Thursday, January 29, 2009

Labs and Hockey

I got my labs back today-- finally! Apparently they had my last name spelled wrong so they had to dig a bit to get the results but I finally got them this afternoon. Turns out my liver tests were normal but my iron saturation and iron serum were critically low. Turns out me not taking my iron for the past 6+ years has rendered me quite anemic. That really explains the dizziness as well as my fatigue. I have to start iron immediately and they put me down for monthly iron level checks- so I have a standing lab order each month.

I don't know how the abdominal/ liver ultrasound went yet. I had it at 8am this morning so they should get the results tomorrow-- I sure hope I don't have to wait through the weekend to find out the results. I have my MRI tonight at 8:40pm- yes that late but I rather have it tonight than next week. Hopefully that will go well.

So that is all I know at this point. The labs were good news to me. I like knowing the info on the iron and now I know there is nothing much with regards to auto immune issues and other crazy stuff, it makes me feel better. I will feel a lot better once I know my ultrasound and MRI are OK but for now the labs were good news.

So onto some pictures. We went to the Reign hockey game the other night (farm team for the Kings) and to make it really cool, they were playing the farm team for the Ducks so it was hard to know who to cheer for. Owen even wore his Ducks jersey so we were a mixed family.

Our seats were only a few rows from the ice and there were empty seats on the ice next to the penalty box so Owen conveniently moved to those seats to check out the guys in the box.

Mia had a blast and loved sitting by the penalty box as well.

Owens great seats.

My pretty little girl.

Watching the game!

We went with some friends from church-- the Evans.

Josh and Katie loved the game and I think we made Josh quite a hockey fan.

The Evans clan.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Labs and other sucky stuff--uggg!!

**UPDATE** I had the labs drawn right before they closed at 5pm but they are done. My best friends who are both doctors (Laila and Laura--twins) were real happy to hear my doctor was not holding back. Besides the new labs and the liver ultrasound, he is also sending me to a liver specialist so he is really covering all the bases. Laura was also happy to hear about the labs he ordered for today as they were pretty detailed and should really get to the bottom of things and at least point us in the right direction. Hopefully this will all be nothing major. Laura says people have elevated liver enzymes all the time and sometimes it is just a one time thing and they go back down-- who knows but she said it could be a number of relatively minor things that cause the enzymes to elevate. I am praying for the minor things.
I hate to admit that the anemia is not a huge surprise to me and I'm sure the tests will direct them but sadly I have to admit the anemia is not a surprise. Most of my blog readers know that I had gastric bypass surgery over 8 years ago (weight loss surgery). I was almost 300 pounds and I think I currently weigh in the 150's range so I lost anywhere from 140 to 150 pounds. When you have the surgery you are supposed to take supplements for the rest of your life. You are supposed to take iron pills because the post gastric bypass body does not absorb iron the way a normal body does. So basically, after surgery there is a very large handful of pills that you are supposed to take daily. I hate pills. I despise pills and have an abnormally strong gag reflex and any odd smell or taste triggers the reflex so naturally taking the supplements (including the iron) was very difficult for me. I lasted taking the supplements for about 2 to 3 years until I just realized I seemed fine without them-- yes I know that is the stupidest thing most have read in a while but I was thin and all my labs were great and I felt great so I thought I could discontinue the supplements and be fine. Well, that may not have been the case and maybe it took 5 to 6 years to catch up to me but I can probably guarantee the anemia is due to me not taking my iron. Then to compound the problem, I eat very little meat. I just am not a meat eater. I pick meet off a lot of my food and I just am not a huge carnivore. Not that I am opposed to meat-- I do eat it, I just don't eat much. I eat a lot of carbs and vegys but not meat. So, that makes the iron thing even worse. Like I said, the anemia thing is not a big surprise but the other stuff is. I guess we wait to see what happens tomorrow when we get the labs back.
By the way I got the approval on the MRI and will be scheduling it tomorrow first thing. I am going to try to work myself into a cancellation so I can get it done ASAP and I'm going to try to get the liver ultrasound moved up as well.
So dear friends, thanks so much for your support on this. It is so odd to be writing this stuff about me. I literally have always been totally healthy-- even at 300 pounds I was still healthy-- just really obese. This is very strange but I know things are going to be just fine. I will update the second I get my labs back from today and let you know when I get my MRI and ultrasound scheduled.
Thanks again for your support!!!
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Kevin thinks I am absolutely crazy for posting this stuff but it makes me feel better knowing there are people out there who are sharing this and supporting me.

