Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Mia "NO NO's" Post!!

Yes the long awaited Mia "No No's" post is here. Since my camera is gone and I have to get a new one, I thought this would be a great time to go digging in my old pictures and pick out a few doozies. I have been saving up picutes I have taken of Mia in compromising positions and I figure today is as good as any day to post this-- so here it is!!

The toilet one is my favorite. She also loves the food pantry and DESTROYS when she gets in. You also cannot tie this girl down-- she is a Wiley little thing and will escape from just about anywhere. She loves to eat dirt and air soft bee bees (sp?). I know this because the bee bee's come visit again-- if you know what I mean-- gross!!She loves to drag things around the yard so we cannot find them. The best part is when you catch her, she just looks at you in all your pissed off glory and gives you a huge smile and a giggle and you can no longer be angry. Believe me, I try, but the smile just makes it go away-- not sure how much longer the smile thing will work, but for now she has got it down :)

Enjoy the pics!!


  1. You're SO good to take pictures in those moments! I don't think I would be so calm!! Of course...what she's into in the pictures isn't too terrible. I guess after a while it would get frustrating. My frustrating moments are when Sadie and Silas fight...which is 1/3 of every day! It's exhausting. Wish I could take pictures of that. It would be nice to look back and laugh! Oh well...I love Mia's pictures anyway!! Even though she's into stuff...she is just SO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great day!

  2. Boy do I remember "that" stage. Unfortunately I don't know if we ever get out of it! lol..... She is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures of your daughter.

  3. I have two words for you... TOILET LOCK! She's a cutie-pie, but the toilet pics got me! Sophia never was a toilet girl, but the puppies... that's another story! ;)

  4. CUTE!!! Love the toilet pic!!

  5. How funny!!!!
    She is sooo pretty...
    I don't know... I think the little smile and giggle would get me too..
    Have a Great Day!!!

  6. Mia is so sweet. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I followed you to China and have enjoyed seeing your family together!


  7. She is just so cute. I'd have a hard time saying no! Except for the toilet, I could say no to the toilet.

  8. Those are so good. Of course you do have your hands full. How fun!


  9. Loved the slide show~~Miss Mia sure keeps you on your toes!

  10. I love these pictures! So funny! Where did you get that brown and pink jumper she is wearing in the shoping cart? Too cute!

  11. Oh, she is a busy one! I thought Hannah was busy - actually, I just haven't captured them all on film!

    She is true sweetie Christy.