Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mommy can be a barbie doll holding her own Asian baby-- See!!

Really, it is scientifically proven-- the cutest baby alive!!

Posted by PicasaLearning to pose for the camera!


  1. That Barbie picture of you and Mia is so hysterical! She really is the most beautiful and happy baby!

  2. Sorry, but Barbie is so much more fashionable than you in that wild and groovy striped dress ;) Still, Barbie can't hold a candle to the bargain hunter you are! Get some squeaky shoes for Mia. They're hilarious and will help her want to walk!

    Caroline's Barbie is tucked securely in her memory box.

    Enjoy this time in China. It is precious and will be gone all too quickly. You will have the best memories of this time a year from now and you will miss it, but look forward to many more years with Mia finally in your arms.