Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can't Belive What I did~~ Uggg!!!

I am soooo upset with what I just did. Right before bed tonight we were all sitting in the family room and Mia just literally got up- stood- and started taking steps completely on her own. She started out by taking 2 or 3 steps but by the end was walking across the room completely on her own taking 15 steps plus. Standing up on her own and then just walking and even turning. It was amazing!! At the beginning I ran and got my camera and got most of it on video. I had amazing footage-- full of her walking the baby steps and then finally walking across the room. I was planning on putting the kids to bed and then uploading the video. I was scrolling through the footage on my camera so I didn't upload stuff I didn't want and I don't know how i did it but I TOTALLY DELETED ALL THE VIDEO!!!! I have no idea how I did it but I did. I have looked a ton of times through my SD card and it is just not there-- uggg!!!! I am so upset but I am going to try to get some good footage tomorrow morning before she starts to run. As soon as I get it I will post. It is just so darn cute and it kills me that I wont have that for the future.

Anyway, as consolation, I decided to post some weekend fun pictures. The first pics are of the kids at my brother and sister in laws farm. They live on a farm and Amy runs "Amy's Farm Tours" which is a business where schools take kids to the farm for field trips. It is a totally cool field trip and includes feeding baby calves a bottle--cute!! Our Sunday School class has a little get together there on Saturday so we all went and had a great time. The second pics are of some of our friends before we went to a Halloween party on Saturday night. We had a blast without kids!!! Well, I say without kids but the kids were being babysat across the street from the party and about an hour into the party the kids were knocking saying Mia was crying really bad. I went over and decided to bring her back to the party with us. I put her in the Ergo and she did fine and fell asleep within a short amount of time and just slept in the Ergo.

Anyway, have a Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Ahhhhhhh, I feel your pain! You will have that special memory in your heart, though.
    Congratulations to the little walker..

  2. YEAH!!!!
    Mia is walking...
    Love the pictures...
    Looks like you had a lot of fun at the party...
    Love Owen driving the tractor...
    TOO CUTE...
    Happy Halloween..

  3. Hi Christy...thanks for the kind words on my blog. Sorry about the video. :(

  4. Oh I'm sorry, I know it wont be the same as those first moments, but it is stil so new, you'll capture it again :) Love all the costumes, very creative!!

  5. What a perfect gift for Halloween! She is such a big girl!!

  6. Don't you HATE it when stuff like that happens?!?!?! Well...I know you'll definitely get it the next time you see her take off like that! It's so awesome that she is walking like that! I LOVE the pictures at the pumpkin farm! How fun!! Fall pictures at the pumpkin patch are so great! We didn't get to go this year...thus, my pictures with the mums and hay. It was as close as I could get to "fall looking" photos! :) Thanks for sharing them!! Your kids are just too cute!!! Hope you're having a great week!

  7. Been there, done that! I totally feel your pain. Your Mia is a doll! How old was she on your gotcha day? Our daughter was 12 1/2 months when we got her. Isn't it so much fun? Little girls are so sweet! Lisa

  8. HOORAY!!! Mia is a big girl now! Free to roam and run! Yeah, right. But it does open up a whole new world..... It is Wednesday now, so hopefully, you got new pictures and yesterday will be an anecdote you use in the near future to describe this experience!

  9. Ugh! That's awful! I totally know that feeling!

    Thank goodness there are 2nd and 3rd steps! :)