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Today we left our hotel in Beijing at 5:30am and flew to Changsha at 7:30 am. It was very early but it was so special to realize that we were traveling to the hometown of our daughter. It is very touching. The flight was fine and we met our guide Susan at the airport and her and the driver drove us to a grocery store to pick up some snacks and water. We then went to the hotel (Dolton Hotel in Changsha) which is very nice. It is a 5 star hotel and as nice or nicer than many hotels in the US. When we were getting out of the van another adoptive mother was walking in and Susan, our guide, was her guide to. She said that she had just finished a massage at this place right next to the hotel. She told us the massages were great and that she and her husband have been getting them almost every day. We thought that sounded nice so we got settled in our room, had lunch and then went to the massage place.

OK, here is the deal with the massages. We had a 2 hour FULL BODY- and I mean from head to toe to tip of nose and even the eyeballs and the sockets. I am talking about the most detailed massage I have EVER heard of or had. It was PHENOMINAL and get this- the massages are done by blind people. Kev and I laid next to each other in a simple room with 3 beds and the men get a woman to massage and woman get men to massage. They are AMAZING because their senses are heightened because they are blind so the field of massage is PERFECT for these blind people who would probably never be able to do much with their lives in China. So, we had a 2 hour FULL BODY massage and take a guess at how much this massage cost us? In the US a 2 hour massage would be a minimum of $130 plus and could be MUCH more but our massages cost us less than $10 US dollars each. It is just ridiculously cheap. Kev and I enjoyed it so much that we plan to have at least one more while in Changsha.

After the massage we walked around Changsha and it was really a neat place. Everything in China is beautifully landscaped and they put a lot of garden areas around for people to sit and relax. There were people walking and riding their bikes and scooters and lots of kids with their parents. It is a nice place (at least around our hotel) and I look forward to spending time seeing the city. Also, the hotel hosts pretty much all of the adoptions in Hunan so it is very kid/ adoption friendly. There is a play room on the 30th floor and one on the first floor. It is a really nice hotel.

So, tomorrow is the day!! We were disappointed to hear that we will not be getting Mia until 3pm. I guess Yueyang is pretty far out of the city so the Yueyang babies don’t come until the afternoon. We are fine with it but we are literally counting down the minutes. I am just so nervous. My stomach is in knots and every time I think about getting Mia I start to choke up—see I just did it again. So, we will get her around 3pm and then we will go to a baby store to buy formula and diapers etc. We will probably then come back to the hotel to play and get to know each other.

I need your help. Tomorrow is a half day so I don’t want to waste one of Mia’s adorable outfits on a half day but I want her to be cozy but the fist dress I ever bought her I always wanted to put on her the day we got her—so I am stuck. Should I put her in a comfy outfit or should I still dress her in the special dress. I am leaning towards the dress but I thought I would ask you blog readers. So, the purple comfy outfit for the half day or the dress I have been planning on forever? Let me know what you think.

Ethan and Owen, we get your sister tomorrow!!! WE will call you in the morning and then the next time we call after that, you will get to see your sister. I am glad you had fun at Jordan’s birthday (Happy Birthday Jordan -Ethan and Owen’s neighborhood friend) and that Cassie let you have a slumber party with all your friends—how fun!!! We really miss you boys. We wish you were here but we will see you soon. Remind Aunt Cassie to buy a microphone. Laila—call Cass and tell her what kind to get—she is confused.

Talk to you all tomorrow and by the way, watch your weight on the incountry flights. We had the same amount we had on our international flight and Air CHina made us pay $59 US dollars for an overage fee-- ugggg!!! It is like the have you caught- you have to take a lot for yourselves and kid beuase you are there for so long-- but then once you get inside CHina they limit your weight-- It sucked but we just had to deal :( No big deal. We got over it. Talk to you all tomorrow!!!

Christy :)


  1. I am so excited for you all! I would wait and see how she acts then you will know which outfit. You could also put the dress on for photos and then switch to the comfy outfit when doing a diaper change. You will know what is best! I can't wait to see her in your arms!

  2. Oh Chris I am so so excited for you guys!!! I think you should put Mia in the dress you have been planning on. :)

  3. I can't tell you how amazing it is to share this time with you. It is so exciting and I will be waiting all day to see the first pictures of you and Mia! You're story is making me less afraid to start thinking of adoption... and after 4+ years of infertility it might be time. I will be sitting here hitting "refresh" waiting to see your beautiful family.

    Who would have thought that when we were those silly girls in high school that we would be chatting over the internet across the world... waiting for your baby.

    Hug your mom, dad, Cass, & bro for me when you get back to the US... and keep blogging... I want to know every detail!

    love you Chris!

