Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Im Losing My Mind!!!!

I am literally losing my mind!! We went to Disneyland again yesterday with Kevin (boys had the day off school for teacher in service) and a bunch of our camping friends and I got up this morning, took the kids to school and came back in to go through my blog line-up. After the blog reads I go to get my camera to download all my D-land pics but cant find my cute little camera. I look in my purse (which is where I always keep it) and in the backpack I take to Dland but cant find it in either place. I then head out to my car to look in the stroller and in the car and I find my car RUNNING!! I took the boys to school and left my car running-- I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!! I look through the car and still cant find it. I am soooo depressed as I am addicted to my little Elph. I had the Canon Digital Elph SD600 and I loved it. I called Disneyland and they are looking for it but I have a feeling it is long gone--uggg!! There is no way I want to lay down another $400+ to buy a new camera but I have to take pictures. It is my new hobby and I love it.

So, if I have to buy a new camera, WHAT CAMERA WOULD YOU ALL SUGGEST?? I love the little Canon because it is so easy and it runs off an SD card and my computer has an SD slot so I just transfer the little card and I can download pics within seconds. So, what should I buy if I have to buy something? It has to be tiny because I keep the camera in my purse at all times to catch those moments. It has to be easy and it has to take good pictures. Anyone have any suggestion? This just sucks!!!!

Update-- First off I am not the best speller and left Lose spelled Loose all day-- how embarrassing :( Next, still no camera. I have scoured everything but it has not turned up. Called Dland, Called the restaurant-- NOTHING--UGGG!!! So, I have been feverishly online because I have to get a replacement ASAP because we are leaving on a little vacation Thursday night and I have to have it for that. So, I have pretty much narrowed it to the newest Canon they just came out with- The Canon Digital Elph SD870IS. It looks like a pretty good camera and many of the things I didn't like about my old camera, they fixed with this one. So, it seems like a good choice but now I have to suck it up and lay out the $400 in a time where $400 is not easy to find. Oh well, PB &J and Top Ramen for a few months--haha just kidding :)


  1. I haven't made my mind up if I like my new camera or not. I got a Canon but did have a Sony cybershot, which was small like you elph.
    I am just so sorry... I wish it would turn up.

  2. You are cracking me up!!! The car was running! I always leave my keys in the front door, then when I have to leave I look like a maniac running around looking for my keys. Then once I find them I'm a nervous wreck that someone could have walked right on in the house with MY keys!

    I have no help for you with the camera. We just bought a big Cannon XTI Rebel this weekend, so it is in no way small.

  3. I don't know anything about cameras at all. I have been known to leave things running too! LIfe just gets crazy sometimes.

  4. If you really liked your original camera, why don't you buy another one just like it? :)


  5. So sorry to hear that you lost the camera...
    Hope it pops up somewhere..

  6. OK, the car thing is hysterical!! Glad you caught it before it ran out of gas! I have a Konica Minolta Dimage X1. I like my big camera better, but it's great to keep in my purse. It takes good pics and takes video also. It uses a SD card. Losing things is never fun.

  7. Ok - well leaving the car running is pretty bad. How busy are you these days?

    Second, I recommend getting another Elph for all the reasons listed - that and it's my camera of choice as well. Love it!


  8. So sorry about the camera!! We have a big digital camera that takes great pictures, but it's too big to carry around in my purse. I'd love to hear how you like the new one you purchase because I was thinking of asking for a small camera for Christmas. Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  9. We have the olympus stylus 730 camera and LOVE it - it has a 3" screen on the back and it is tiny. Even better news - it is only about $175 now. The only downer may be that it takes XD cards instead of SD cards.

    LOVE your Mia blog, I've followed it since the time your referral was missing. I'm so glad she's home with you and doing so well.