Monday, October 8, 2007

Fun With Daddy's Hat

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Before bed Mia was playing with Kevin and they were passing the hat back and forth and Mia would grab the hat then Kev would grab it back. It was totally cute. It is interesting how Mia is totally getting things that say and do. Like I would say "put the hat on your head" and she would. I think her receptive language is really taking off as she is starting to seem like she understands. As well, her expressive language is blossoming. She mimics so much and I would say she has about 5 words that she clearly says: Mommy, daddy, uh oh, doggy, hello (kind of like uh oh). Kevin would like me to let you all know that she does not necessarily say those things but she can mimic what we say. I think she really does know those words-- maybe not hello but the others for sure. Had to put that disclaimer in on behalf of Kevin :) Anyway, the whole hat thing was really cute and it showed me how much she gets what we say. Pretty cool!!

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  1. She is just a doll. Our friends have had their second daughter home from China almost a month now. She's two, and her receptive language is very good. I know Mia is younger, but our friends daughter is brand new to the English language as well. It's pretty cool.

  2. Love her jammies - she is so cuttttte! Nothing cuter than a little girl playing with dear old Dad:)

    It is so fun watching her grow.


  3. How awesome she's saying words and communicating so well! She looks adorable in that her Jammies too!! How special is that Daddy/daughter relationship!! It's so neat!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I agree with you that she understand the words, she'll be speaking them soon.

  5. very nice. not just looks, she's got brains too! ;)

  6. What sweet pictures and she even has Halloween PJ's! Too cute!