Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer and Skateboarding

The boys started Soccer this week. They were put on the same team which I am sooooo thankful for. They are playing AYSO soccer and they do not allow you to make requests for kids to be on the same team (very strict on this-- I think it is a stupid rule but what can you do). I totally did not think the boys were in the same division this year because Ethan is 10 and Owen is 8 but the cut off to be in U10 is July 31 and Owen is July 25 so he barley made U10 (he is the youngest on the team) and since the cutoff is July 31 to advance up to U12 Ethan missed it by 25 days since his birthday is August 25 (he is the oldest on the team). So, it left both boys in the same division and I guess they decided to make it easy on good ol' mom and put them on the same team. I am very happy about this as it really helps out with the running from place to place that we have to do.

The boys getting ready for some drills.

Owen working with his coach. The coach is a 14 year old kid that is on a high school team but has played his whole life. His dad and sisters help also but he is a great kid. At first I didn't know what to think about our 14 year old coach but the boys love him and he actually is very patient and is a really good coach!!

A team meeting.

Mia trying to get in on the fun!

No Mia you cant use your hands :) Love the action shot!

My handsome soccer playing boys!!

Last weekend I was at my parents cabin in Arrowhead and on Labor Day weekend Arrowhead allows garage sales so it is a big day if you want to buy or sell something. My mom, sister and my two aunts (Mia too) piled into my van and we hit 6 or 7 garage/ estate/ barn/ all kinds of sales. I didn't find much (we were hitting it at the end of the day so all the good stuff was gone) but at one beautiful houses on the lake I found this really cool skateboard ramp that the mom had bought for her son (she paid like $350) and he never even opened the box. I knew the boys would love it since they are totally into skateboarding but it also acts as a BMX ramp so I knew the boys would love that as well. When we got it home we realized that this is only a piece of a larger jump configuration. Basically, we could use this piece but it would not be very functional-- they could jump up on it and grind but that's about it. So, I went on Craigs List and found more of this ramp that the factory was clearing out and the regular price was $219 and they were clearing them out for $50 because they changed the design of the new ones. They are so cool!! So I bought 2 and they boys will be able to make all kids of fun ramps and jumps-- they love it!! Kevin put together one ramp right before the bedtime but the kids had to get a few jumps in before bed.

Mia decided the best way to tackle the jump was to use it like a slide. She would slide down it head first.

Both the boys were a little intimidated to jump their skateboards because it is a high jump but they tried out their scooters. Here is Ethan-- and no it was not cold-- it was like 87 degrees so I am still not sure why he is wearing a big sweatshirt.

Mia wanted to take her skuttlebug down the ramp so she could be just like her brothers.

Ethan jumping again.

Owen jumping his skateboard. I think this is a cool picture.

Owen jumping his scooter.

We have a pretty relaxed weekend. Kevin has the boys at their soccer pictures this morning but other than that we don't have anything planned. We will probably do dinner and a movie with the kids tonight-- we haven't done that for a while. Anyway, have a great weekend!!


  1. What a great deal Christy on the
    ramp. I love deals like that!! I
    will be going to take Allie to
    see her Grandma in Kansas next
    week. I hope to hit some estate
    sales!!! I will keep you posted
    on Disney!!! We are also talking
    about taking the kids to San

    Have a great weekend!!!!

    Sindy & Allie

  2. How fun! I bet you are thrilled that the boys are on the same team! My Mom would be! :o) Great pictures as always!! :]

  3. Sounds like you are having a Great Weekend at home..
    DH and Colton are in CA this weekend through Monday..I soo wanted to go to come and see you,but they wouldn't let me off work today...
    LOVE the picture of Owen jumping the skateboard...
    Looks like the boys will be having fun with soccer...
    Love Mia.. she is always darling.. and her I don't think she ever wears the same adorable little outfit more then once..
    I can't wait to get my clippies...

  4. Wow -- that looks like so much fuN! And how great that the boys are on the same team -- that will save you lots of time and running around. That is pretty cool that they have such a young coach! Have a fun weekend.


  5. My boys would love to have that ramp!! I love having active boys in the makes all the difference, huh? Hoe you are enjoying your weekend!

  6. Looks like the boys are having fun...kind of shocked they weren't wearing helmets to protect their heads.

  7. Susan,

    Yes they were not wearing head gear and really I totally just forgot. Sorry about that but most of the time they are well protected.

    Christy :)

  8. Now that is a cool ramp!! How fun!! : )

  9. Fun!

    I'm going to be back down your way at the end of the month, 9/25-29...maybe we could get some coffee or lunch or whatever while I'm there. Talk to you soon.

  10. Hope you are having a Great Weekend..
    I know you are..

  11. love the paci in her mouth as she is acting like the big kids!!