Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wow!! It's been a long time.

So many things going on in our life since we last blog and mostly I just post on Facebook and I do that infrequently as well. So so so many things have happened so I will enumerate them below and fill in with pictures.

1. We finished our house and we moved in in June 2014.

2. In May 2014 we began the process to adopt our fourth daughter, Langley, and proceeded to the doctor in January 2015.

3, in summer 2014 Ethan was scouted onto a hockey team in Canada and proceeded to move to Canada in August 2015 to go to school and play hockey. He returned from Canada in May 2015 and is now signed with the juniors level hockey team in Ontario California and will be living at home next school year which we are thrilled about. He will be a senior in high school.

All the kids are doing great and I will throw some pictures and of our recent vacations. 

Ethan will be 17 in August and a senior in high school and is obviously heavily into hockey and this will probably be his last year he lives at home. He also works at a golf course as a cart boy this summer. 

Owen is almost 15 and will be a sophomore in high school and plays hockey and skateboards constantly. He also works at a board shop and a saving to buy a car when he gets his license in a year.

Mia is going into third grade! I can't believe she is almost 9. She will be nine in October and is loving gymnastics. 

Finley is going in to second grade and will be eight in October. She is our soccer crazy kid and is pretty darn good! She refuses to do gymnastics because that is just too girly so you can obviously see the dynamic there. 

Emery is now four years old and will be starting preschool in the fall. She is loving having a little sister and is a sweet heart all around. 

Langley turned two in March and we brought her home from China in January 2015. She had surgery to repair cleft palate in March 2015 and is recovering and doing very well. She is heavily in speech therapy right now and will begin preschool in March.

Kevin and I are doing well. As you will recall Kevin was retired from police work because of his hip replacement and has been able to stay home with the girls. He will probably venture into a second career when the girls are finally in school. I have now started full-time with the school district and still have my private practice on the side. Things are busy but they are also great! Obviously the kids keep us busy but we are enjoying living in Upland and are still involved quite a bit at our church. 

Ethan in Canada 

Getting Langley 

In china
Getting home 
All the girls at church 
Chinese New Year 
Langley surgery in March 
I our back yard 
Craniofacial clinic
Emery being silly
The whole family a month ago
Emery at Hume lake
Fin at Hume 
Mia Langley and I at Hume 
Girls at Hume 
My boys 
Ethan and his girlfriend dayna. She lives in Canada