Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Nap went well and so did lunch. After lunch we went on the hunt for diet coke or Pepsi. Our hunt was unsuccessful which was very depressing. We will continue our hunt tomorrow. We walked to a little grocery store around the corner from our hotel and enjoyed seeing the local people. It was very hot and very humid so we were happy to walk through the hotel doors back into the world of air conditioning. THANKS BE TO AIR CONDITIONING!!!! Since we did not go to lunch until so late we ended up back at the hotel around 6pm and just came up to our room to relax. We put a Baby Einstein DVD on and she loved it. She is so alert and cute. She looks at the movie and then back at us and then back to the movie. It is just the cutest thing. After that she seemed very tired so we attempted to put her to bed but that as of yet has not worked.

We got her drinking formula and she has been drinking a marginal amount today but we think her fussiness this evening may be a combo of 2 things. One, she seems to have a lot of gas so that could be causing her a bit of pain. When she cries it is in bursts like all of a sudden pain comes over her. So that may be one idea. Two, she has still not pooped for us. Another baby was crying hard yesterday because she had not pooped and I asked the mom this morning if she was ok and she said that she finally pooped and has been fine ever since. So, we think Mia may be constipated. We gave her some natural laxative drops (a tiny dose) tonight so we will see. Right now Kev is ogling with her in the mirror. She absolutely loves her daddy and boy is daddy hooked around her finger- WOW!!!

Anyway, I gave her some gas drops and gave her some poop drops so hopefully she will be ship shape tomorrow. Now, if only we could get her to bed. She has slept great both nights so let’s hope she does tonight.

I will post more tomorrow and until then—goodnight—hopefully!!


  1. Hi Christy :)

    You should be able to find diet soft drinks at the supermarket in the Apollo building a few blocks from the Dolton. My husband is a diet coke fanatic and we had no problems keeping him stocked up in Changsha.

    Apollo Shopping Center
    Address: No. 69, Shaoshan Lu, opposite the Great Wall Hotel

    head down the street to your right as exit the Dolton. It is a multi-story building on the same side of the street as the Dolton and about 3 blocks down as I recall. Great supermarket for food items and beverages, and there are several other floors with various goods and items for sale (departpment store style), including childrens clothes and toys.

    You could also take a taxi to the Wal Mart (about 10 mintues away) if you are adventurous. The front desk can write instruction cards for you to use with the taxis to get to/from the hotel.

  2. Joyce and David BockMay 23, 2007 at 11:15 AM

    Dear Kevin, Christy and Kevin,
    We loved it that people could give you such detailed instructions for findng your diet soda. It made me start to crave one too!
    I hope Mia is more comfortable after the drops. You are doing a great job!
    Love, Great Aunt Joyce and Great Uncle David Bock

  3. Hey Christy,
    One thing that worked wonders for my kids was white grape juice. The regular grape was too hard for their systems to digest, but it resolved the constipation pretty quickly. Hopefully that issue will work itself out quickly! (pardon the pun)

    Thanks for posting so many videos and photos! I feel so connected!

  4. If white grape joice isn't available, try apple juice!