Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Hi Everyone,

First of all, let me say how thankful I am for all of your support and prayers. WE feel them here and all of your comments mean so much to us—so please continue to comment. Mia is adjusting so well. We never expected her to adjust like she has. She is just a pleasant, happy and adorable baby. We feel so blessed.

First let me talk about the greatest moment of the day- waking up to see that Mia had slept through the night!!!! It was great!!! We put her down a little late at about 10pm last night. She fussed a tiny bit (like 5 seconds) and I ignored it and she fell back to sleep immediately. At about 7am this morning I woke up and looked over and she was still asleep. A few minutes later I looked and her little feet were in the air and she was kicking so I went over and she gave me a big smile and she was up for the day. It was great and we were so pleased it was that easy. We just put her down for tonight so we will see how that goes—hopefully well.

After we woke up, Mia had a bath and we all just enjoyed ourselves. We played and she talked and then we went to breakfast. She is still not taking a bottle even though we changed to a Chinese bottle but she does eat steamed egg and rice congee so she is getting nutrients. She also loves cheerios so we are shoving those in her also. After breakfast we went back to the civil affairs office where we got Mia yesterday and had to do the official paperwork that made us Mia’s parents in the eyes of China. It went really well and WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY MIA’S PARENTS ACCORDING TO CHINA!!!! There were a ton of other families there doing the same thing so we were able to talk to all of them about their babies. Of course, Mia is the youngest baby there and it looks like she is adjusting very well in comparison to many of the other babies we saw. Most other moms were saying that their babies did a lot of crying and were having a hard time (which is what is expected). Mia on the other hand is doing very well and has not had a hard time at all. We can defiantly tell a difference between yesterday and today in that she is giving us a ton of smiles and they were minimal yesterday. She is clearly bonding with us. She has also been fussy at times but her fussy is so minimal compared to what I was use to with the boys (love you both), it is really not bad. She has not pooped yet and I know she is gassy so hopefully it will happen tomorrow and her tummy will feel better.

Back to the day. After the Civil Affairs Office we came back to the hotel and played and relaxed with Mia. We enjoyed just hanging out and getting to know her. Like I said, she is much more smiley today and is really bonding well. She took a long nap today (2 hours) and her mom and dad decided to join her in that activity so we all woke up and went to dinner with some friends at the hotel. We relaxed at dinner for a while and now here we are. It was a basic day of bonding and we enjoyed every second of our time with her.

So, besides being the cutest baby in the world, she is also the happiest baby in the world. We keep getting comments from people about how cute and happy she is—that also is scientifically proven now 


  1. Yay! You put another video up! I keep checking the site anxiously waiting for more videos/pics! :D

  2. Aahhh! She is so beautiful! I'm so happy to hear that she is adjusting perfectly and bonding with you. She is such a good baby! That is amazing she slept through night the first night!

    My 3 1/2 year old, Bella watched the videos with me and said, "Aahh, she is sooooo cute. I go see Mia in China?" She enjoyed watching the video of you playing with Mia on the bed and she kept making all the funny sounds you made. :) So cute!

    Also, my husband, Russ was so impressed with all your pictures and videos...commenting on how nice it is that you take time out to post updates for your family and friends. I know we are strangers, but we really do enjoy following along on your journey and appreciate your openness.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Mia is absolutely gorgeous! God is so good and I knew He had the perfect little Mia for you all along. Thank you for the posts and the videos. I can't wait until it is our turn (very soon I pray). I am able to live the excitement of what it will be like following your blog. I'll pray she takes a bottle soon for you, but she looks so healthy. You are the perfect parents for her. Take care! Donalyn LID 11/17/05

  4. What a little doll! Our Tessa slept through the first night which was awesome and also woke up with a beautiful, content, happy, secure smile the next morning as if she'd been with us since she was born. You are truly blessed and it feels great doesn't it?

    Kelly (Gotcha 6/21/06)

  5. Aaahhh! Sooo cute! I love it! I love seeing the videos and watching her eat her cheerios!! I think my favorite pictures so far are where she's sitting up by herself and has a little smile on her face. She's beautiful Chris and she seems very "with it" hehehe. I can't believe she slept all night the first night - you guys are so lucky!! It sounds like everything is going so well and I pray that she continues to bond and get comfortable. I hope she starts drinking her bottle soon. Call soon if you can! We love you guys!

  6. Christy, We adopted our daughter from Changsha as well. She did not take a bottle for about three days, until someone in our travel group told me what worked for her: if you have a Playtex nurser, fill it with hot water to the second flower/mark (which is 2 ounces). Then put in 4 scoops of the Chinese formula (with little spoon in the Chinese formula bags). Then fill the rest of the bottle with bottled (room temp) water. Shake and serve! After 3 days of not drinking formula, our daughter drank this right down! Maybe it will work for you too. Good luck. We are leaving for China to adopt our son in a few days and think we may see you on your last day at the White Swan. If we see you we will introduce ourselves.

  7. I am so in love with Mia! What a cutie pie! I love the little smacking/clicking sound she makes! How adorable! I love watching the videos of you guys with her and can just hear the love in your voices! How wonderful that you have your precious baby! I can't WAIT til we get to travel to China one day and get our little girl. I hope she is
    as calm and relaxed as your Mia is! hahahahahahahaha, probably NOT! We'll keep you in our prayers and keep enjoying your postings! THANKS!

  8. Ah, Cheerios! The wonder food!

    Love seeing the videos!


  9. She is Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous! Love the posts and the videos!