Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Today we went to Yueyang County to visit the place where Mia was born. It was a long drive (about 2 hours each way) but it was worth the trip. We got to meet Mr. Gong who is the orphanage director and all his sub directors as well as the staff that travels to the foster homes to check on the kids. In Yueyang County, all the children are in foster care with families around the area. It is a great program because the children get that bonding with a family and the families get to make money to help out. The orphanage staff travels to the foster homes and checks on the babies and give the families formula as well as food. All around, it is a great program.

We were able to ask Mr. Gong questions and we got to meet the dub director that named Mia. He is the actual person who gave Mia the name- Ba Jun Fei when she was found. There is a picture with him and Mr. Gong (Mr. Gong is in the orange shirt) with us. I asked about the make up of the foster family and they said they were a very experienced foster family and have worked for the orphanage many times. I am glad Mia had such good care from an experienced family. Some more info I found interesting was that there were only 20 babies in Yueyang county foster care. I thought there would be many more than that so I guess with all the staff employed by the orphanage that they are able to really give a lot of attention to the babies.

After talking to the orphanage people we went to Mia’s finding spot- the gate at the Civil Affairs Office (there is a video of the place). It was a bit emotional knowing that just 6 months ago she had been placed there by her birth mother and her life would for ever be changed. It was very strange but we are very glad we were able to see where Mia is from. I also got a baggy full of dirt from the countryside there for a fellow Yueyang County Yahoo member (see pictures). The dirt in Yueyang is bright red and just like clay. It is amazingly different that what we are use to.

After the long ride home we stopped by Walmart in the never ending attempt to find diet coke or Pepsi. SCORE!!!!! WE FOUND IT!!!!! I bought 8 cans and we got some snack food and water. Now, the Walmart in China is very different that the ones in the US. First of all, you can find just about any slimy, fishy type things you want. If that doesn’t interest you, you can take a look at the full roasted ducks hanging from hooks in the middle of the store- or maybe the cut up chunks of roasted pig face and all. All in the non- refrigerated part of the store. It is very appetizing—NOT!!

From Walmart we went back to our hotel, had a late lunch/ early dinner (around 4:30pm) and went back to our room. The laundry man came and took our laundry away and Mia watched her Baby Einstein (see video). After a bit she was getting REALLY tired and we had already decided we were not going to have another night like last night, so we put her in her PJ’s and rocked her and put her down. She went down as easy as can be and now she is asleep. The thing about last night is that she was over tired. I finally put her in the Ergo and walked her and she fell asleep in no time. In the future we will skip the hour of trying to get her to go to sleep and go straight to walking with the Ergo.

So, that was our day. Tomorrow is a relaxing day. In the afternoon we go to the Civil Affairs Office once again and we are able to pick up Mia’s Chinese Passport and some other documents. Then, the next day we head to Guangzhou. I am looking forward to going to Guangzhou as it will be a nice change of pace.

Anyway, enjoy the pics and the video. I will write tomorrow.

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  1. Very Cool Idea! The bag of dirt! Love your posts and all the wonderful videos!