Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Art and Idiots

*** I must post this because it just happened and you all will die!! OK, I understand this is not at all funny (in theory) but it really is totally funny!! I met my friend (who wants to be unnamed) and her daughter for lunch today. After lunch she took the girls to my house and I went to get my hair cut. Do you all remember the wonderful Basil Gimlets (alcoholic beverage) that Kevin made for our family get together the other night? He made them in one of our jugs that we usually put Crystal Light in. Anyway, we had some left over and we just never dumped it and it has been in our fridge. The boys know not to drink it but I have just meant to dump it but have forgotten to. Fast forward to today. I get my hair cut and my friend takes the girls to play at my house. I'm sure you are figuring out what will happen next. The girls get thirsty and ask for something to drink. My friend thinks the vodka gimlet is lemonade (same color) and pours two full sippie cups for the girls. Immediately her daughter says she doesn't like it and she wants milk so she drank very little. Mia starts drinking it and after having it for about 10 minutes accidentally drops it on the ground and the lid opens a bit and it begins to spill on the floor. Ethan and Owen are now home from school and remember they knew it was alcohol so Owen goes to help clean up the "crystal light" and he smells the sippy cup and says "this is alcohol". My friend says what-- no-- it is crystal light and Owen says no and explains what is was. My friend calls me and i just cant stop laughing. I was about to walk out of getting my hair done so I would be home in about 20 minutes. Luckily said friend's husband is an ER doctor so she called him and he said there was not much we could do but watch them and that they were probably fine. My friend watched Mia while I drove home and she was fine. She was acting a bit loopy and kind of swaggery but overall was fine. She is napping right now and seems fine. Anyway, totally funny (in a sadistic way) story!!
First Art!! Mia loves to color or draw or anything that involves very small motor coordination. She is phenomenal when it comes to fine motor. My boys were 4 learning how to hold a pencil correctly and Mia literally has held one correctly since 18 months. She loves to draw (not like she draws anything more than lines and circles, but she loves to take the cap off, color and then put it back on) so I found this cute portable art easel with a white board on one side and chalk board on the other. It also has a tray on each side to hold the pens etc. It was $19.99 at Target and I really like it and so does she. Owen and her fight over it all the time-- pitiful I know :) Sorry about the color in the pictures. I have no idea what the issue was but they turned out horrible-- oh well they are still cute!

Oh ya, forgot to mention Mia had just woken up from a nap and I had taken her dress off so she was wearing only her lovely bottoms and her apron so she doesn't mark up her clothes.

Taking the cap off

Putting the cap back on. She loves doing this over and over.

My adorable little girl!!

I love this picture-- she is so cute!!!

Now for the IDIOT portion of my post. I do not watch the VMA awards (Video Music Awards) and really I listen mostly to conservative talk radio or Christian stations so I am not up on the artists of today (wow am I getting old) but I must say how annoyed I have been with the news reports of the comments the idiot host made. He was some idiot British guy who decided he needed to not only have an opinion on politics but also sex before marriage.

Most people know the Jonus Brothers group is a huge teen idol group (my boys love them) and they have made it very public that they will be waiting till marriage to have sex. They wear silver rings to promise to wait till marriage. I think this is wonderful and what an amazing example to young kids. Anyway, the idiot host totally made fun of the Jonus Brothers for waiting till marriage for sex and made fun of their promise rings. It was totally degrading and I could not believe he was making fun of them (in the news clips I saw). A bit later American Idol winner Jordan Sparks, who also wears a promise ring and is a Christian, said that there is nothing wrong with wearing a promise ring and promising to wait till marriage so as to avoid being a SLUT!!!! I loved what she said and she was so passionate about it. Anyway, the audience loved what she said and gave her a standing ovation.

I was just shocked by the idiot host guy. Not only did he make fun of abstinence but also called our president "retarded" and blatantly said we had to vote Obama so that the rest of the world would like us again. Whatever your political opinions are, it is not OK to call our commander and chief a "retard" and it is not OK to assert your political views in that manner. Why do stars and idiots like this feel like they can use their status as a political platform? What expertise does idiot and the other stars have that they can stand up in front of thousands of people and make such statements. It just makes me sick and sadly, many of the people watching the VMA's are kids so they are impressionable and may not understand the issues. It just totally irritates me--- uggggg!!! Anyone else feel the same??


