Sunday, May 20, 2007

Changsha Day 2 (morning- GOTCHA in afternoon)

We thought this was going to be a lazy morning, but after breakfast our guide asked if we wanted to join another family to visit a grammar school around the corner from our hotel. We happily agreed and I am sooo glad we did. I am not putting any pics here on this part of the blog but look to the left where the picture of the kids in a class is and click on that and that will take you to all the pics. The kids were so cute. The school was very different than anything we are use to in the US. The first grade class we visited had 50+ kids in it with one teacher. The sixth grade class had 65+ kids in it (one little room) and only one teacher. Even thought there were so many kids, they were under control. It was impressive. The kids were fascinated with us. They had us introduce ourselves and what we do for a job. I said, "I am Christy and I work as a psychologist" and all the kids gasped and started clapping. It was hilarious and I know they have no clue what we actually do, but it must sound impressive to them. Then Kevin went and he said, "Hi, I am Kevin and I hurt my leg (still on cruthches) because I like to ride motorcycles and I fell off one". The kids laughed and then he said " and I am a police officer." Again, the kids totally gasped and clapped. It was so funny. After we visited the classes the school was at recess so we were flooded with a ton of kids asking us questions and asking us for our autographs. It was so strange. I probably signed my name 50 times. They were fascinated with my hair and eyes and they kept saying they were beautiful (maybe just different). They were also fascinated with Kevin and how tall he is. They kept asking if he played basketball. The whole experience was awesome and I am so glad we got that opportunity. Enjoy the pics. The kids were adorable and it was very special.

Now we are getting ready to go get MIA!!!!!! I am nervous as can be. My stomach is in knots. The diaper bag is ready, camera ready, video ready and now I am going to go get ready. We should get her at 3pm China time so we have only 2 hours. I CANT BELIEVE WE GET MIA IN 2 HOURS!!!! Again, I just feel sick to my stomach with excitement. Please pray for our little one. This is a tough day for her and please pray she finds comfort with us. Anyway, I got to go. I will post a TON of pics later and video of Gotcha. I will talk to you all later.



  1. Oh my gosh Chris, those little kids are soo adorable!!! What a fun and interesting experience that must have been. I can't imagine that many kids being under control with one teacher!

    I have been thinking about you practically constantly ALL day - my stomach is in knots too - actually more jumpy than knots - just so excited. I am counting down the hours over here!!! Call me no matter what time it is over here k?

  2. Christy,

    When I wake up Monday morning
    I look forward to seeing your
    update. I will be praying for
    you all that the transition is
    a smooth one.

    Have an amazing day with Mia!

    Lid:11/18/05 for Allie Taylor

  3. YEAH...YEAH.....GOOD LUCK...Kiss that girl to the moon...Monica in NY

  4. Hi CHristy,
    I just looked at the China clock and you should be getting Mia right now! I am so excitied, I will never get to sleep now. (We e-mailed a few months back. My husband is a motor in Placentia, we have 2 bio boys and our daughter,3, is from Jiangxi, STILL waiting for her sister). We are so happy for you. I will be sending all my love tonight from Corona!!!! Best wishes, Erin and crew.