Friday, April 27, 2007

Mia's Finding Ad!!!

Well this has been quite a fun filled few days. Yesterday we received an update on Mia and today we received not only a gift from our good online friends (thanks John and Karen) but we also got our finding ad for Mia in the mail. We used Brian Stuy with Research and I am happy with what we received. We ordered the deluxe package with the translation and the actual newspaper that her ad was in. I will put the newspaper in the safe with the rest of the original documents we received for Mia. I'm sure someday when she is ready we will share all this with her.

The finding ad says the following:

Ba Jun Fei. A girl. On October 29, 2006 she was found at the main gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yueyang County. She was about a day old when found. She has a round face, ruddy completion, and little hair. She wore a set of pink cotton- padded outfits when found. Outside she was wrapped in a blue cloth.

That is all that was said. Although we knew most of the info already, it is surreal to actually see her in the paper lined up with another 14 abandoned baby girls tucked in a little corner section in the back of a newspaper. It is so strange to us but it is probably as normal for local Chinese people as it is for us to open up the paper and read the obituaries. It is just strange to us foreigners.

So, here is our earliest picture of our little girl-- enjoy!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mia's Update!!!

Here is our Little Girl!!!
I just got an email from my agency with updated info on Mia. She is so cute and I cannot believe how much she has grown. She does not look like she is going to be as tiny as we thought but often when you get to China to pick your baby up, they are a lot smaller (so I have heard).

Here is her new update info:

Weight: 7 kg (15.4 lb)
Height: 65 cm (25.6 in)
Head Circumference: 42 cm (16.5 in)
Chest Circumference: 41 cm (16.1 in)
Foot Length: 9 cm (3.5 in)
no teeth

Laila and I checked out her percentiles on the American Charts and if these are recent measurements, then she is around the 50th percentile on the American Charts-- WOW!!! Now I just want to get to China and bring her home--- COME ON TA's!!!!

Thanks again for all of you who have been following my blog. Your comments and support mean so much to our family!!!

Thanks again.

Christy :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When Will Our Travel Approval (TA) Come???

We are waiting!! I hate waiting and I thought I became a pro with the 19 month + wait for our referral, but now I realize I really learned nothing at all!!! This is part is hard. I know who our Mia is. I have seen her adorable, cute, chubby, beautiful little face. I know where she is. I know all there is to know about her but I cant do anything at this point but to wait until we get to travel. I WANT TO TRAVEL NOW!!!!!

OK, so what does my little rant mean? As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are waiting for our Travel Approval (TA). Basically, we sent our acceptance letter back to China and once they receive it they will mail out our invitation to come pick Mia up. I have seen people receive their TA's as quick as 2 weeks and as long as 5 weeks. We sent our TA to China on 4-9-07 so if we are on the early side of things, we may get our TA late this week or if they mail it out late this week, we could get it early next week. Here is the issue. China takes a whole week off the first week in May for their labor day celebration. They are literally off the whole week. So, if they don't mail our TA out this week, then we will not get our TA until after they get back from their holiday which will put our travel towards the end of May-- UGGGG!!!! So, we need to pray CCAA mails out our TA this week so we can travel more towards the beginning of May as opposed to the end. I know it is only a few weeks, but we so desperately want to just get our little girl and start bonding with her so a few weeks are HUGE to us.

That is where we are. Nothing much happening around here except waiting. I am starting to think I should start packing. I need to print off a packing list and begin because I have been told it takes forever to pack. It trips me out to think about all the things I need to get. Walking around Target the other day shocked me into reality (also freaked me out). Like, we need to buy bottles-- but which ones? We need hygiene stuff-- but what? Do we need toys? Which ones? I feel pretty confidant about the clothes but the other stuff I am just clueless about. Remember, it has been almost 9 years since I bought baby stuff. I bought it for Ethan but didn't need to get anything for Owen so it has really been almost 9 years so I am totally out of the loop. I need to just start packing and take it one step at a time. I actually look forward to packing but I was hoping to wait until we got our TA so we would know our actual dates of travel but I guess I can just start now so I have plenty of time.

