Monday, September 29, 2008

My Blogging Friend Kaycee!!!!

There are so many of you out in bloggerland that I have come to admire, respect and in many ways love. I will be telling Kevin or someone about one of you and something going on in your family and i speak as though I know you- like you are my neighbor-- and then Kevin will say "Isn't that one of your blogger friend" and I laugh and say yes. So many of you are so real to me and I think about you ofter. I worry for you, I pray for you and I rejoice with you. Bloggerland is an amazing place and I feel so blessed I have a support group out there that genuinely loves and cares for my family.

It is not often that I get to actually meet one of my blogger friends as so many of you are all across the country (and other countries for that matter) BUT, this weekend I got to see my good blogger friend Kaycee from LIFE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ADOPTION. I met Kaycee about 16 months ago at a restaurant in our area. She use to live in our area and actually went to elementary school with my best friends Laila and laura. Laila, Cassie and I were sitting at Lucille's and we had just been home from China for about 1 month. Kaycee asked about Mia and we spoke for a while and she had remembered my story about being skipped. Anyway, we hit it off and then she recognized my friend Laila and realized she knew them as well. Anyway, we have been following each others journeys ever since. Kaycee has friends here in Southern California so she came and hung out this weekend and we met up for lunch. It was so amazing to see Kaycee and I ended up realizing I knew her friend from my sons old school. Anyway, very small world and we had a blast talking over lunch.

It was wonderful to see Kaycee and I just loved spending time with her and wish we had more time to hang out. I'm sure we will more in the future!!!

Kaycee and Miss Mia!!

Mia went to Kaycee very well and even sat in her lap for a bit at lunch.

The only picture Mia actually smiled in.

Kaycee is a wonderful person and I was so happy to get to hang out with her for a while.

Kaycee's friend Sarah was so sweet and this is one of her three children Lily. Lily is 4 and has a twin brother.

Mia loved playing with Lily-- they just ran around the whole time!

OK other blogger friends. If you come to southern California-- please let me know. I totally would love to meet you!!


  1. HOW FUN!!!!
    You know I will be coming there one day.. and we will be having some FUN..
    Mia is soooo darling..
    Have a Great Week.
    Hugs girly..

  2. I was just did a post on the very same thing last week. This never would have happened before the WWW! I can't even remember what life was like before e-mail, internet, blogging.....and that was less than 12 years ago!! What did we do without it! It certainly has made the world a whole lot smaller! Mia is as adorable as ever!

  3. How fun! It really is a SMALL world, isn't it!? I would LOVE to meet you someday! Who knows, it really could happen. We almost planned our trip in November to Disneyland but decided for Orlando instead. So maybe next year...!? Ha! You never know...!

    I totally get what you say about your blogging friends. I tell my husband all about my blogging buddies too! I'm so glad that you are one of my blogging buddies!
    : )

  4. What fun!! Great photos!

    Have a great week!


  5. How fun to get together with a blogging friend in person!! We would definitely get together with your family if we came to Southern California.

  6. I'm so happy we got to get together! Blogging as connected me not only with new friends but with old as well, who'da thunk! Thank you again for meeting up on your busy Saturday! It was great to meet Cass too. We'll see each other soon again....

  7. I drove out your way to meet up with Kayce shortly after you guys met. So fun. I would still love to meet up with you at Disneyland sometime. It is only 15 minutes from me, and I love to meet blogger friends too!