Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Look Back

Today I was looking back at old pictures of Mia the first day we got her-- May 21, 07 (almost 5 months ago). I love these two pictures for a number of reasons. I love how smitten Kevin was with Mia. He could not take his eyes off her. He was just so immediately in love it blew me away.

I also love how Mia looks in this picture. She looks so little and afraid. At the time I did not think she was scared or fearful at all, but this picture shows how tentative she was. It took her a few days to start to open up and even after we were home she opened up more, but this picture shows- a whole hour or so after meeting us for the first time- wearing the clothes from her foster home- how tentative she was.

This picture is also from Gotcha day and I love the way Mia is looking at me. Again, it shows how tentative she was. She was totally checking me out. I think back and she was really quiet the first few days. She never really cried and we did get smiles out of her but for the most part she was really quiet and studied our every move- just like in this picture. It blows me away daily when I see how far my little girl has come in just 5 (almost) short months. From a tentative and quiet little one to a CONSTANTLY babbling, outgoing and smiley little 11 month old girl-- WOW!! She is amazing!!
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  1. Christy,
    your Mia is so sweet. I love looking back on photos and seeing how my kids have evolved. It's weird how quickly the changes happen right under out noses.

    She is very sweet! The top pic is so cute with you hubby snuggled up next to Miss Mia.

  2. That is so funny because I have that picture of you & Mia saved in a file (I'm not a stalker it is for the necklace!!) and when I see it I think it is so beautiful how she is checking you out!! She is like, Huh? This is my mom? And the 2 of you were obviously smitten! Happy 5 months home baby girl...

  3. Isn't it amazing looking back at those first few hours together. Their little eyes say so much! They do change so quickly.

  4. I LOVE those pictures..
    I remember seeing them the day you posted in CHINA..
    I watched ever single day...
    I can not wait until we are there...
    Someday... and it will be so AMAZING...
    Mia is soooo ADORABLE..
    Happy almost 5 Months

  5. IS so amazing to see how she has grown and matured in the 5 months that you've had her. It's amazing how a loving family changes children!! I am SO thrilled for you guys!! What a blessing your family is to us...and I'm sure to so many other. Thanks for blogging and keeping us posted on how everyone is doing! Mia is absolutely adorable!!! Have a great weekend!
    p.s. wasn't Kid Nation great last night?!?

  6. Those pictures are so sweet. Makes me want to hop on a plane!!

  7. Bufi-- loved Kid nation last night!! It was a good one. I am so glad Taylor was ousted-- she needed to be. It was a good one!

    Christy :)

  8. I'm missing out! The pictures won't come up for me. : (

  9. Ok, now I can see them. She is darling, just darling.

  10. Sweet...yeah, our daughter was 13 months old when we met her and of course I intellectually knew she was stunned by being taken from her foster family but she didn't cry, she laughed so we didn't think about it. Now when I look back at our pictures from China I see a child in shock in most of them. Of course here we are two years later and I am the one in shock LOL

  11. Ahhhh, there those picts are. How I love the sweet one of your husband kissing Mia. Precious!

    And you feeding her, that look on her face, looking right at you! Can you believe how fast she has grown?! Beautiful photos!

  12. I remember watching, (felt like a stalker) when you were getting Mia. I could not wait to see each new day...look at her go!

    Happy Five Months to you all!


  13. Christy,
    What sweet pictures. It's neat to see how Mia's expressions have changed.
    Thank you for being so faithful to post.
    We leave for China in 2 weeks, and watching your family has made the wait much easier.

  14. What great photos of you and your hubby. Mia is so precious! Thanks for the peek back 5 months ago.