Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween (& Mia Walking)!!!!

This is a super short video of Mia walking. It is by no means very good as she is already walking much better but it was all I could get tonight. I worked today then came home and had to get ready for tonight. It was a crazy night and I hardly had time to talk to people let alone video Mia walking. By the end of the night Mia was standing up on top of our dining room table and walking to the other end. She is getting really good. I will get some better video off her tomorrow as this is not very good, but at least you can see her in motion. She is so cute!!!

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So here are our spooky kids(& nieces). Mia, Kaitlyn (skeleton), Owen (gangster), Ethan (scream-- which by the way I fought him on and finally gave in-- I hate that costume) and Kylie in the Vampire outfit. The final pics are of Mia trick or treating at a few of our neighborhood friends homes. She was so cute. She just wanted to walk into every house. The boys and girls had a great time and got a TON of candy-- far too much! We had Kevin's brothers family over for our traditional soup and pie dinner as well as my parents and sister. It was a lot of fun but a late night.

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Here is Mia and Cameron going through some candy at Cameron's house. Cameron is the little sister to one of Ethan's best neighborhood friends Jake. She is totally a beautiful little 3 year old and I'm sure Mia and her will be great friends!

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  1. Adorable as always!

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Maryann's girl!

    Give me a call...I *might* be able to help you find your lost video...if it was on your digital camera, not the camcorder.

  2. They're adorable. Glad it was a good night.

  3. Love the pictures...
    Looks like they had a lot of FUN!!!
    Love the video...
    Can't believe she is walking...
    Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!

  4. Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to be a judge in RMJ's contest!

  5. Christy, what program do you use for your collages?
    I love that format!

  6. I love that little butterfly costume. Just so freakin cute!

    And she's!

  7. That's so amazing how they become some mobile like overnight! WOW!

  8. Wow, I hadn't checked your blog since Sunday and you had a busy week. A birthday party AND walking. How exciting!! The lady bug costume was very, very cute, too. Loved all the pictures, especially the one-year portraits. Mia is a beauty!

  9. Adorable pictures! It looks like you had a great Halloween! My daughter, Kamree, just started walking a month ago and she is into everything!

  10. Ok...the video is adorable!! I LOVE her little outfit. SO CUTE!!! I love to watch a little one begin to walk. It's fun!

    Your crew looks like they had a great time last night!! What a great idea getting together with family and for soup on Halloween! That is a great tradition!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and video! Have a great weekend!

  11. Way to go Mama really has to babyproof : ) Of course, why walk when you can fly you little cute butterfly

  12. Stop ripping on the poor child! She's just learning

    BTW that wasn't a temper tantrum...get a clue

  13. SOrry guys but I have no idea what anonymous was taking about. Maybe they were confused???

    Christy :)