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More Pismo Video

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Mia's First Trip To Pismo

Our family enjoys sand sports. The boys and Kevin are awesome quad riders (except that Kevin broke his hip in February riding) and we have a Rhino we also enjoy playing around on the sand with. Basically, we have a ton of friends that also enjoy sand sports and we load up our 5th wheels and RV's and head to the sand. In the winter we go to Dumont on the high desert in California and in the summer we head to Pismo Beach California and we camp on the sand. WE have a ton of fun and Mia really enjoyed herself.

Owen, Carson and Ethan- All great quad riders

Hannah, Sadie and Max playing in the oceanPosted by Picasa

Daddy and Mia in our friend Steve and Janinne's sand car

Mia driving the sand car :)

Ethan, Mia, Daddy, Owen and Carson

Posted by PicasaA bunch of the kids. With the group we had this time at Pismo, we had 15 kids and 9 dogs. It is always a lot of chaotic fun :)

Jack and Mia playing in his Tonka dump truck (Jack is Steve and Jannine's son)

Hannah and Mia

Sadie, Mia and Max. The dogs have so much fun the first day swimming in the ocean and playing with the other dogs that they are literally knocked out the rest of the trip and do nothing but sleep.

Posted by PicasaOur friend Jannine and Mia

Daddy getting Mia ready to ride- maybe a little early-- give her one more year!

Mia loves her daddy!

Looking not so happy about trying to crawl in our trailer. She is doing well but not quite there.

Posted by PicasaMia taking a bath in our trailer's kitchen sink. Notice the large blue coffee mug behind her-- yes it is mine and it is the only way I can tolerate mornings :(

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Idaho Wedding

We are very close to our cousins so when my cousin Justin told us he was getting married in Idaho; I knew I had to be there. Because Kevin was still stuck on crutches and we needed help with the boys and dogs, Kevin opted to stay home and do the babysitting thing. So, that put Mia, Cassie and I on a plane on Friday morning to return on Monday night. Let’s put it this way—That Friday was a JOKE!!!!

The night before we left we came home from Disneyland at 11:30pm (poor planning on mommy’s part). Because it was so late and the kids were asleep, I opted to get gas in the morning. I did not think I was that empty but I guess I was. Fast forward to Friday morning, we got out the door to drive to LAX at 5:30am. We pack up my car, get Mia out of bed and put her in her car seat in her pajamas. I go to start the engine—nothing. I tried again—nothing. I could not get my car to start. So, we had to move everything over to Cassie’s car which put us behind and then we ran into HORRIBLE LA traffic. We expected traffic, but not like that and with the gas delay, it was not a pretty sight. We get into the terminal after having to park in the $30 a day parking and we wait in a line. When we get up to the lady to check in she asks where our boarding passes are. We said we were e- tickets and she said you still have to print out a boarding ticket. We went to the machine and we were 3 minutes too late to print one out which basically meant we could not get on this flight. Not only was it the only direct flight from LA to Boise, but all out family was on the flight and they were our ride from Boise to McCall (over 2 hour mountain drive). We begged the supervisor but they would not budge. They booked us on a flight to Salt Lake and then a 3 hour layover and then Salt Lake to Boise and then we would have to make the long dive. It put us in about 8 hours later than we originally were planning on, but that will teach you to get gas when you are low- ugg.

Oh no, don’t think that is it—it is not even close to being over. So, after fighting with the manager to no avail, we then beaten and hungry went through LAX security which is an event on its own. For some strange reason, we were targeted for extra screening so both Mia, Cass and I had to go to this other area and get our stuff tested. Mia was screaming because she was so hungry, I was on the verge of tears and now we were being searched by TSA people. I see them swabbing my McClairin stroller that I just took out of the package the night before as it has sat in Mia’s closet for 1.5 years waiting for a chance to use it. A large crowd of TSA people gather around this machine that had just been set off. They keep looking over at me and finally one man came over and told me that my stroller tested positive for bomb making materials and he wanted to know why. I had no idea and I just answered the questions and he finally agreed that it must have been Kevin’s guns since he is a cop. I told him Kev locks his guns in a safe and that they are never out, but since he had decided that that was the reason, I was going to let him go with that—geez!

