Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Hawaii

When I downloaded some pictures from my camera the other day I found a few more Hawaii pictures. I had thought I had got all the Hawaii pictures downloaded already but I still had a few from our last day. The last day we took a glass bottom (really glass sided) boat ride. It was beautiful!!! I took a few pictures from the boat and then some in the park area right by the marina.

Ethan and Mia looking at the sea creatures.

Mia and daddy on the boat.

All the boys on the boat.

I love this picture of Owen. I think it looks really vibrant and cool!!

Ethan looking as cute as can be!!

Pretty girl!!

Hugging Daddy's leg.

Whats over there?

I love this picture.

Playing with the tree.

Another cool picture.

I love this one too!!!

Sitting down for a spell.

Taking a walk

Mia and Owen chilling watching the skateboarders. They were having a competition and the boys were loving watching the show.

This is just a funny picture. I was cracking up looking at her body language and the look on her face. Too funny!!!

So I think that is about it for Hawaii. I may do a highlights of Hawaii post but for now I think I have posted most all of them. Hope all is well with you!!


  1. THey are all great, but that last one is a HOOT!! S A S S Y!!!

  2. LOVE the pictures..
    The water is soooo beautiful..
    I sooo wish I could see water that blue...
    Okay... I am LOVING the last picture..
    Mia is soooooo adorable..
    Love ya girly..
    Can't wait for the mail..

  3. Wow -- your photos are lovely! Looks so beautiful there and the kids are simply adorable. The last picture Mia is so darn cute!! Can tell that your Hawaii trip was lots of fun. Have a fun weekend.


  4. Christy,

    Loved all the pics!! Hawaii is
    so AMAZING!!! Mia is just getting
    prettier all the time. I hope some
    day we can get our Ba..babies
    together!!! I hope you all have
    an amazing holiday weekend!!!

    Sindy xxx

  5. Gorgeous photo's!! The last one made me chuckle! Mia is really growing up! Your boy's look so handsome too! : )

    Have a great weekend my friend...I'm sure you will!

  6. Honestly, could your kids get any cuter? Love these last photos. Beautiful!

  7. LOVE the pics of Mia and Daddy!!! and I just cannot get over how BLUE that water is!! makes me want to visit Hawaii sometime...and I am SO not a beach person!! All of the pics are awesome!!! You're a great photographer!!

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!

  8. Oh, my! Beautiful pics!

    I am SO ready to go to Hawaii!

  9. so cute, what a sassy girl. love her sandals.

  10. The ocean is such a beautiful color of blue in your pictures! Mia is such a tiny little peanut, and a really cute one at that! You really captured her personality in these pics. Have a great weekend!

  11. Thank you.... I LOVE the minnie.. she is sooo cute...
    Have a Great Weekend..

  12. The boat looks like it was amazing! I LOVe the pictures of Mia with the ocean int he background..simply gorgeous!