So, that's about it for now. As soon as I hear anything about TA's I will post and let you all know what is up.

Christy :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

What's Next?? Oh Ya, More Clothes!!

Many of you have asked what comes next. We sent our acceptance letter to China last Monday 4/9/07 way before most people even knew they had a referral, so I think we were ahead of the game. When you send your acceptance letter to China you then wait to get your Travel Approval (TA) which is when China tells you that it is OK to come and get your daughter. Once you get your TA (which normally takes anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks) you can then schedule your US Consulate Appointment (CA). Once the CA is scheduled you can book your travel and once you book the travel, you usually travel within a week or so. It is literally that fast. So, since we were ahead of the game in getting our acceptance letter back to China, we may get our Travel Approval (TA) quickly since there is a direct link to how fast you get your acceptance letter back and how fast you get your TA. So, our travel time is dependant on how fast we get our TA. My prayer would be that we are able to leave the second week in May, but we will see. If we get our TA back within a few weeks, that may be possible. If it takes longer, it may be more towards the 3rd week in May or later. I pray it is quick as all I want to do at this point is get our Mia home!!

Onto the next issue. Yes, I admit I have a problem. The only problem is I'm not sure what the next step is. Anyone know? So, how am I to move on in the 12 steps if I cant remember the next. Oh well, I guess I have to continue shopping!!! As you can see, I did a bit more shopping but it was for basics and I am trying not to buy anymore dresses. Plus, The Children's Place had a $4.99 all store special so how could I not buy the basics for both Mia and the boys there? Anyway, I got a ton of cute stuff that is just basics, but they are cute basics. Also, I included a couple pictures of the care package we sent Mia. We sent it off on Friday so hopefully she will get it this week.
We included a soft blanket, a photo album with pics of Kev and I, a single of me, a single of Kevin, a pic of Ethan and Owen and a pic of the dogs. I then found the puzzle thing that had a rattle thing on one side and a place to put a picture on the other. Just another way to get to know our faces. Also I included 2 disposable cameras and finally the ladybug bear so generously given to Mia by Michelle one of my cyber buddies-- Thanks Michelle!!!
Just cute little basic skorts. Love the camo one!
Cute little capris and some basic shirts!
A little Ralph Lauren sweat suit I got at Marshals (discount store)

Pink Camo sweat shirt, green cute sweater and cute flower white sweater. All were only $4.99 each!
Yes, this is a full closet. The other side is getting full so I think I will have Kevin put in a closet organizer for more space and better organization.

And yes, her chest of drawers is also full-- UGGG!!!

No reason to put this in but I was taking pics so I thought, Why not??

Monday, April 9, 2007

I Still Cant Belive It!!

I am still just on cloud 9 and cant believe we have our Mia. I got the translated version of her social and developmental and I wanted you all to see it. She seems like such a sweet baby. The only issue I can see right now is her "sensitivity to voices". Anyone who knows me knows I tend to be a little on the "loud" side. I'm sure she will be fine!! So, here is the info. I also tagged her referral post and put it on the left tool bar on the side so you can quickly look at her photos. So enjoy (thanks to our China coordinator for the quick translation-- you rock!!)

I'm adding to this post because many have asked me how Kevin reacted when he heard the news. It was great. He called on Saturday morning on his drive back from Arizona and I immediately told him about the referral. He was shocked and was in disbelief for a while. I told him all her details and he was so excited that she was so young (Kev always wanted a young baby. I didn't care) and he reminded me that when we first started this journey that we both secretly dreamed about a baby from Hunan. He made the statement that he was shocked how perfect Mia sounded for our family. Hunan, very young, foster care, active, loves outdoors, loves music and all the other wonderful qualities she has.

