Monday, October 22, 2007

Destruction In Southern California

UPDATE 9:30pm 10-23- We think we may have good news. On a few websites that are showing which areas have burned in Arrowhead, it is showing that my parents street did not burn. We will not know 100% for sure until we can get up there to check but as of now that is just amazing news.

The fires are still going crazy. Luckily the winds have died down a bit and we are only getting 30 to 40mph gusts as opposed to 70+mph gusts. So, helicopters were able to do water drops all day and they made a dent on many of the fires. Unfortunately, the fires are still burning like crazy and the loss is tremendous. Most are saying that containment on most of the fires will not happen this week and they speculate early next week but who knows? Please continue to pray that the wind dies completely so they can really attack these fires. There has been loss of life due to the fires so please pray for those families. I will continue to update as I hear more.

Christy :)

UPDATE 9AM 10-23- We still do not know about the cabin. We will not know until the fire is out and we can get up there to check it out. It is really not looking good :( There are fires popping up everywhere all due to the winds. The winds are still howling-- again the worst winds we have ever seen. Put wind and fire together and it is mass destruction. There is a fire "The Day Creek Fire" that is about a mile from our house. It is a small fire in comparison to the others but it is close. Luckily the wind is blowing away from our house so there is really no danger for us. Our kids even went to school today. It is 9am right now and the temp is expected to get into the 90's today so it is not good fire weather so we need to pray that the winds slow so they can actually fight the fires. Please continue to pray and I will keep you updated.

These are pics of our yard as well as of a tree in our neighborhood. Southern California is being tortured by wind and fire at the present time. We live in a windy area but these were the worst winds we have ever seen. We had gusts up to 100mph and it tore everything apart. We have neighbors with fences down, trees uprooted and much more. We had all the rain gutters ripped off our house and we had all our glass tables in the backyard broken into a million little pieces. All our pool furniture is in the pool as well as a ton of dirt and other items. We didn't know the wind was coming so we didn't prepare. We now regret that. Anyway, the destruction is horrible.

The next post is of Mia the my parents cabin this weekend for my dads birthday. The post will explain but there is a pretty goof chance the at the cabin has burned. We are praying for the best but it is not looking good.

I show these pictures below not only because they are cute and I love the cape Mia is wearing but also because in Southern California right now there are fires burning everywhere. At this point I believe there are at least 16 fires burning within an hour from our house. The most depressing fire is the HUGE fire burning in Lake Arrowhead, CA. At this point it has burned over 140 homes and it has been in the neighborhood of my parents cabin. My sister spent the weekend up there and she was woken up at 7:00am by firefighters with a mandatory evacuation. She had to leave the mountain and at this point we have NO IDEA if the cabin burned or not. We know for sure the fire is in their neighborhood and that homes less than a mile away have for sure burned and that wind unfortunately is blowing in their direction but other than that-- WE HAVE NO IDEA!! I don't want to speculate but I just pray the cabin is saved. We have wonderful memories that have been made at the cabin so we pray that their home is saved. I will keep you updated. The devastation in Southern California is horrific. Between the winds and the fires there has been an amazing amount of loss. Please pray for the families affected by the destruction.

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  1. oh I heard about the fires today but I had no idea you were so close to them. I am so sorry. I pray for your safety.

    Your little Mia is beautiful in her red cape at the cabin. I hope it is ok.

  2. Wow, that is some strong wind. You are not near the fires are you?

  3. We are praying for you guys! I cannot believe how those fires are spreading and destroying so many homes. MAN! How did they get started? We are believing with you guys on divine protection for all of your homes...even your families cabin. Keep us informed! God Bless!

  4. Christy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I have been thinking about you
    to!!!! Love all the pics of your
    beautiful family!!! I am sorry
    about the distruction, I will
    be praying for your family. I
    will give you a call sometime
    soon. Would love to go to Disney
    with the girls!!!

    Your AZ pal,

    Sindy :-)

  5. Oh Christy I'm so glad you posted! I'm keeping constant prayers going!! I talked with Sarah this am and she said the wind is the worst she's ever seen! I also just read there is now a fire near Day Creek. I hope it's not too bad. Keep us posted.

  6. I have been following your blog since you traveled to get Mia but I have never left a comment. I felt like today would be the right time. I have been thinking about your family and the others in California...I pray that you all are safe. You all will be in my prayers...

    ~Jennifer S.
    LID 4/17/07

  7. I too have been following your blog since you got Mia, and have not posted, but please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this frightening time.

  8. We are thinking about you and your family! I am glad your sister got out safely and that everyone seems to be away from the current danger, but the loss of memories is substantial. Here is hoping the cabin was spared and that the fires end quickly.

  9. I'm so sorry for the destruction you have personally suffered at your home. I'll be praying for your continued safety and that the cabin was possibly spared from the fire. I'm so thankful that your sister was evacuated safely.

  10. We are praying for the safety of you and your family right now. Family has told us how bad the winds are down in Southern California and we are really concerned for all of our family and friends. We used to live in Corona off of Limonite and the 15 and I remember how bad the wind could get in that area, which doesn't even compare to what you are all experiencing right now. Please keep us posted so we know you and your family are o.k.

    Robert, Linda and Bruce

  11. Christy, I am a native California girl and was born in Grenada Hills. I lived in Cali for almost 30 years...and it will always be home to me in so many ways. I'm so sorry to hear what your going through. It's so hard to imagine what it's like, but to put a family to the disaster - it's terrible. Hang in there friend - we'll be praying!

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about these fires. I saw it on the news tonight. I had no idea they were so bad. Praying that they will end soon and your family will be spared any further loss.

  13. WOW...
    That is amazing what the wind can do...
    It is awful that this has to happen..
    I will be praying that things get better..
    Glad you are keeping us updated...
    Hugs girly..

  14. It truly is horrible. That is so sad about your Arrowhead home. I am very lucky in that the only way I have been affected from these fires is the ash that has covered our patio and my commute to work(which has been a nightmare). I know others are not so fortunate.

  15. Thinking and praying for your family and all the other families that are dealing with the fires and destruction in California. May God's hand continue to protect you and your familiy.
    RQ poster

  16. Christy,
    I hope your family's cabin stays untouched by the fires. We continue to pray for all of you in California.

  17. Christy,
    You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. The fires are horrific! We certainly hope that your parents cabin was spared!