady asked me a question and I turned my back on purse. Filled drink, picked up purse and food. Kids in car. Passed out food drove home. Got home. Grabbed purse and thought it felt light and everything came rushing back to me and I realized what happened. So ticked. Called McDonald's and manager was very unhelpful. Drive back and looked around and nothing. Talked to unhelpful manager and told him how mad I was. Got general manager phone number. Called and he was helpful. She's gonna watch tapes tomorrow and call me. Not that it will help but Would like to know who the idiot was that stole it. Called our police department to ask for extra security tonight since they not only have my wallet but they have my license and know where we

About 10 months Ago this would not have been that big of a deal. I would have lost some credit cards and my license and the typical things in my wallet but it would not have been a big deal because I never carry cash. Fast forward. We now live on a cash only system which Dave Ramsey approves of :) I lost about $500 in my wallet today. That alone makes me sick to my stomach but knowing we are so close to the end of the adoption and trying to save every little penny we have in order to pay for our outrageously double the price airline tickets and travel, it makes me more nauseous than ever. The whole thing makes me sick and it makes me remember that we live in a fallen world where people do really lame things to other people without caring. I know that all of this can be replaced but the timing really sucks. So I have canceled every thing and made an appointment at the DMV to get a new drivers license and have taken care of all of the necessities to get everything back in order, But I am still pretty bitter and annoyed that this happen now. Remember it was only just a little over a year ago our house was broken into and my purse and Kevin's wallet and phone and all our laptops and my car were stolen. That was just a little over a year ago and now this. A little annoyed.

Sorry for my rants but just a little sick of lame things happening like this especially when it involves a large sum of money that we really needed.  Anyway thought I would let you know. Trying to go to sleep and not having any luck doing so.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Officially waiting for TA!!!!!

It's official. Our paperwork has been dropped at CCCWA and we are now on the last leg of our adoption journey (besides travel). We should receive out TA - travel approval in about 14 days!!!! We are looking to travel early to mid June. I can't wait and honestly can't believe we ate going to be hiding our precious little girl In less than a month-crazy!!!!! So here is one quick look at our precious emery!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just tell me like it is...

OK, a bit of a rant here.

You all know I have had melanoma back in March 2011 which had to be cut out which I now bear a 3 inch scar on my right lower shoulder as a badge of honor- haha! I did not like my dermatologist that removed the cancer. She didn't think it was even cancer and did not want to remove it in the first place. It looked like a small dark freckle and her exact words were, "Ill remove it because you want me to but 99.9% chance it is nothing." Well Miss Know it all Dermatologist, it came back melanoma and the margins were not clear so she did not get it all and we had no idea how far it had spread. So I go in to get it removed (the 3 inch scar) and I mention to her that she 99.9% thought it was not cancer and it was so can she do another skin check to see if anything that looked similar to the melanoma. Her response was, "NO!" She said that her trained eye saw the freckle and thought it could be cancer so she removed that and she didn't see anything else that concerned her. WHAT?? Were you in the same room as me??? Her trained eye saw nothing. She thought the freckle was nothing and I had to talk her into taking it. Her trained eye missed my melanoma and if I would have just agreed to leave it, the repercussions could have been deadly. Needless to say, I let her cut the cancer out but I did not go back to her. I didn't like her and I didn't think she was good.

I went to another derm and my impression was they did more botox and fillers than dealing with cancer but I stayed with them for about 6 months. My primary care Dr. retired this past January and I signed up with a younger woman doctor in a medical group I really liked. When I went to her she was awesome and started me on b12 injections and changed up my iron (I'm severely anemic) and ran every panel of blood tests that she could. I loved her!!! She also did not want to send me just to a regular Derm but wanted me to go to a Dermapathologist-- a Derm that specializes in cancer. I went to my first appointment in early March and I loved them!! Its about 30 miles from our house but it was worth the drive because they seemed good. A sure indicator that they were more cancer focused than botox focused was when you walk into the the waiting room it is full of old people-- not young beautiful woman. Shoot, I was the youngest in there many times-- haha!! Anyway, the first visit they did a VERY thorough body check-- between toes, fingers-- everywhere-- and based on her check, she wanted to take 9 biopsies and dependant on how some of them came back she may want to do more. 9 BIOPSIES!!!!!! WOW!!!! Even though that is scary it is GREAT!!! That means, in light of knowing my melanoma looked like a dark freckle, she found 9 suspicious freckles (really I have no moles- just freckles-- im very fair). Insurance only covers 3 biopsies at a time so I had to separate the biopsies into 3 appointments over a couple months.

The first set of biopsies came back as - one benign mole, one pre squamish cell cancer (no biggie) and one moderate pre melanoma (not good). The margins were cleared (they got it all on the biopsy) but if it comes back then they will cut it out.

The second set of biopsies I called to get the results after a week and was told everything was fine-- no melanoma. YAAAA!!! I was so happy!! I even texted my friends Laila and Laura (both Dr's) and told them all my biopsies were perfect-- yaaaa!! So I'm at my appointment last week to get the last 3 biopsies and I mentioned to the Dr. that all the last 3 biopsies came back clear and I was so happy. Before I left she said-- "well, the last 3 biopsies were ok but they were...." and she went on to explain that they were all 3 pre-melanoma!!! They were mild but none the less they were NOT ALL OK!!! They were all 3 pre-melanoma. I mentioned to the Dr. that I was told it was all ok and she said, well, it is ok in a sense, but yes, they are pre-melanoma. Needless to say-- I was ticked!?!?!

So, this morning I call to get the results of the last 3 biopsies. Well, I get told ONCE AGAIN--- "All 3 came back fine!" FINE??? REALLY?? So I pushed a little and it didnt take long till the secretary transferred my call to the nurse tech girl. She tried to explain to me that it was not pre-melanoma, just the abnormal cells (ummmm... inst that cancer??) I pushed her even harder explaining what had happened last time and if she is saying there was abnormal cells then isn't that more than "ITS FINE"? Well, it didn't take long for her to pass my call to the Dr. (I'm sure they were sick of me by then) and sure enough, when the Dr. came on the phone, ALL 3 WERE PRE-MELANOMA!!!! They were not "FINE" they were pre- cancer!!! Now, I'm not a super dramatic person and I am not a worrier and I frequently do not overreact-- I'm a realist and deal with the situation and move through it-- BUT, don't tell me everything is FINE when it is PRE-MELANOMA--- CANER-- That can kill people-- THE CANCER THAT DOES KILL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME!!!!! I just turned 40 years old and have 5 kids-- I want to know what is going on with my body and be proactive to protect it. Again, I'm not a freak about things but cancer is cancer and melanoma is the killer so hay, since I have had melanoma before and all my biopsies are coming out as pre-melanoma, I need to know that and take care of it!!!!!!!

So, the Dr. agreed that since I have so many freckles that look like the ones that were pre-melanoma that instead of biopsying all of them, she is just going to take a burning laser and burn them all off-- since they are all mild forms and laser should work for now. So, at the end of the month I will have probably about 40 cigarette type burns all over my body but at least the pre-cancer will be gone!!!

My issue is-- Just tell me like it is!! Give me the news because I want to know what is up with my body. PERIOD!!! Anyway, off my rant for now. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012