Fast forward to when he finally got home from fishing about 5 hours later. I told him he could not look at her pictures without being on the phone with me. So he called and pulled up the website and just said "ohhhhh". He said how cute she was and how sweet her face is. He just went on and Kevin is normally a pretty stoic person so for him to go on like he did, I was amazed!! I knew once he saw her face that this whole thing would become real for him and that exact thing happened. He is just smitten. Once I got home he said he just kept going on and looking at her picture all night. He said he couldn't stop looking at her cute face!!

Here is the report:

Ba, Jun Fei Growth Report

Ba, Jun Fei, female, was found at the front entrance of Civil Administrative Bureau of Yueyang County on Oct. 29, 2006 and was delivered to social welfare institute on the same day. When she was found, she had a round face, thin hair, and rosy skin. She wore a pink coat with a blue blanket wrapped outside of it. She was normal, no physical deformity.

Ba, Jun Fei was assigned to a foster family by Social Welfare Institute on the same day after she was admitted.

Our doctor decided that her birth date was on Oct. 29, 2006 based on her physical development, and named her “Ba, Jun Fei”. Ba means Yueyang County; Jun means a gentle person; Fei means beauty.

She is a very good baby at the foster home. She usually sleeps peacefully. After diaper change, she would wait for milk quietly. She took 30ml of milk very quickly. She liked soft voice. She liked to hold her fists. When she was two weeks old, she could stare at the objects which are more than 20cm-50cm away from her. She is very clever, she knew when to cry to ask for help. She is a lovely baby. She liked to touch her foster mother’s face with her hands gently. She liked to drink milk by holding the bottle with both of her hands. After all milk is gone, she would play with the bottle. If the bottle was taken away, she would cry. When foster mother held her in arms and walked around the house, she would kick her legs and wave her hands joyfully. She was sensitive to all voice. When we rang a bell around her crib, she would turn around and search for the sound. She could read foster mother’s facial expression. When foster mother clapped hands and sang a song for her, she would try to sing or clap her hands with the foster mother. She liked to watch new objects. She liked to play with musical toys. Now she can move her body slowly, and smiles to the people around her. When the foster mother walks passing by her crib, she shows that she is happy to see her. If the foster mother can hold her or play with her, she will be happier. Now she can talk a little bit baby words.

Jun Fei has a routine life schedule. She has 5 meals in a day. Her main food is milk and some steamed egg or mashed fruit. She gets up at 6:00; has breakfast at 6:00, lunch at 12:00, takes a nap between 9:00-10:00 in the morning and 15:00-18:00 in the afternoon; dinner at 18:00, snack at 9:00 and 15:00, and sleeps at 21:00. She urinates several times and defecates one time per days.

Jun Fei has received vaccination according to regular schedule.

Director: (NAME REMOVED)

Yueyang County Social Welfare Institute
March 2, 2007

Friday, April 6, 2007

Here Is Our Little Girl!!!

This picture is probably when she was 1 to 2 months old. She is so cute!!! (update- I looked at the date below her picture and it says 1-29-07 which means she was exactly 3 months old-- ahhhh!!!

So, here are the pictures of Mia. She is just so adorable. Look at her little features. They are perfect. I love how they bundle the babies. She is just a chub. Sorry the pics are not great. I had to take a picture of the picture. I will scan them in when we get home from San Francisco so we all can see better quality pictures. The last post shows all the stats, so this one is just the pics but I must say how unbelievably happy I am right now. Kevin is in the middle of the Arizona desert on a fishing trip with some of his friends so he has no idea we have even got our referral. Wow will he be shocked when he gets home tomorrow. My sister and I are driving to San Francisco now to go to our friends engagement party tomorrow night so I am just stopping by a Starbucks to get all this loaded so everyone can see out little girl. Enjoy the pictures and I will tell you more later. We need to get on the road. Long 6 hour drive ahead of us. I just thank God for this and I want to thank all of you in your continued support. I just cant express how happy we are right now.

Christy :)

I Got the Call!!! MIA IS HERE!!!!

