Thursday, May 17, 2007

We are in Beijing

Hi Everyone,

We made it to Beijing last night at about 4pm. We met our guide and she and our driver took us to our hotel which was very nice. It looks like any hotel in the US and has all the amenities we would want. We put our stuff in our room and then our guide Mei walked with us to a supermarket (about 10 min from our hotel) that was VERY different than any other supermarket we have ever been to in the US. It was in a building but everything was open air and there was tables of meat and people would walk up and pick up cuts of meat turn them around, touch them and then put them back. It is really strange and different than we are used to. I totally forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures but I will at a later date. Anyway, we walked back to the hotel with our diet coke and water and then we came up to our room and was just beat. We took showers and decided we were too tired to go to dinner and were not hungry so we went straight to bed at like 7:45pm. It was the earliest I think I have ever gone to bed other than being sick. We both fell asleep immediately and slept until about 6:30am this morning and we both feel pretty good. I am hoping we are acclimated to the time change with all that sleep but we will see.

Today we are going to the Great Wall and some other places and then hopefully to some good Chinese food for dinner. I will post a ton of pictures tonight when we get home. Remember, we are 15 hours ahead of west coast US time.

Anyway, I have to get ready now so we can get to breakfast and then meet our tour guide. WE are having a great time and already miss so many of you. Ethan and Owen, we love you sooooo much and we cant wait till you get to see your little sister. Have fun and be good.

We love you all,

Christy :)


  1. Enjoy Beijing! It's an interesting city. I call it a mix of ancient and modern.

    When you go to the Civil Affairs Office in Changsha to get Mia, remember that there is a good possibility that she will already be there or will be in the building so HAVE YOUR CAMERA, PASSPORT, AND VIDEO CAMERA OUT AND READY! You can prepare on the bus or van on the way over there. We almost missed catching Gotcha on video because we didn't know that they were already in the building. We were told on the way over that they would be there at 8:30 and they arrived at 8:15! We had only arrived a minute before!

    Say hello to the Great Wall for me!


  2. We are so glad you both made it to China safely. Isn't Mei great? She was our guide during the week and then William was our guide on the weekend. They are both wonderful.

    We agree with Teresa. Have everything ready. Bruce arrived at the hotel a day early for Gotcha Day. Oh!!! We can't wait to see photos of you both with Mia.

    Take Care!!!

    Robert & Linda