I got a call from my doctor today expecting to hear tests were normal and we would just proceed with the MRI for the sake of ruling out things. Well, labs did not come back as expected. I guess I am severely anemic (I was at 9.7 and normal is 12) and my liver function tests are all elevated. My doctor does not know what or why this is because in the past all these tests have all been normal and nothing seems to have changed so we are a bit confused. Anyway, they quickly scheduled me for a liver ultrasound (actually I think they called it an abdominal ultrasound) on Monday morning at 9:15am. We are still waiting on the approval on the MRI but my hope is to have it right after or before the ultrasound. So, this was not good news and I am a bit freaked about all of this. I have always just been such a healthy person and to all of a sudden have funky things happening is just strange.

I'm going to get my labs pulled right now (literally I found a place open till 5pm so I'm gonna go now to get those over with) and I'm going to stay on the ultrasound and MRI to see if they have any cancellations this week so I can get in sooner. Anyway, I will let you know how things turn out but prayer would be appreciated.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ice Skating

Update- I went to the DR this morning and nothing really stood out with regards to the headaches. It seems to be tention type since there is so much tightness in the neck and shoulders. He said I look pretty normal other than that so he decided to do a bunch of lab work and to order an MRI. I was really happy he wanted an MRI just so that we can rule out all the crazy things going through my mind. So, we should have approval on the MRI tomorrow and my goal is to get the MRI by the end of the week. I should know my labs tomorrow and I think most of that was to rule out infection or inflammation and stuff like that. Since my mom is our Dr's nurse she drew my blood right there and the Dr. asked if I wanted my cholesterol tested so of course I was interested to see how that would turn out so I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks again for all of your support with regards to the headaches. All of your comments and emails have just meant the world to me. Thanks for everything and I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.
First off, I want to thank so many of you for your thought about my headaches. I see the doctor tomorrow morning so I will let you know what I find out but I really appreciate your thoughts and support-- more than you know.

Last night after my headache eased a bit, we decided to go to open skate time at a local ice rink in our area. A bunch of our friends were heading there so we thought we would join them.

I thought we would try Mia on the ice to see if she enjoyed it. Daddy putting her tiny little skates on. I could not believe they actually had small enough skates to fit her-- but they did.

Here she goes!! She was really wobbly but did great and seemed to love it!

Heather and mommy helping Mia.

Posing for a shot!

Ethan is really good on hockey skates. He so badly wants to play ice hockey but we are holding off for now-- to many activities right now.

Owen did great as well. We will probably put the boys in hockey over the summer. The league goes year round at the rink by our house (not real close- about 20 min away) so when they have very few activities and we have the time to drive them all the way to the rink, we will put them in.

Brandon (Heather and Brian's youngest) loves to skate as well.

The tiny little skate-- so cute!!

Mia was very possessive of her little skates and wanted no part of giving them back to the man behind the counter. She finally gave in.

Mommy and Heather had fun as well!!

Today we had church and then went to a nice lunch at a really good Chinese restaurant in honor of Chinese New Year. Mia dressed in her Chinese dress for Church and then to lunch after. She looked really cute-- I will have pictures tomorrow. Tonight we went to an Ontario Reign game (hockey-- farm team for the LA Kings) with some friends from church and we had a blast. They kids just love hockey so much and always have fun at the games- us adults do too. I also have pics and will post them soon.

Have a great week and I will let you know how my doctor appointment goes.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Does anyone out there get Headaches??

Anyone ever feel like this??? Well, I do.

I figured I would ask all of you out there about your experience with headaches. Remember about 10 days ago I posted this post about having headaches for the past 4 days? Well guess what has yet to leave-- headaches!!! It has now been 14 days and I still am getting daily headaches. I still am waking up with one every morning and have them throughout the day. They are really annoying and have rendered me totally useless for a couple days. One day- last Sunday I think- I could not even get out of bed all day (and I'm not really a pain wimp at all-- I have been told all my life I am pretty tough and I think I am). These headaches have really affected me and I never really get down about things but I am starting to really get down about the headaches. I have even been dreaming about them. I just don't know what to do. I did a Z pack and that seemed to help at first but the headaches are still here and seem to be getting worse again. I am going to the DR on Monday because I just cant imagine doing this anymore. I need to figure out what is going on and rule out all the horrible things that are going on in my mind. Since I have always been a very healthy person, I never really know what it is like to be in constant pain (with the temporary relief with pain meds) and having this pain is really odd and hard for me. My mind wanders to the crazy things it could be like an tumor or aneurysm (sp?) or something bad like that. I just keep thinking the worst and even when my best friends who are doctors tell me that 99% of headaches are not associated with huge things like I mentioned, it is still hard to not let your mind go there. I just need to relax and not let it bug me (easier said than done) but sadly having these headaches are making me not want to do much-- and then I feel sad because I feel unproductive etc. Goodness this sucks!!