  4. Use your mom instincts and follow her cues. With Caroline, I could hardly wait to put her in a dress, butshe was so scared and crying that I didn't want to traumatize her more by stripping her down, throwing her in the bathtub and then dressing her in unfamiliar clothes right off the bat. We got her in the morning and I didn't bathe her until it was about ready for bed. And she smelled bad of wood smoke! The other moms in our group had better-adjusted babies and were able to bathe and dress them sooner.

    One thing my friend did is she put her daughter's gotcha clothes in the crib with her daughter so she would have a familiar smell when she slept and it seemed to work.

    Man! I wished I had know about the massages when I was in Changsha! I LOVE a good massage! Beware of the foot massages in Guangzhou, however. Scalding hot water to soak your feet, hot water to drink, and I left in pain after he jammed his fingers into every knot in my back and arms. NOT relaxing at all!

  5. I would go comfy and get the pics the next day after te kiddo has had time to adjust but that is just me.


  6. I agree to go comfy at first. She'll be tired, grieving, scared, etc. I'd let her have some time and then wear the pretty dress tomorrow.

    PS. Love all the updates and photos! I can't wait until it's my turn..... :)

  7. Christy,

    OMG!!! It will probably be gotcha day when you read this. I would go with the dress if there is no taffeta involved. The dress looks comfy enough, but I can't tell what the material is.

    You look absolutely radiant in some of your pictures!

    I am a mess right along with you. I will probably lose the ability to speak (at least coherently) when I get Sara.

    Hugs from Maine!


  8. Thank you both for letting us all
    follow your journey to Mia, just
    think you will be seeing her
    tommarrow. As far as the dress
    goes, you have waited so long
    for this day. Have wear what
    feels right to you. No cares if
    she is seen in the same thing 2
    times. After you having to pay
    60.00, I am going to consider
    bringing less and buying there.

    Have a great Forever Family Day!

    Lid 11/18/05 for Allie Taylor

  9. Wow! Tomorrow! I'm soooooo excited for you! I can't wait to see the Gotcha pictures!

    As for the special dress or comfy clothes...I say go with your gut after you get her back to your hotel'll just know what to do.

    BTW, the massages sound Awesome!

    God Bless,

  10. How exciting that you will see your daughter so soon. As for the outfit, in the end, it won't matter. She will be beautiful and perfect no matter which you choose! Congratulations to you all.

  11. So excited for you both, your time has come!!!! Can't wait to see the pics tomorrow. My thoughts is go for the dress but again, you will know best yourself and Mia will be precious no matter what you put on her!! :)

    Christy, thanks also so much for the help on the appeal letter (Jane October DTC Group). Really appreciated, you are so thoughtful and helpful.

  12. Michelle (iggypickle)May 20, 2007 at 12:13 PM

    Oooohh!!! I am so happy for you, Christy!! I have been reading your blog everyday and knowing how you guys must be feeling!! I can't wait for tomorrow, too!! LOL. I'm sure after you see her, it won't matter if she's wearing a flour sack, you'll just be so glad to have her!! LOL!!!! Take care and try (key word...TRY) to rest up for the big day!!!

  13. You're so close to getting Mia. How exiting! You won't even care about what dress for her to wear once you get her in your arms!

  14. Welcome to Changsha! Just reading your blog today is a real deja vu for me, especially when I saw the photo of the front of the Dolton Hotel.

    I'm so very excited for you. Hope you were able to get some sleep over the night. I don't remember sleeping that well the night before, but it was a good kind of sleeplessness. :)

    Can't wait to see photos of Mia in your arms!

  15. Hello! I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your story.

    We adopted our Emeili last July and I would recommend putting her in the comfy outfit for the first day (half-day). Some of the girls are very confused and scared that first day. I had a special outfit picked out for her the first day, but then I ended up putting on a velour outfit for comfort because she was sick and looked like she needed comfort. The next day I dressed her up and took lots of photos. By the end of the day I even got a pic with a smile in that special dress and bow....something that wouldn't have happened on the first day. Every child is different, but I thought I would share our experience. I hope everything goes very smoothly for you and your family tomorrow!! Congratulations! Casey Tarpy

  16. Ack Chris, I am dying with anticipation over here!!! My stomach feels jumpy and I swear I come to your blog every two minutes:) You guys must be awake and getting ready to get Mia!!!! I just can't believe today is the day!!! I am praying that it goes as smoothly as can be expected and that little Mia is comforted and not too scared. I love you guys!!! Can't wait to see the pics!!!! Love, Lai:)

  17. Christy,

    I am so excited for you! I would do the comfy outifit. I saw with Kate that they really open up and look so much more comfortbale and beautiful after a few days. That first day is pretty traumatic for a lot of the babies. I'd save the special dress for after a few days but that is just me. Dave put Kate in the special dress for the blessing at the Buddhist temple and the swearing in ceremony.

    I will be thinking of you at 3 am!

    Best wishes.

  18. Not that you'll be doing much of anything but holding Mia, but the Dolton also has a pool and a bowling alley! :)