Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pictures from Finley's Birthday

Finley had a great birthday weekend! She had her fun cousin sleepover at my parents and then a partying sunday. I attempted another do successful photo shoot in the back yard before the party but my good camera was dead ( for lack of use) and the girls were not overly cooperative. I got a few usable pics but at least it was documented. Finley was sick of cake by the sunday party so she asked for pumpkin pie instead. We were happy to skip the cake:). Great birthday with one happy birthday girl!!!

By the way. I have no idea why it is arranging the pictures this way. I've tried to change it to Finley's birthday pic first but it won't let me. I'm on the blogger app and it's ticking me off. Anyway Finley's alone pic was meant to be first- uggg!!

Happy birthday Finley!!! We love you so very much!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Making Finley's birthday cake

*sorry for any errors. I dictated this on my phone.

Lots going On around here. We have been very busy but honestly I just have not had much time for blogging. By the time i am done with work and we get dinner on the table and kids ready for bed and finally I have time to relax, I'm literally falling asleep on the couch. I hardly ever watch TV anymore as I'm pretty much ready to go to bed by 9-930 at night. I have been waking up pretty consistently in the morning to work out, so 5:15am comes pretty early. I am enjoying it though and truly has feel better since I've been working out. I'm still not eating very good so I'm not losing any weight but I feel much stronger and healthier just because of the workouts.

Tomorrow is Finley's 5th birthday. We are so excited and she is even more excited than you could ever imagine. I'm kind of sad that her school does not allow us to do any parties or send any cupcakes so we were not able to make the planned cupcakes after school today but we did make a cake instead. It was fun to bake with the girls as I always enjoy doing but finley greatly enjoyed making her own birthday cake that we will you tomorrow. Tomorrow we will take her to get her gift that she is going to get choose from the toy store. Again, she could not be any more excited. After that she has a sleepover over at my parents house with all the other granddaughters that has been planned for several weeks. Back when it was planned we didn't realize it fell on Finley's birthday but it's really cool now because my mom is planning a big party at the same time so it will be like a big sleepover for her birthday just at her grandparents house. She is so excited she can hardly sleep. We will have a little family party on Sunday after church and that will be her celebration for this year. It is so fun to watch how excited they get over the small things that we tend to disregard as we get older. I hate counting my birthday now but for them, five years is a monumental accomplishment. I will try to take actual camera (not iphone- sorry) pictures of her birthday to post on the blog a bit later.

Overall things of been good just really busy. Having the boys in so many sports is just really hard to keep up with. We now have an official rule of only one sport at a time from now on. We have learned our lesson with Ethan being in football and in hockey. Never ever ever again will we allow two sports.

The girls are doing great and loving kindergarten. Mia is ridiculously far along and is pretty much at the first grade level in most things. Finley is perfect for the transitional kindergarten program. She definitely is not kindergarten material yet but she is coming along nicely. I always say, she is been learning a language for the last year and a half and the academics will come later. Her teacher agrees. Emery is just a little freaky sweetheart! She is so much fun and has such a great personality and is truly loved by all. My mom and mother-in-law have been watching her each every other Wednesday and they just enjoy thoroughly the time they have together with her. She is so much fun one on one and just keeps you laughing with her little personality. She is learning so many new things in her speech is coming along. Overall we're doing pretty darn good. Not many complaints :)