I just got the call and Mia is here. Oh my GOODNESS she sounds amazing!!!! Here is the info

She is only 5 months and 7 days. DOB: October 29, 2007-- so young!!

Name: Last- Ba (name of ancient city) Jun (first name gentle empress) Fei (middle- means beauty)

She is from Hunan- Yue Yang SWI and in Foster care there

She was found on her birthday at the civil affairs office and was immediately put in foster care.

She is 24 inches long and weighs 14 pounds, Our facilitator says she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm gonna get pics in an hour or so and I will post immediately!!!

Get this, she had her medical on March 5 and only became available after the medical so last month she would not have been ready-- Now I get why we were skipped!!!

There is tons more like she loves music, is clever, is active and tons more I will post later. I just want to get out the door to get her pics. I cannot believe how perfect she sounds for our family. I cannot express the feeling I have right now!!

Thank You God and thanks all of you out there. I am reopening my blog, so I willpost pics on there very soon!!!

Thanks for your support!!

Christy 10-17-05DOR- 4-6-07

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Will our referral get here soon? Not sure. Reports on RQ are bleak with regards to cut off date but they do say that many agencies are saying referrals are in the mail and could be delivered as early as tomorrow or more likely on Monday. So, there is a chance that we could get "the call" tomorrow but more than likely on Monday. WOW!!! That would be so amazing if it was tomorrow. I would love to show the family Mia's pictures on Easter but if not I am totally cool with Monday.

So, the bleak news about cut off date is that many agencies are reporting that CCAA only did 2 days worth of referrals this month. So, if that info is correct, then only people with log in dates of 10-25 and 10-26-05 will get their referrals in this batch. That would not be fun for many people who have been expecting referrals. I feel so bad if that is true, but one thing I have learned over the last 22 months is that until CCAA changes their site, you don't know the cut off date.

Anyway, maybe we will get news tomorrow-- maybe not- but I do know that it will be soon and I can hardly wait to see our wonderful Mia's face. So, for all of you picture lovers, here are some cute ones I took of some of the clothes Lai gave me as well as some pics of Mia's room (Lai and I hung some stuff on the walls). Enjoy!!!

All of the following clothes were given to me from my friend Laila-- Thanks Lai!!!
Our little Bathing Beauty
ADORABLE Dresses!! I'm such a sucker for dresses!

More Dresses

And more...

Lai and I finally put most of the things on the walls in Mia's room. There are still a few more things to put up but we did a lot of it. The tree on the wall has limbs and leaves that you can tuck pictures and other cool stuff in them. I will put pics of the family and Mia's referral and shower invites in the tree. So, it looks empty right now but it wont be for long.

My friend Susan gave me the drape holder thing above the crib-- not sure what it is called. It is so cool and I love it. The sheers I made from a big piece of material I got for $6 at Walmart. I cut it in half and used glue to hem the bottom (sewing is not my thing) and then I stitched the ribbon on the top and tied them together. I think they look awesome and including the ribbon the whole thing was under $9 (can you tell I am proud of myself). They pool on the ground so I can completely enclose the crib if I wanted (or if we were in a rain forests and needed to keep bugs out :)

Another view.
Like I said, I still have to hang a few more things so when I do I will post more pics. I think Mia will love her room. I know I have loved decorating it and I love to spend time in there envisioning what it will be like rocking Mia to sleep in the chair :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm Well-- Time to get stuff done!!!

Well, I am finally feeling better. I got the flu on Friday and today is finally the first day I am feeling well. Thank goodness it is over- for me at least. Poor Ethan is still really sick. He is still running a fever but I am hoping he is at least on the tail end of it. Pray he gets better soon. He is missing a lot of school.