  1. VMA isn't all that happy that the host flopped either. I agree with you, keep your status out of our politics. Who the helk cares if France likes us?

  2. I totally agree! I never could understand why or how anyone could give any credence to whatever a "celebrity" has to say. They are entertainers...nothing more. Please just entertain, don't try to enlighten.

    Mia looks so darn adorable! It sure helps that she is so cute when she's having a meltdown, doesn't it?

    Hey...check out my blog...Kailee did something very exciting! :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, I've totally been out of the loop. I did not know that about the VMA's! What an idiot!

    We need people like the Jonus brothers and Jordan Sparks for our kids to look up to...not put down! And I don't care what anyone's politcal views are...I agree, you don't call our commander in chief and idiot! That's just disgusting!

    I am so happy that Jordan Sparks came out and said that there was nothing wrong with wearing a promise ring and it gives me hope that the audience gave her a standing ovation!

    UGG!!!!! Yes, I do feel the same way! I hope that MTV does something about this...but they probably won't!!!

    P.S. Mia is adorable!!!

  4. That is unbelievable! I haven't been in the loop because of the lack of power, but that is crazy! Who was it? I want to say I can't believe they let him do it, but I can. The liberal media will do WHATEVER necessary to push the Obama ticket. Makes me crazy and scared.

    Good for Jordan Sparks. I hope I am raising such bold children!!

    (The pics are adorable!!)

  5. I agree... so sick of celebrities giving their two-cents worth of their political view. They need to stick to entertaining! I heard about that guy, and I felt so bad for the Jonas Bros... I'm so glad Jordan Sparks said something!

    What a really cute easel... love its compact size.

  6. I totaly agree with u Christy!!!!
    I thinks it's amazing that we have
    kids out there today, that believe
    in waiting till mariage. It's so
    refreshing, i'm sick to death of
    Lindsey, Paris...etc..They set
    a horrible example for our young
    children!!! Mia looks so adorable
    with the pen in her hand!!! Today
    we celebrate 1 year Gotcha Day and
    we will be taking Allie to the toy
    store!!! That gives me a great idea!

    Take Care,


  7. I tivo'd it and haven't got to watch the whole thing.. I will be watching. but I can't believe whoever it was said that..
    LOVE the apron and Mia's little Geisha girl clippie.. stop by..I pictured mine on there.. and I ordered 3 more.. That is an bad site.. Thanks for
    I have ordered 3 times in 3 days..LOL..
    Hugs to you..

  8. YEAH JONAS BROTHERS!!!! I took EJ to see the concert about 10 days ago in Burlington VT (check out the pics on my blog!) and it was a great show. I didn't know anything about the rings until I read about them a few days later. Good for them and for Jordin Sparks for having minds of their own.

  9. Okay.. you are starting Mia out young..
    You crack me up..
    And for the clippies.. I wanted the turq. one but she said she didn't have it..Guess I will wait till more come

  10. LOL at the alcohol thing. That is just one of those stories that you will always talk about. As far as the host..he need to look in the mirror when he is calling names. He was an idiot and I couldn't understand why MTV had him host.

  11. First of all - OMG! on the alcohol story.

    Second, Double OMG on the VMA's. Didn't watch and now I'm glad.

    Third - Mia is ridiculously freaking cute! How can you stand it?!?


  12. So was she drunk in those photos? :)

    I am TOTALLY kidding. That was too funny!

    And that guy on the VMA's was an A**.
    I don't think they'll be having him back anytime soon.

  13. Didn't see the VMAs, but read about it later. To make fun of something honorable (and safe, by the way) as chastity shows his ignorance of facts. Good for Jordin Sparks for having a backbone in the face of those who tear down all things decent. Let's see who ends up with a STD first, shall we? Will it be one of the Jonas brothers or will it be the ignorant Briton?