Anyway, anyone out there ever had a period of time in their lives when they have had persistent headaches? If so, what did they figure out it was from? My headaches seem to be like a big band around my head and it seems like a lot of the pain is at the base of my neck and on the sides. When I massage my neck and shoulders it makes it a bit better but it hurts like heck just to move my neck. It is also pushing on my forehead and the sides as well. Sorry I'm not more specific but I am just not use to having headaches so I don't know all the terms. Any info would be greatly appreciate.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Friends!!

This journey has lead me down some interesting paths. Way back during the wait I was involved (and still am now) with Rumor Queen which is an online China Adoption site. I loved and still love that site as it was the one thing that really got me through the wait. I have met a ton of wonderful people through Rumor Queen but one lady- Susan (ladyesquirre- for those of you who are on RQ) in particular was very close to me-- literally- she lives in the same city about 2 miles from me. She followed our whole wait and rejoiced with us when we got Mia. Strangely, through this whole journey, we have never met in person. I'm not 100% sure why, but we just never connected in person. About a month ago Susan returned from China with her amazingly beautiful, smart, adorable little girl Georgiana. She is perfect and on Tuesday we had the opportunity to finally meet in person over lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Susan and I totally clicked and we have so many similarities in all aspects of our lives but also the girls enjoyed themselves. While Mia is a bit older than Georgie, they still enjoyed each others company. I am so looking forward to other play dates with Susan and Georgie!!

Our Little Girls!!

Georgie has a sweet adorable personality and is so eager to smile!!

There's that little toothy grin!!
We had a wonderful time together!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava!!!

Mia's BFF Ava had her third birthday party on Friday night after we were done at Disneyland with our adoption friends. Laila put on a great party full of Little Mermaid, A massive jumper, a totally cool pink hummer and lots more.

Ava took Mia on a spin in her new Escalade.

The cake was totally yummy and Mia loved her piece.

Aren't they cute together

Happy Birthday Sweet Ava!!!!
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Disneyland Pictures!!

Friday we went to Disneyland with our adoption friends again. It was a lot of fun but we were sad Michelle and Ryan were unable to be with us since they were sick. We all have decided that most of what we do at Disneyland is therapy for us moms- the kids get to have fun as well but we spend a lot of time relaxing and talking about everything under the sun. It is sooo cool to have friends that know what we are going through and that you can talk about things with. I just love this group of woman!!

Before we met up with our group I took a few pictures of Mia out by the front area-- cool picture taking place.

It is very hard for Mia to stay on the appropriate side of the fence. She sometimes jumps it but I quickly pull her back.

A quick mommy and Mia pic.

Waiting for a ride.

We took a picture with Poo and the girls loved it with the exception of Becky. She is still in that scared of characters stage so she sat out but the other girls loved it!

Becky getting ready to go down the slide with Mommy close by watching on!!

Mia going down the slide.

Climbing the pumpkin

She conquered the pumpkin!!!

Look at me mommy!!!

Gracie and Mia climbing the pumpkin

Team Mommy- Becky and Karen playing around!

Kailee playing the piano

Gracie having fun in the playhouse.

Mia playing the piano in the playhouse.

We had a great time at Disneyland- cant wait for our next trip. We are actually going to have a Chinese New Year celebration together so more details on that event coming.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Quick Pics

I played with my new cool little mini computer this morning and tried to figure out how to load pics onto this computer without taking up space because these mini computers do not have a ton of storage. I think I figured it out by doing ever thing through my external hard drive- I think. Anyway, I loaded my one SD chip and got all my Disney pics from yesterday but there were a few others I thought I could post quickly (will post Disney when I have more time).

Mia enjoying her chips on her little blow up table.


I just love her little smile

A little after these pictures were taken we got a knock at the door and some cute little Morgan and Milo Shoes I had ordered had arrived.

These are the cutest little Morgan and Milo Sparkle Mary Janes. I Love these shoes sooooo much. She has worn them a couple times now and every time she wears them she gets comments on how cute they are!

i I got the same shoe in what they call a sparkle bronze and it is kind of a sparkle brown that goes with everything. They too are adorable and she has worn them a couple times and I get the same cute comments from people.

You can see in this picture the boots in the back and they are also Morgan and Milo and they are brown leather boots with a patten leather trim. They too are sooo cute. She has not worn them yet because our weather has been so warm but I'm sure she will soon - they are very cute!
I got all the shoes here and they are all on sale right now so check them out!