Anyway, now that I am well I thought I must get all the things on my list done while I am on Spring Break. OH LET THE NESTING BEGIN!!! I could not have been any happier when my best friend Laila called this morning to discuss the goings on with Rumor Queen (as we discuss every morning- then again at about 9am and at 10 and 11 and so on and so on) and she mentioned she would love to come over and help me do all my chores. I have been dreading going through the boys room and organizing the loft and then majorly putting off finishing Mia's room so when Lai offered to help, I was ecstatic!!! So, we met for lunch and then began the work. We totally went through all the junk in the boys room and organized and tossed a ton of things. We bought Owen a new dresser and went though some clothes and tossed a ton of shoes. The boys room is looking good. Then we headed into the loft. We have the Pottery Barn basket system and each basket has a theme. We filled a ton of bags with toys that the boys don't play with anymore. We had to finally say goodbye to all the Toy Story characters and we emptied a bunch of baskets to now fill them with toys for Mia. I was so happy to weed through all those toys and toss the broken ones and give the good ones to charity. YAAAAA!!!! It feels so good to have that done!!!

Now for the big news. Lai has a daughter, Ava, who was a year in January. Ava is very healthy and tends to wear bigger sizes than her age soooooo Mia (hopefully) will be about one year behind her in clothes. Last summer Ava was in 6-12 month clothes so if Mia is under a year, I am sure all those 6-12 month clothes will fit her (we are hoping). So, Laila brought all of Ava's clothes over and we started going through them. OH MY GOODNESS ARE THEY CUTE!!! First of all, Lai buys really cute clothes. Mostly Gymboree and really nice lines of clothes so they are just adorable. Plus, Lai is clothes crazy so many of the items have never been worn. So, Mia has more clothes than she will EVER need at any stage. That by no means indicates that I will not buy her new clothes-- quite the opposite-- but at least it may curb my spending :) Lai hung up a lot of the cute little dresses but we ran out of hangers. I am going to hang up and put away a bunch of the clothes tomorrow and then I am going to post some pictures of my favorites. You cannot imagine how cute these girl clothes are-- so much better than boy clothes ever thought of being-- Oh how long I have been waiting for this!!

Anyway, Lai helped me with the clothes and then we hung some pictures on the walls in Mia's room and did a few more decorative things in there. It is looking GREAT and I am getting very close to being done. I want to give props to HERCULES HOOKS. I ordered these little hook/ nail type thing online after watching a stupid infomercial but OH MY HOW THEY WORK!!! They are so easy and they work great!! If you have been putting off buying them-- don't! They are awesome!!

So, that was my majorly productive day thanks to my best friend Laila (Lai and her twin sister Laura and I have been best friends since we were 12. That is more than 23 years!!) LAILA, YOU ARE SO AWESOME AND I SO APPRECIATE ALL YOUR HELP-- YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

That's all for now.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Monday was a BUST!!!

Well, the wonderful rumors that referrals would arrive on Monday did not pan out. It did not look like referrals arrived anywhere in the world on Monday. There is still hope for tomorrow (Tuesday) but I don't think that will happen. I am thinking later in this week or maybe next Monday. I pray it is sooner than later, especially since I am on Spring Break this week and was SOOOOOO hoping to be able to get some good Mia shopping in, but I guess I can wait.

Many of you have emailed me asking how I am feeling. So-so. I still have the flu and slept until 1:30pm today and then laid on the couch the rest of the day, so I would not say I am 100% but hopefully tomorrow I will be close. I cant imagine sleeping away my whole spring break--UGGG!!! The worst part of this is that Ethan has also come down with the flu. Poor kid :( He literally laid on the couch all day, watched TV, went on the computer and mostly slept. He is back to school this week (my spring break is different than the boys) so he had to miss school and I think he will also have to miss tomorrow because earlier he had a 103+ temp. So, hopefully he will heal fast as he is out of sorts.

Anyway, I will keep you all posted on referral info. Not sure much will happen in the next day or so but hopefully by the end of the week rumors will start jumping again. Hopefully I can start feeling better enough to get some of the projects I wanted to do done. I will keep you all informed.

Christy :)