Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Afternoon at Oak Glen

First of all let me say that Mia made it through the whole worship service at church today-- yaaaa!!!! I made it a point to say goodbye and then left. I kept looking at the pager during the service because it was not going off. Finally the service ended and I went to pick her up and she had just woken up from a short nap and was fussing but other than that she did GREAT!!! It was such a relief that she is doing OK on her own both last night and then again today. I am going to keep the trend going by leaving her for short times in the next week. I have an hour long Psych meeting (all out district psychs get together to discuss work issues) tomorrow morning and she is staying with my sister during the meeting so I will let you know how she does.
After church we went to Oak Glen which is an apple growing area in the hills of Southern California. It is beautiful up there and we decided to take some pictures. We don't have a lot of family shots so this was an attempt. There are a few cute ones but nothing that I totally love. I will say, I have a new found respect for photographers. Let's put it this way, happy nice sweet words were not flowing from my mouth as we were ATTEMPTING to take these pictures. Oh no, don't let the smiles deceive you. I was not happy during much of the picture taking time. The more the boys misbehaved the more determined I got that we were going to get a good picture-- darn it!!!! Alas, my efforts were fruitless and my anger unnecessary as there were very few pictures that were good. Anyway, I decided to post individually the ones that are OK and the remainder are in the collages.

I do love this picture. It is sweet!

She just looks so pretty

So so but OK


  1. Oh Christy! The pictures are beautiful!!!! Thanks for the positive words for's helped.

  2. All of these are great! I absolutely LOVE the one of all 3 of them walking away. BEAUTIFUL!