Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dumont Dunes in October

Bet you all been wondering-- Now where did she go?? We went to DUMONT!!! Sorry, no Internet in the dunes so I could not post. Got lots of pics so enjoy!!!

We have a great group of friends that are all into sand toys and we all enjoy going to Pismo and Dumont during Sand season. Unlike most places, our sand season is during our winter because it is way too hot during summer to ride in the desert. So, during summer we go to Pismo Beach and during winter we go to Dumont. Dumont is great because it is BEAUTIFUL and only 2 hours 45 min away from our house, so it is a quick drive in the RV. Also, because we are not at the beach (like with Pismo)the clean up is much easier and much quicker-- kev loves that part. But overall, we just love Dumont. It is not like Glamis where is is a crazy party all the time. We stay at the "Little Dunes" where there are very few people and it is the "family friendly" area. No big partiers or crazy people-- just good families with kids. It just feels more like home.

Dumont is where Kevin broke his hip this past February on his quad. WE went to the closest ER in Parhump NV and then they rushed him to Vegas for surgery. We were displaced in Vegas for a week-- it was a crazy time. Anyway, since Kevin was hurt so bad and because of a few other quad related injuries, our group has taken a new spin on sand spots. We now like to be harnessed in and have switched over to rhino's and sand cars-- basically anything that is caged in with a roll bar so the kids (and adults) cant (or will minimize) get hurt. There are no guarantees that people wont get hurt, but we thought we would attempt to minimize the risk. Anyway, the kids love the sand cars and have a blast. I swear Owen is AMAZING and rides better than the teens in our group. He is just really a natural! Mia really enjoyed herself. She loved the fire at night and during the day she loved playing in the sand. Overall, we had a great time and it is just a really nice get away once a month (we try to go at least once a month-- it is a guaranteed family vacation).


  1. cute pics!

    I'm so jealous! The beach!!!! How wonderful!

  2. your pictures do look vibrant. Love the color and clarity. I have a sony cybetshot that is pocket size and it does pretty well...
    I purchased a Canon S5is around 2 months ago but have to confess I am not really happy with it thus far. I have been doing quite a bit of research and think I am going to let my eldest treasure have this one and go ahead for the big gun and get a XTI rebel and a couple of lenses.
    The S5 IS is perfect for someone who wants to point and shoot and have a zoom, do movies...but I really like doing alot of portraits and think I will be happier with the rebel. Its on the way... I hope its here tomorrow.

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend, I love activities that involve the whole family!

  4. I can't even tell you how jealous my boys would be. Here in the swamp, we have nothing like that. I really didn't know that people did that! Looks like a blast and totally something our family would love.

  5. Oh the memories your just brought up! I used to ride out there and points in between as a kid. I actually got rushed to the ER once out there too! LOL

  6. You guys do some of the most cool, fun stuff!! I feel like our lives are so boring compared to yours!! Dumont looks like a lot of fun!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! have a great week!

  7. What a fun vacation! Your boys look like they had a blast. The pictures turned out great with your new camera. Glad you were able to have a fun time with your family and friends.

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun... I know your boys look forward to this every month! Mia looks like she's having fun too.

  9. I love Pismo Beach. It's been years though... Missed you.

  10. Beautiful place. Mia is just beautiful.

  11. Missed you..
    Love the pictures...
    Looks like you all had sooo much fun...
    Have a Great Week.