Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My New Camera!!!

Here it is!!! My New Camera!!! What do you think??

Click collage to enlarge

So, I finally decided to go with the brand new Canon Digital Elph SD870 IS. It is Canon's newest Elph and it is a really cool camera. Besides the wide lense which is really cool, it seems to take nice pics and I see an improvement in color from my last Canon. It seems more vibrant and sharp. It has some really nice features but overall, I can point and shoot and the pics seem to come out good-- so I am happy!

The pics in the grid are from tonight when we met my parents and grandparents for a quick dinner at our local mall (Victoria Gardens). We sat outside at the food court where there is a play area for kids so I was able to try out my new camera with Mia. My mom is in a few pics with Mia and there is one with my grandma, Mia's great grandma who is 91 years old-- looking good grandma!!!

And one more thing, there is one picture of Mia drinking from a straw. Yes a straw! I did not know my daughter could drink from a straw but I learned something new tonight-- Very cool!! Now I can buy those straw sippy cup things. Hope you like my new camera as much as I think I will :)


  1. Love the pictures. The clarity is a lot better in these pictures. I think you made a great choice of cameras!!! I'm going to look at that one too. Our digital camera is also our digital video camera...and carrying that around it a pain. I'd love something little to fit in my purse!! Have a great day!!

  2. Awe... so cute! No, not your camera, your kiddo! ;) The camera takes good pics, too! Glad you upgraded.

  3. Love the pictures...
    Very clear...
    Have a Great Day..

  4. great. That was really fast! You didn't wait for the other one to turn up;)
    I am glad you are happy with your purchase.

  5. The pictures look great! What a blessing for Mia to have both her grandma AND great grandma in her life.


  6. I love your new camera. BUT your subject matter is perfect.

  7. Hello, there! Thanks for visiting my old blog. Please do follow me to my new "home." I love visitors & making new friends! And yes you may add me as a link! And I'll do the same for you. I'm looking forward to reading and to finding out all about this beauty named Mia! :) She's a cutie!

  8. I think that those pictures look really nice and I love that toy she's playing with.
    I discovered pretty early on that Eli could drink out of a straw too. I don't know how they just figure it out.

  9. Great pictures of a beautiful girl. I loved switching to the straw sippys b/c you can keep it cleaner : )