Friday, May 18, 2007

First Full Day In Beijing

Sorry that the pics are out of order. I am having trouble blogging because all the blog info comes up in CHinese while in China and I cant read the buttons to know which ones to push to edit posts and move things around. If anyone knows, please post in the comments so I can figure it out-- Thanks!

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  1. That's amazing you guys met up with online friends!! How fun! :D Miss you guys tons!

  2. I found that figuring out what pics I wanted to post, and then loading them in backwords and adding text after the pics were in worked best for me! Enjoy your trip! It's well deserved after what you've been through!


    Hi Christy.

    When you log in, on the right hand side there should be a link so you can change the language to English. If not, you can go to the site above and choose English.

    Only a couple more days until Gotcha Day. I can't wait!!!!




    not sure if it will work

  5. Thanks Linda and AW. It worked!!!! I can now read the directions etc. Thanks so much you guys.


  6. Hey Christy!
    Looks awesome in Beijing! Can't wait to see Mia!! If you haven't figured out the language thing, from your blog, go to the second link over from your email in top right, then the link next to your email on the next pg (also top right),then the top box on rt side of page (mine says Kevin and Trish) the bottom link is language. Good luck!! Our best thoughts and prayers are with you guys!! Trish, Kevin and Mia

  7. When you are in China, Blogger comes up in Chinese characters. Do an internet search for Blogger, hopefully you will find the option to choose your language in Blogger. I chose English :), which was MUCH easier! It also rverted the clock to USA time. Just thought you might want to know

  8. Oops just swa someone already answered! I am Loving the Photos! I am so excited for you all! Have Fun!