Sunday, October 21, 2007

5 Months Ago Today

5 Months ago today our lives changed forever:

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Part 2 to the video:

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And now 5 months later our little spicy Hunan girl has become a perfect part of our family! She has added so much joy to our lives it is just astounding. We received Mia at 6 months of age and we have now completed 5 months with her-- almost half her life. I cant remember life without her. Mia has grown in so many ways. A few days ago I posted about her being tentative and fearful when we first got her but now our little girl is outgoing, happy and a joy. She is inquisitive, talkative, eager to smile and just about the cutest little thing in the world. She is just amazing and we thank God everyday that He blessed us with our little miracle.



  1. Looking at the video, I can now see how limp and quiet she was compared to how active and vocal she is now.

    Congratulations on 5 fun-filled months!


  2. I love your video. You can just tell how in love her Daddy was with her at first sight. You did so good and look so lovely. I'm afraid I'm going to be a balling mess and scare my girl! Congrats on 5 wonderful months.

  3. Isn't it amazing how a loving nurturing home will bring these children out so much?!?! She has come so far! Mia is blessed beyond compare!! What a priviledge it is that we all have these precious ones in our lives too! It's a blessing all the way around!! Hard to believe it was 5 months ago we were following your journey...waiting, not so patiently, to go and get little Sadie. Time sure does fly!!! Thanks for sharing!! Mia is doing beautifully!!!

  4. Congrats on 5 months...
    Mia is sooo adorable..
    I am getting all emotional... How cute..
    I can't wait.. You were so lucky to get her so young...
    I hope I can keep as calm as you are...
    Love the video..

  5. What is funny is when we first saw MIa and I realized it was her, I just lost if for about 10 seconds until I realized Mia was looking straight at us and if I were to cry she may get scared. So, I pulled it together and tried to present myself in a manner that would not scare her. I think it worked.

    Christy :)

  6. Does anybody think it is amazing that she was only 6 months old??? I love that you have already had her for almost half of her little life...she has really flourished with you peeps!! She is so precious..congrats on 5 months!

  7. So sweet! I love to see your husband with her. He reminds me of my husband. Congratulations on 5 months!!

  8. From one mother of a Ba Baby to another -- congratulations! She is so beautiful. And you were truly blessed to have her when she was so young.

    We've just about had the former Ba Shu Ting for half her life now, too. She was 10 1/2 months old when we received her, and she's 21 months now. I look back at the photos from our first few days and can't believe my eyes.

  9. She is a blessing to your family--so precious.

  10. I am so glad I found you on 3 Peanuts today! It has been a long, dreary, rainy day here. I have thought of our daughter all day at work, even though she isn't born yet. Your video's have made me cry and helped me to see that this long wait is so worth it! Thank You so much for sharing!
    ps. Mia Shea Conley was on our short short list!

  11. Beautiful, just beautiful! She seems to be doing so well.


  12. Congrats on five months together! Mia is just adorable. You are blessed! Also, thank you for leaving me a comment on my new blog!

  13. Thanks for sharing this - this is awesome!