Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Clips!!!

Mia and I went to Ross yesterday just to look around. I have been having to watch the spending money thing really close over the past few months and I have had very little to spend on clothes for myself or Mia-- Hawaii broke us-- but was worth it! I have actually been really good and have bought Mia next to nothing-- with the exception of bow because they are cheap!! Anyway, yesterday I found this adorable double breasted Roxy (that's the brand-- real popular girls brand) plaid corduroy pea coat. It is just adorable but it is a size 12 months. It fits Mia fine but I can tell it is going to be a little small within a few months. So, I have it on hold and am trying to decide weather or not to spend the whopping $9.99 on it. What do you think and Kim, your vote doesn't count since her clothes will eventually go to you-- haha!!!

Here it is with Mia's funny half "cheese" smile!

A better picture!

My little shopper who was getting very tired. Notice the butterfly clip in her hair-- that leads me to the next part of my post....


I just love my clip provider Heather at She is amazing and sooooo many people who follow my blog have contacted me asking for her info and have subsequently bought clips from her. Her prices are soooo reasonable and the quality is really great!! Anyway, I was on a few other clip sites and found some I really liked but Heather didn't have them on her site so I emailed her pictures of the clips I loved from the other sites and asked her if she could make them. Well, sure enough she did and for about 1/4 of the price they were on the other sites.

The butterfly ones are just beautiful. They are totally covered in sequins and they vary in color to appear to shimmer. I love these and they are bigger (2 and 1/4 inches) than all the other clips I have so they look really cute on her growing head:)

The middle ones are made of felt and have a pearl in the middle. They are very cute. The other ones are just cute and whimsical so I had to get them.

So my next issue is that I have completely run out of room for her bows. Literally I could not find the clips I wanted because they were so jammed on the holders. So, I got creative yesterday-- a rare event-- and decided to make some clip holders.

I went to target and found the little wall thing that has room for 8 clip holders to hang from from them. I mounted it right inside her door in her room. Then I bought some cute ribbon, fringe and key rings (you know like your keys latch onto). I used my hot glue gun and strung the ribbon through the keyring and glued the ribbon to the key ring (lapped over). Then I measured out the length and glued the beaded fringe to the bottom to add weight so the ribbon will lay flat when there are not a lot of bows on it. That is it. I made 4 of the stripe ribbon ones and 4 of the other ribbon ones so that I had extras.

I totally organize the bows by the types and sizes.

Here are two of the unused ribbons. I have 4 total left over-- so that is a ton of bows I still can fill up :)

Here is where I use to put the bows and it was horribly crowded. I put a few old bow hangers on the pegs just for the heck of it but I want to do something different with those pegs-- hang something different but I have not figured out what yet.

And yes, that is Mia's Halloween costume. We are doing handed down costumes this year. Ava wore this last year so Mia gets to wear it this year-- yaaa--that's money saved!!!


  1. I'm experiencing some serious bow envy! :>)

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Very, very clever idea for the bows!! I bought a gorgeous bow holder from "I wanted to Wonder" - but it is already filled up and Mya isn't even home yet!! I will have to borrow your ingenuity!

    I went to the bo site last time & couldn't figure out how to order..I'll go back!

    Does Mia need the coat already in Sunny CA?

  3. Okay.. I am thinking I need to get some of the felt ones.. I didn't think I would like them ... but I love them ...
    And great idea... I will have to check those out.. and to bad I didnt' wait for you.. I ordered two more bow holders.. .but that is okay.. thanks.
    NOW for the jacket..
    OH MY.. first off LOVE ROXY... and that is adorable..
    Sorry.. I know .. my vote doesn't count..
    You need to send me an email.. Is Mia's room color Sage and ????
    Love Mia's costume... tooo cute.. The little bee bow will look darling..

  4. I think you should splurge on the is adorable!

    I love all of the gorgeous bows! I'm going to have to go check out those butterfly bows, they are so cute.

    Mia's going to be a Bee-autiful Bee for Halloween! : )

  5. I love the bow idea, my daughter leaves her bows everywhere! Mia will be the cutest bee around. :)

  6. Okay.. I would like to know where you got the dragonfly clippies...

  7. Oh my, buy the coat! Even if she only wears it a few times it's just ten bucks. That's three cups of Starbuck's coffee! :)

    I ordered some clipies from Heather and was VERY pleased with the quality. The price is amazing so I will be ordering more for sure. AND they stay in Olivia's very fine hair.


  8. Love the new holders. Been looking around trying to figure something out for Allie's bows and clips I have already bought...of course no hair yet for clips..still on headbands here but I love the idea. Think I'll try it! Thanks :)

    By the way...I love the coat!!!!! and for 9.99(that's a great price!)

  9. Wow....Mia has quite a bow collection! They are just adorable! I am going to have to check out Heather's site! I think Mia is going to be one of the cutest little bumble bees! Can't wait to see her sporting her sweet costume!

  10. Christy,

    You BOW-A-HOLIC YOU!!!! What a
    collection Mia has. I wish my
    Allie would keep them in her
    hair long enough and I would
    buy more of them. I do want a
    few of the one's I saw on your
    web-site! Let me know what you
    find out about Yueyang. Gosh we
    got like no info!! Love all the
    new posts!!!

    Luv Ya,


  11. Holy cow. Are those all her bows?!! Oh.My.G-d. I thought my girls had bows. Girl you could open a boutique! Cute. Love the bumble bee costume too....

  12. Those are a lot of bows!! Lucky she keeps them in! For $10 I would buy the coat,however, if you think she will grow out of it soon will she even wear it much there in CA? Hasnt' it been so warm?

  13. OMG...I cannot believe how many clips you have! VERY COOL!!! I need to do something like that to display mine. Right now all Sadie's bows are in a box I have to dig through. It's a PAIN!!! LOVE your idea.

    About the coat. I LOVE it. But...if it was me....I probably wouldn't get it and put that $10 toward one she can wear all winter. It's probably not cold enough there yet for coats. It could be by the time it gets cold it will not fit. So even though I love it...I'd have to put it toward one that would last a little longer!

    Hope you guys have a GREAT week!! Any last minute Disney tips before we leave?!?!?

  14. The bows are so cute and I totally love the way you displayed them. They look so cute hanging on her wall. I know that I will be a bow maniac as well someday. My mom was. Except when I was little those giant, fly-away bows were in style. I always looked like I was ready to take flight! :) I hope you guys are having a great week. Hugs - LeighAnne

  15. made me do it...I bought a bunch of clippies!

  16. She will make a cute little bumble bee. Hope she is cooperative for you and wears it. We have no idea what G will be this year!!

  17. I make my own for Bhavishya and I found some real fun ones (but a lot more expensive especially with the Euro Exchange rate) on:

    Yet good stocking fillers or just nice presents!

    I LOVE your idea of your "clippy display". I shall copy you ;-)


  18. Adorable coat and LOVE the bows I have been looking for more to order for Lily will have to take a peek:)

  19. Such a cute way to display Mia's bows... good thinking!