    For as much as I don't like Obama's platform, I would never call him a retard. Naive, perhaps but not an retard. I didn't like Clinton's policies (or behavior), but I wouldn't call him a retard.

    And these same people say Republicans are "mean-spirited" and "intolerant". I think they cornered the market on that one. I don't recall seeing any Republican protestors at the DNC in Denver. We like to give respect to those scheduled to give their speech and not try to interrupt them. It's called civility.

    They seem to forget that Bush won the election therefore there must be a lot of people who like him and would be offended by those remarks.

    Good thing we rebelled against Britain 232 years ago!


  14. I could not agree with you more of the VMA awards show..There is a thing called RESPECT and for some reason it is gone. I did not watch but heard/read about the promice ring story and hats off to Jordin Sparks!

  15. I TOTALLY feel the same way. I cannot BELIEVE that guy said what he said. I'm SO PROUD that Jordan Sparks stood up and said what she said. We need more Christians to do this!! I'm sick of these attacks like this on our children. They are bombarded with propaganda by hollywood and celebrities...and it was so good to know that there are a couple of really popular artists (Jonas brothers and Sparks) that will stand up for what they believe in.

    On another note...HOW FUNNY...I can't believe that the girls got a sip of that spicy "chrystal light". I'm just laughing out loud!! Glad there wasn't a negative reaction!! :)

    Hope you guys have a wonderful week!!! Hey...this is the season for us kind of girls who LOVE to listen to conservative talk radio!!!! I'm SUCH a fox news addict right now. Wow... Have a great day!

  16. I was cracking up about the "crystal light" - glad to hear there were no real effects :) And kudos to your sons for realizing what was in the sippy cups!

    Also, I heard about the VMA's and am glad I didn't see it because my blood would have been boiling! I'm so happy that Jordin spoke up and said something. The host is obviously an idiot. And no matter your political views, there is something called respect, that is absolutely called for. Anyway...

    On to Mia - she is absolutley adorable!! Love your post, as usual!

  17. I give a Standing O to Jordan Sparks and the JBs! It takes alot of courage to drive that stake in the ground of Purity and do it publically. I have two teens at home and they have so few role models in their sphere of influence.

  18. I applaud their wonderful, courageous and mature decision wait, these are the kind of role models I want for my girls.
    The crystal lite story made me giggle, glad everyone was fine. ;)

  19. I just noticed you got the rest of your blog back! I'm so glad! I was so sad when I saw that your entire trip to Mia was gone and I'm happy you got it back!


  20. OH my goodness. I am totally laughing out loud right now at work! I just hope Mia doesn't wake up and want some more of that Chrystal Lite!! :) *wink*wink. I am so naive I would have been just like your friend and poured the girls up a cup too! Thanks for sharing, you really brought laughter to my day and I needed some in the worst kind of way!! :)

  21. The VMA guy was a complete idiot! I could barely sit through five minute so the show. YUCK!

  22. OMG on the crystal light. Is she much better now? What is the most recent update?

  23. Well, you can tell Mia she had her first drink before she turned 2 and she hated it so she must never try it again until she turns 21. Just see if you can milk that for a while during the teen years. My nephews at age 3 and 5 walked around to the tables at our wedding drinking everyone's rum and cokes thinking they were cokes. It was not pretty at bedtime I will tell you that. Glad hers was a small dose.

  24. I didn't watch the VMAs - but I heard what happened & totally agree - IDIOT!!!
    I love Mia's new art easel! How adorable!! And I would have her nakie too!!

  25. Hilarious "Crystal Light" story and cute pictures of your little artist! My kids are always naked too!

  26. I was laughing so hard at the Crystal lite/alcohol story hehehehe. I just spoke to the unnamed friend (lol) and she reiterated how totally mortified she was---it hadn't even crossed her mind at all that it could be anything but crystal lite since you guys had just been talking about how you're drinking a lot of crystal lite lately etc etc....Can't wait to see you guys!!!

  27. Wow, I had not heard about this VMA guy. I applaud the Jonas Brothers. I am sure that you are not the only person offended.
    The lemonade story brought a smile to my face. Luckily we haven't had that happen to us yet : )