Monday, March 30, 2009

Little Breaks and Whats Mia up to?

With work being crazy, lots going on with the kids and having so much on my plate that I really have to invest so much of myself into, I am going to be a bit more random on posting. When I have something to post I will but I just need a bit of a break-- but I will still post. Also, I am going into bad blogger friend mode. I want so badly to look at all my pals blogs each night but find I talk my self out of even opening the computer because I feel guilty I don't have enough time to comment. Therefore, I have decided I will read all your blogs but my commenting will be more sporadic. That way I can make it through more blogs in a short amount of time. Sorry to be a bad friend but I need to simplify things for a bit.

Two years ago this next week we received our referral for Mia after being skipped in March. It was the most amazing day and I will post lots of things on that day- April 5.

Mia is just tripping me out these days. She is hilarious in a totally annoying way. That little girl is just is the most independent thing I have ever seen. My boys were not at all like that- in fact Ethan would still let me put his clothes on him if I would. Literally she has to do everything by herself and refuses help. When I insist on doing something for her (usually because we need to hurry up and not let her take her sweet time) she freaks out and throws herself on the ground in a typical 2 year old tantrum. She is so strong willed!!! She has been sitting on the potty all the time but has never actually had anything come out. She tells me when she pees and does not like to be in poop at all so the second she poops she brings me a diaper and a wipe and tells me to change her. Tonight she actually tried to change her poopy diaper on her own. I jumped all over her and told her she has to let mommy change the poop but she can go in the toilet anytime. She is really close to potty training-- I'm gonna get her a little potty soon. Anyway, she is the funniest thing and the most daring thing I have ever seen. She freaks me out with her jumping off literally anything and bulleting down any slide. She really does not have much fear when it comes to physical activity. I think it is probably because she has two very active and rough and tumble brothers but also two big dogs. She is just a tough little thing! She is also a funny little thing and cracks herself up-- as well as us. She now speaks in pretty normal sentences and you can understand most of what she says. She talks like a normal little person and has quite a sense of humor. She will hear people say funny things and she will try out what they said and uses the comment appropriately-- and it is hilarious. She is just turning into a mini adult. There are some drawbacks to her being so darn smart and verbal. For example, while camping for 5 days this past week she hung out with our friends daughter who is 9 and a sweetheart. We watch what we say around the kids and never take the Lords name in vein but other families are different and we realize that. So, our little neighbor friend says "oh my G*D" all the time and after Mia spending so much time with she came out with a huge "OH MY G*D" tonight. I just about jumped out of my skin and I think I scared her but I was freaked. So now we are taxed with the chore of trying to get her to not use that horrible phrase-- fun--uggg!!! Anyway, our little sponge can now name all her colors, shapes and I swear I am not exaggerating but she can identify all her letters (uppercase only) with the sounds. It is crazy. She just turned 2 years 5 months and is wayyyyyyy too smart for her own good. Like I said, she totally tripps me out-- it is crazy!!!

Another note, I shop at Baby Gap all the time but today I happened into a Gap Outlet which was close to a school I was observing my first court case kid at. Anyway, I walked into the toddler section and it literally had everything that was in regular Gap from last year. The same sunflower and brown line from last year- the same madres print line and I kid you not, the exact same things-- just a year later. So, if you liked any of the things baby gap had last year, find a Gap outlet-- you will be in heaven- and it was pretty reasonably priced.

So that is it for now. Thanks for understanding about the blogging thing. I just need to chill out for a while and focus on work and the family.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forgot to tell you...

Sorry guys but I forgot to tell all of you that we were leaving on a camping trip last Tuesday night. We got home about 2 hours ago so I just finished unloading the RV and getting things put away. I am now off to get the boys lunches packed and book bags ready and get the kids showered. I have a pretty crazy week as I am having to work way too much-- ugg!! Whatever the case, I will try to get some pictures posted soon but I totally did not take hardly any pictures. For some reason I was not in the mood the whole time-- sorry! Anyway, sorry for being absent for so long.

Christy :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Craigs List Hockey Fun!!

I just love Craig's List especially for the great deals you can find on cheap sporting goods. When the boys wanted to play hockey my biggest hold back was the cost of outfitting them with all the gear. It literally costs about $400 to completely outfit one kid with all their hockey stuff (skates, pads and all the other stuff). So, when we decided to give hockey the green light I went on Craig's list to get all their stuff. I only spent a totally of $150 to outfit both boys will all the gear with 2 extra pair of skates to boot!! Since buying all that stuff I go on Craig's list here and there to see if there are any great deals out there and the other day I found a lady who was selling all their old goalie stuff for like next to nothing. Literally I paid $50 and got all her stuff which was about $1000 worth of gear. The goalie pads alone cost $250 but we got those, 3 sticks, tons of padding gear like chest protectors and tons and tons of other stuff. It was crazy. I walked away from their house with 3 full trash bags and a huge goalie bag full of stuff. The whole back of my van was packed. The boys are in hockey heaven and now can fully have a game here in our yard. Here are some pictures from that first night I brought the goalie stuff home.

