Friday, October 12, 2007

More Ann Taylor Fun & The Leaves!!

This has been a slow week for pictures because I have been so crazy busy so I decided to show you all a few more pictures of Mia from Ann Taylor the other day and then some cute pictures I took once we got home on our front lawn. The leaves are starting to turn colors (not much-- we are in Southern California) and Mia was very interested in them. She crawled onto the lawn and started to crinkle the leaves in her hands so of course I saw this as a great photo opportunity so here they are.

This weekend we are going to a pumpkin patch and doing a few local fun things so hopefully I will get some really cute pictures.

Have a great weekend everyone. I know I need a relaxing weekend :)


  1. Cute! Have a great weekend too!!

  2. Your blog has been so wonderful to see. My daughter and I have been on it since you went to China. We call and tell each other to "look at Mia's blog" She is so adorable.Ali has a domestic 3 year old Chinese/vietnamese boy and has had her paper work in for over a year. The wait was getting so long that she thought she would do domestic adopt. but as of this week, she is staying with China. Her LID is 12-25-06 and that is UGH so long. We get such a kick out of Mia and enjoy your site for a boost in our feelings. Thank you so much for so much enjoyment and tears!!! We live outside of Chicago so we don't have water and beaches like you do.

  3. Auntie AR,

    I am so happy that my blog actually touches people. I know people read it but it is so good to hear that it touches people. I am so glad your daughter is sticking with China. While is is and will contiue to be a long wait, the end result is AMAZING!!!

    THanks for your comment and I really appreciate it!


  4. I love seeing pics, so even if you don't have anything to talk about, keep up the awesome pics of Mia...they're so very sweet.

  5. Love the pictures...
    Mia is adorable..
    Have fun this weekend..
    Can't wait to see the pictures..