Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fish, Baby and Wub!!!!!

First off guess who randomly without any prompting said "I WUB YOU" tonight---- yes--- it was Miss Mia!!!! Totally random, totally on her own. I was putting her to bed tonight and I always say I love you when putting her down. I put her in her crib and immediately she pulled her blanket up to her chin and through her paci she said "I wub you mom". My heart just melted and I said "what did you say sweetie" and she said it again and I said it back to her and she said it to me and then Kevin heard and he came in and she said it to him and then Owen heard and he came in and she said it to him and then repeated it over and over!! It was so cute because it came out so unprompted but then when she saw our reaction she said it over and over again. It just was so sweet!!! Mia literally has had a verbal explosion over the last 2 weeks. She says 3 to 4 word sentences on a regular basis. Her speech is getting much more clear and I would say I understand 70% of what she says. She also repeats literally everything we say. She will repeat 3 word sentences easily. My little girl is a little talker-- I mean a big time talker!! I just love hearing her speak-- it is so cute!!!

Last week the kids and I popped into Bass Pro Shop and Mia loved looking at the fish.

Here is her Cheese face once again.

Ethan being the good big brother watching the fish!

Very cool fish!!

At lunch the other day Mia insisted on taking baby and the stroller. She is just obsessed with that little thing-- hint-- great buy and if you have a little girl-- go to Costco and buy the stroller/baby/cradle/everything COMBO PACK!!! It is just awesome!!

She is a good mommy who takes good care of her baby!

Oh by the way-- notice Mia's new shoes? They are the pediped Annie Potpourri flex line.

They are adorable in person and they are so comfy on. She loves them. I also bought the Giselle flex and they are just perfect.

I bought them a bit big but they still work fine now and she will grow into them as the fall/ winter goes on. By the way, if you need shoes that go with everything get the Giselle's-- they are perfect and go with everything. I had them in the smaller looking ones last year and Mia wore them to death-- I was so happy the flex line carries the Giselle and that Mia fits into the flex shoes-- check them out here.


  1. The first time they say I love you or give you a real hug is priceless. I could live that minute over and over in my mind forever! She is such a cutie!!!!

  2. The first time they say I love you or give you a real hug is priceless. I could live that minute over and over in my mind forever! She is such a cutie!!!!

  3. LOVE it... Mia is soooo adorable..
    The first picture makes her look sooo grown up...
    Love the shoes... like always.. Mia melts my heart..
    Hugs girly..
    Have a Great Week..

  4. LOVE the shoes. I've gotta check them out. by the know you would HAVE to have a girl that talks as much as you!!! That way you guys can balance each other off. I bet your boys and hubby will be so glad you and Mia have each other to talk to!! (hee hee) LOVE IT! She is growing so much, I can't believe it!!! HOW PRECIOUS that she said she loves you on her own. Come to think of it...I only think Sadie has done it when we've said it to her. Hmmmmm....I've never thought about that. Wow...that is so special. I look foward to the day Sadie does it unprompted!!! What a special gift!!! Hope you guys have an amazing day!

  5. I can't wait to hear those words!

    Love the shoes. I have never heard of them before. Many of the styles resemble squeaky shoes I thought. Maybe I'll have to get me some... :>)

  6. Cute pictures and love the shoes. I was thinking of buying Gracie those same exact pairs that you posted. Now that I've seen them, I think I will defintely buy the first pair. Have a great week.


  7. Oh how sweet! I remember the first time Ellie told me that too! It is such a specila time.

    I love those shoes and am going to check out the website right now! : )

  8. Those pix are adorable! Mia is too cute! Those shoes are precious! I will have to get my Mom to get Anna Grace a pair!(or 2 lol

  9. Such cute shoes! And of course cute pics! Love the wub you story...milestones!

  10. That is so sweet! Love the shoes! Do they come in big girl sizes? Have a great weekend!


  11. Mia is so adorable. And OMG - I love those shoes!!!! Those are so precious. I know my heart would have melted if she would have said, "I wub you" to me!! Precious memories! Have a great week girl!

  12. melts my heart too. cute pics by the way.

  13. Ok those shoes are just too cute! Man I need my little girl so I can start buying this stuff. The first time they say I love you is just priceless.