Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Today was nothing much. We just did the same things we normally do and that's about it. Sorry-- nothing special. We had our consulate appointment which consisted of our guide taking the paperwork to them and them approving it and then us waiting in our room at 12 noon to get the call that everything went well. That's it. So, that was the big activity of the day-- Whooo Hoooo!!! Before that we had breakfast and Mia napped. After that we went out on a walk, came back to our room and Mia napped. One cool thing happed while Mia was napping the second time I got to leave Kev with Mia and I went shopping. We have pretty much seen everything out there, but it was nice to go out on my own. Got a few things for the boys but nothing special. After that we went to the Thai place again for dinner and then came back to put Mia to bed. Our life at this point is so very simple, but there is a pleasant happiness in the relaxation of the mundane. Totally different than anything we are use to at home. But, I must say, WE WANT TO COME HOME!!!! We are just so ready. We were ready 2 days ago and now that we are this homesick we can think of nothing else. I don't think we are alone in our sentiment. We have spoke to so many others who feel the same way. I think the last 3 to 4 days of this trip are very hard for most. That is the time where you are pretty use to your baby and doing well and done with the whole Chinese food thing and missing the comfort of our lives back in the US. I don't know how celebrities and those who travel a lot do it. I cant imagine living out of a hotel. Even thought all our hotels have been very nice, it is not home. I am soooooo sick of eating out I can hardly stand it. One more meal at Cow and Bridge or Lucy's is going to kill me (2 popular restaurants in Guangzhou). I just want some good normal home cooking. I want to Bar B Que at our house and sleep in our bed- not the rock they call beds here. Oh the comforts of home!!!! There really is no place like it. I don't what you all to think that we are not or have not enjoyed our trip. It has been a trip of a life time and getting our little Mia has been the most amazing thing next to giving birth to our own boys---- BUT and a big BUT, we really miss home and everyone and everything that goes with it!! OK, enough of a tangent-- I will move on.

Tomorrow we have our swearing in ceremony at the US consulate. That is where we take an oath and Mia gets sworn in. Just like the US, we are not allowed to take any cameras or videos in the place or even have them on us so unfortunately we will not have any photos of the ceremony. After that we will try to get our "red couch" pictures. I want to get them with a few of the families that we have traveled with this whole time. There are about 5 families that we have been with since Changsha, so I would like to get a picture with all of them. I would also like to get a picture of Mia with the 2 other babies from Yueyang county. They were all in foster care out of the same orphanage so I would like to have that picture as a memory. After that we pretty much need to start packing. We leave for the airport in Guangzhou sometime in the morning (late morning) on Friday and we fly to Hong Kong. Our plane leaves Hong Kong around 4pm and we arrive in LA at 2:20pm on the same day (Friday). I am so looking forward to landing in LA. I just miss everyone so much and to be close to home will be so awesome!!

Anyway, that is what is up with us. I will write more tomorrow.


  1. Caroline used to suck on her sleeve too if there wasn't a towel or blanket. I have checked with other China moms and it seems to be a self-soothing thing they do since they do not use pacifiers. To this day, Caroline will put her blanket up to her mouth and push her tongue on it.


  2. Tessa pulled her shirt to her mouth in China and then her blanket since we've been home. She doesn't actually suck on it but just places it to her puckered lips and makes a clicking sound. She never wanted a pacifier.

  3. I just LOVE the videos and the pics and everything that you are sharing with those of us still waiting. You may think it is boring but trust me....we hang on every word!
    Mia is plumb adorable and I can really see how much she has attached to y'all! What a beautiful little angel you have! Thanks for sharing!

  4. She is very pretty, Gorgeous actually. My 10 year old step son got very excited when I watched the movie. He said is that Lilly. I said no that is Mia he said she is sooo cute!