After the long delay in screening to make sure we were not terrorists, we then got some food and flew to Salt Lake. While in Salt Lake we had a 3 hour lay over but our flight was delayed so we ended up sitting in that airport for 4 hours. It was long and boring and we had NO CHOICE!!!! We hopped over to Boise and then rented a car and started driving the 2 + hour drive to McCall. Let me first preface this with—I LIVE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!!! We live in the traffic capital of the world and if you drive 80 on the 210 freeway, you will be passed on both sides and will have a few not so friendly fingers pointed at you. So, with that said, we were leisurely driving and I was noticing people driving exceptionally slow. In So Cal, if people are driving slowly, they pull over and let you pass—OH NO, that does not happen in Idaho. If a 5th wheel is going 35 in a 50 mph zone, people just happily follow behind. They leave their necessary 10 car lengths between them and they never try to pass. Well, this was getting a bit irritating for me. We had a day of unexpected travel and we wanted to get there!! So, on a long downhill part, I decided to pass people. I was going fast but not too fast and all of a sudden to put the perfect end on the perfect day, I see lights in my back window. Sure enough, I was being pulled over. The sheriff came up to the window and asked if I had any idea how fast I was going and I replied with “I have no idea”. Usually I get out of tickets because Kev is a cop and they always let me out, but I was so defeated at this point I didn’t even try to get out of it. Anyway, the sheriff proceeded to tell me that I was going 71 in a 60mph zone. I think I looked at him as my mouth fell open and then looked at Cass as her mouth was open and I said—that’s it? He proceeded to take my license and write me a ticket. At that point I could have cared less. Just write fast so we could leave was all I was thinking. Anyway, the reason our mouths were open was because in California, most cops don’t even pull you over unless you are going 15+ over the speed limit. I could not believe I was getting a ticket for going 11 miles over the speed limit in a passing lane on a steep downhill grade—What a joke!!! I just had to laugh it off as being past of our amazing day!

We got to McCall at 10:30pm and totally missed the rehearsal dinner. We got there as it was breaking up so they made us food which was really nice. We then went to our hotel and it was the most beautiful hotel room ever. The rest of the trip was WONDERFUL!! Mia was great, the wedding was beautiful, McCall was tremendous and we just had an amazing time. Minus the first day, it was a blast!! Congratulations Justin and Lindsey!! You both will be very happy!!! Justin and Lindsey both work in Virginia for the State Department and will be going to Pakistan in the fall to do a tour there. It is dangerous but they are both up for it. They are learning the language of the Taliban which is a very rare language. Please keep them both in your prayers!

So, we left for home on Monday evening and got home and the next day we left on our camping trip to Pismo Beach. Needless to say, we have been very busy. Right now as I am writing this, it is 2:50am and I just can’t sleep. I thought I would get some of this posting done. More to come tomorrow as I still have all of Pismo to post. Anyway, glad to be home and to get back to normal.

Mia at the lake

Posted by PicasaPlaying with her cute tiny foot

Mommy and Mia at the wedding

Auntie Cassie and mia at the wedding

Dance Baby Dance!!!

Posted by PicasaPapa (my dad) and Mia

Video of the Idaho Wedding

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First Visit To Disneyland

Laila and I have been waiting for over 2 years (since Lai was pregnant and we started adoption process) to take our little ones to Disneyland. We love Disneyland and have season passes so we go frequently. Our boys love Disney so we could not wait to take our little girls to our favorite place.

The Whole Clan (minus adults)

Mom and Mia on the Pooh Ride

Posted by PicasaThe series of pictures we attempted to take of Mia and Ava. It never really worked but it was fun. See side left column to see all the pictures (just click on the "First Visit To Disneyland" picture.

Keep the eyes open Ava :)

Mia loves to laugh!

Your eyes are almost open Ava :)

Trying to get Lai, girls and I but that was tough also. Anyway, the BFF's :)Posted by Picasa

Lai and Ava on the new Finding Nemo Ride-- Very cool ride!

Posted by PicasaMommy and Mia on the Finding Nemo Ride

Mia's First Trip To Disneyland

Mia went to Disneyland for the first time last week. It was a lot of fun going with her new best friend Ava, cousin Tyler, cousin Kylie, cousin Kaitlyn, Ethan, Owen, Auntie Laila and Auntie Cassie. It was so much fun! I took a bunch of video so I thought I would post it just in case you wanted to see. Literally, Lai and I have been dreaming of this day for years, so this was a monumental experience. Cassie came also and has become a permanent member of our Disneyland crew. Always fun!!

Christy :)

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First Video- Mia and Kids at entrance of Disneyland
Second Video- On Pirates
Third Video- On the new Finding Nemo ride-- very cool