Friday, May 25, 2007

Mia Day 5 May 25, 2007

Mia's Passport and Adoption Certificate
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  1. Christy,

    I can't stop smiling when I watch your videos of Mia. She is gorgeous and such a bright sunshinny girl! Congratulations to you both.

    Thank you soooo much for getting the dirt.

    Safe travels on the rest of this wonderful journey :- )

    Tricia (Yueyang County Yahoo Group)

  2. Oh Chris I just love the videos and the pics! Mia is so cute and funny smiling at herself in the mirror and at you guys. Such a big, joyful smile, lol....btw I LOVE the red dress and the little red bow/clip on her! Adorable! Miss you guys! Love, Lo

  3. Christy,

    Yes, absolutely, Mia is the cutest thing in the world! She looks her best in red, I think. She is 100% adorable! We can see a big, very positive change in her over just five days, especially with the smiling and sitting. That is just great!

    Being the computer geeks that we are (DH more so than most), we love watching her as she checks out her Baby Einstein.

    Let the shopping begin! I can't wait to go shopping in Guangzhou, as you know....

    Hugs from Maine.