Monday, September 1, 2008

Catching up!!

We have been doing a ton of stuff this weekend but I have a little catching up to do. I have a post I want to post but I have to talk about it with my hubby because he was not happy with what I did in the post-- stay tuned for that one. I also have labor day pictures but they are on my camera in my car and I am being too lazy to walk out and get it now so I will do another post tomorrow-- then I will have all the pictures from today on it as well.
So here is my catching up.

On Monday-- which was Ethan's real birthday we went to Rainforest Cafe with Chuck and Susan and kids for one last birthday celebration for Ethan.

The Volcano cake-- he loved it!!!

Mia got her hair cut again this last week. It was getting straggly again but the bangs and the remainder of the hair is getting really close to being the same length. Once it is the same length I will let it all grow out with just little trims. Right now we are about a half inch away from bangs and the rest being the same length-- I cant wait. This picture was before she started cutting and I just never got an after-- sorry!!

Mia swan in the nude-- as she love to do-- this is at a distance so please don't flame me. Also, you can kind of see she still has Mongolian spots on her tush. They have faded a lot but they are still there.

This is Mia's new "cheezzze" smile. If I pull out a camera she will make this face and say "cheezzzzee". It is very cute!!

Mia rode her little scuttlebug bike-- on the grass!

Part of our weekend we went up to my parents cabin and had a great dinner with my moms brother and sister. My cousin Sarah (the Olympian) was going to be there but at the last minute was unable to come but her parents and my aunt were there. We have soooo much fun with this side of the family. They are just a hoot!!!
My uncle cliff, Sarah's dad, just loved playing with Mia and Mia loved him. They were so cute together.

Mia was obsessed with Cliffs glasses and hat.

Cliff and Mia playing together.

Too cute!! Cliff and Randy went to Bejing for the Olympics and brought us gift-- thanks guys!! They stayed with a family and just loved learning about the culture and really hands on staying with a family. They were so impressed with the Chinese people!!!

There is more Labor day pictures but I think I will post them tomorrow. Yesterday after church we went to Newport to visit Chuck and Susan who were staying in their RV down there. Newport is about a 40 min drive from our house so it was a fun afternoon/ evening. The kids had a blast riding their bikes and playing on the toys in the lagoon. I will post pics soon. Today we have a party to attend and I'm sure we will get some pics there as well.

Have a great Labor Day!!!


  1. Sounds like you have been BUSY BUSY BUSY... we have been too.. but not having fun... House busy...
    Have a Great Time.. can't wait to see more pictures..
    Love seeing pictures of Mia.. she is the cutest.
    Love ya girly..

  2. There you guy's go again...alway's having a fun time!
    : )

    Mia looks so grown up getting her hair cut! She looks like she had fun swimming in the nude! Too cute!

    Looks like a lot of fun at your parents cabin. The pictures of Mia and Cliff are priceless. That's so cool that they were able to stay with a Chinese family while they were in Beijing. I would love to do that!!

    Happy Labor Day!!

  3. Well you sure have my curiosity about the upcoming post! Looks like you are having a fun filled weekend.

  4. wow...sounds like you guys were sure on the move this weekend! What cute pictures of all of the kids.....have a great week!

  5. Loved all the updated photos!!!
    as usual, it looks like all the
    kids were having a BLAST!!!..LOL
    BUTT!!! Does Mia have them
    anywhere else? Maybe it's a
    BA THING?....LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    SINDY :-)

  6. Mia looks cute as always and she seems to behave very well when getting a haircut. I'm afraid to get my 20 month old dd's haircut b/c I'm not sure how she will act. Oh, and she still has her mongolian spots on her upper shoulder and lower back too and I think she and Mia are around the same age.

  7. It looks like you had a great labor day weekend. I just LOVE the pics of Mia with that big ole' hat on....cute, cute, cute!!!!

    I have had some things in the past I've wanted to post about too...but Mark wouldn't let me! I guess our hubbies have to keep us in line!! (hee hee)

    Hope you have a fantastic week!

  8. what a great weekend. you def have the interest up with the tease on the post.

  9. Wow -- you are a really busy family -- sounds like lots of fun! Love the volcano cake -- how cooL! And Mia is so cute! It takes forever to get bangs to grow out, doesn't it! Have a good week.


  10. It looks like your family is having a ball as usual! You guys are constantly on the go! I love it!! I hope I can stay that active when I have a little one of my own! Great pics as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  11. It looks like your family is having a ball as usual! You guys are constantly on the go! I love it!! I hope I can stay that active when I have a little one of my own! Great pics as usual. Thanks for sharing.