Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Hi all,

We are in the room relaxing while Mia is sleeping and I have a minute to post a few thoughts. First of all, after Mia wakes up we will be going to a late lunch and then to a little grocery store to see if they have anymore diet coke. I tell you, Diet coke or Pepsi was easy to find in Beijing, but not as easy in Changsha. I am so addicted to diet, it has been rough but I have done a pretty good job with having maybe one a day. Also, Kev and I love Chinese food and there is a Chinese restaurant downstairs in our AWESOME hotel (Dolton in Changsha) and it is open 24 hours a day, has WONDERFUL FOOD and is dirt cheap. We can get our BBQ pork dumplings for about $1 USD. We can get yummy stir fried broccoli with garlic for about $2 USD and a meat dish for about $3 USD. It is so cheap we eat there like 2 times a day. The food is amazing and since we love spicy food (Hunan spicy) they are always amazed at how well we tolerate the food. It is great!!

What else? I am realizing we like to just sit around and play with Mia. We enjoy the little tours and such, but while we are out I just look at her and long to get back to the hotel to play with her. It is funny how things change. We also enjoy the Chinese people. They are such sweet and warm people. They are so enthusiastic and love to come up and look at Mia. They always say things to me but of course, I have no idea what they are saying. They are just nice, warm people. Kevin and I have both been exceptionally impressed with the Chinese people. Also, they do not have much money but they are a very child centered community. There are play areas for kids everywhere and they seem to dote on their kids. Most of the time when I see babies they are boys, but there are little girls around also and they all seem well taken care of despite the fact that they do not have much money. The kids are just as cute as can be and they are so enthralled with Kevin. I think it is in part because he is so tall and also because he is on crutches. They will be walking by us and all of a sudden stop and look at Kev for a long time. It is really cute.

Anyway, I'm going to upload a short video and some pics we have at this point in the day. Mia looks so cute in her little hair bows and clothes. She is just precious. We weighed her today and she weighed 7 kilos which is about 15 pounds. She is good size but looks so petite. I think she is tall but she fits into 3-6 month clothes pretty well. Anyway, I will post more later.

Christy :)

Anyway, thanks again for your support. I will be posting more pics and video tonight. Thanks again!

Christy :)


  1. Again, thanks so much for posting and keeping you blog open for those waiting to see.

    Mia is so beautiful and sweet! Tears rolling watching your Gotcha videos!

    God's Blessings on the rest of your journey.

  2. Our tiny Tessa was 11 months old on Gotcha and weighed 15.9 pounds and fit nicely in 3-6 month size clothes so it sounds like Mia is right on target for weight for her age. Continue enjoying China because it will be over before you know it.

    Kelly (Gotcha 6/21/06)