Owen with all the goalie gear on.

Mia would so put all that stuff on if she could. She loves watching the boys play hockey and cheers them on (hmmmmm... hockey player or cheerleader???)

Ethan got a new pair of skates out of the deal (really nice Mission skates that were barley used) and some pants-- plus tons more. He is soooo happy with the score!!!

There were a few pair of regular gloves and tons of goalie gloves in the bags. Mia is modeling some of the regular hockey gloves. And yes, they are huge.
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy #2 Birthday Becky!!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Becky!!!

Today was Becky's 2nd Birthday at Gymboree. It was a great time and Mia was so excited all day to go. Finally when we were getting in the car to drive she said "finally we go to Becky's party". It was really cute. Anyway, here are some cute pictures!!

Mia taking her shoes off for the party.

Mia loved the big textured balls. We had one a long time ago but Max popped it almost immediately--whoops!

And she jumps...

Kailee and Mia in the rocking boat

Miss Becky our birthday girl!!!

Becky and daddy playing around

Becky and mommy doing some obstacles

Mia having way too much fun

Mia playing with her buggies

Big massive smiles

Putting the buggies away-- sadly

Rocking away

Kailee and Mia rocking together

Kailee and Mia taking on the obsticles

Kailee playing

Bubbles everywhere!! Mia loves-- and I mean loves-- bubbles!!!! Here she caught one on her finger.

Have I mentioned that Mia also loves- and I mean loves- balloons!!!!

Kailee and Karen playing together

Searching for the Lion at Gymboree

Happy Birthday too you!!!

The cake-- wow did the girls love the cake-- everything was green!!

And the beautiful Birthday girl!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama in Southern California

Obama is in our area!! Today he was in Orange County and tomorrow he is coming to a city next door to the city Kevin works in. Well, Kevin informed me today that he has to go into work early tomorrow to prepare for the motorcade for Obama when he is in Pomona (city we go to church in). I was like-- what?? Your just telling me this now???? So, yes, my husband gets to be a part of the motorcade for president Obama tomorrow. They pulled all the motorcycle officers from the surrounding cities to follow Obama through the streets all the way from the airport to the factory they are visiting in Pomona. Kevin is pretty sure he will not see Obama as he will just be in the motorcade but just in case, I'm giving him my little camera to put in the saddlebag on his bike-- just in case :) Isn't that totally cool!! Although I didn't vote for the guy, I still like him and respect him as our president-- so this is really neat!!! Ill keep you updated.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Santa Ana Zoo

Today Mia and I met up with our wonderful Lucky Mommas Club at the Santa Ana Zoo. I had never been there before and it was a perfect little Zoo for the little kids. There were lots of fun things for them to do and lots of nice places for us mommies to relax and talk.

Mia showing her dolly. Playing in the play area with the other girls.

I forgot my good SLR camera and only had my little one so some of the pictures surprised me with how good they turned out but I know I would have had much better pictures if I had my good camera.

Becky and Karen

Mommy and Mia

The girls playing in the play yard.

Us attempting to get the girls to pose for a picture-- we didn't do too great a job :(

Tanya and Gracie

Karen and Kailee

Looking at the animals

Hanging with the monkeys

The girls loved the carousel-- Mia on her panda bear

The train ride was also a highlight. The girls just loved looking at all the cool things from the train.

Love the pictures of the mommies with the cameras-- that is basically what we look like while together-- mom with cameras kids trying to run from the cameras.

I caught this picture at the very end of the day but I thought it was so darn cute!
We had a great time and next week is DISNEY!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday and New Swimsuits!!!

Last night my parents took us March babies (my niece Haileyanna and I) to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Pasadena- Fu Shing. We had a wonderful time as always and we had our own private room to accommodate the children.

Haileyanna and I getting sung to by the Fu Shing staff.

I brought party favors for the kids including Polly Pocket Disney princesses so the girls were kept busy.

Hailey opening her gifts

I bought the boys Star Wars Lego ships which kept them busy after dinner was finished.

This morning I got our mail and was happy to find two of the Kate Mack bathing suits I had ordered!! They are just amazingly cute and much cuter in person than in pictures.

This is the Kate Mack Bermuda Babe. The colors are beautiful and it is girlie and frilly. Sorry for the bed head but this was this morning before we got ready. I totally love this suit!!!

This is the Kate Mack Frosted Sugar suit and it too is absolutely girlie and beautiful! I am just in awe that bathing suits can be so darn cute!! I love them and I am so scared of myself because I'm not sure if I can control myself from buying more. Today is supposed to be in the high 70's and over the next 2 days it is supposed to get up to the 80's so I think some heated spa swimming may be in order. I will take pictures we do!
Have a great weekend!!!!