Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day and Other Stuff

We had a busy weekend. I downloaded pictures from my good camera and found a few more first day of school pics.

This picture is Ms. Ricco, Ethan's teacher and a good friend of mine.

Ethan sitting next to his good friend and our neighbor Tanner.

Owen in his class with Mr. kooyman. Once again, he is in the same class as Hannah-- you can see her in the background.

Sunday after church we went to Newport to visit Chuck and Susan (and Ethan was with them also) as they were camping at the dunes there. We hung out for the afternoon and evening and it was a lot of fun. I didn't take many pics but here are a few.

On Monday we went to Brian and Heathers for a party and Mia was digging the trampoline but had to have her drink with her at all times. Too cute!!!

So, many of you are aware of my obsession-- hair bows!! I found this lady on etsy who makes the cutest thing and her prices are just a joke. Each bow is $1.50 and they have the nonslip backs on them. If you order over $25 , shipping is free. It is just the best deal and they are just adorable!!! Here are the bows that came in the mail today. She is just awesome and I love the bows soooooooo much!!!! Her website is Check out her stuff-- you will not be disappointed!!!


Yes that is Max and yes Max now has stripes. How did he get those orange stripes-- well that would be a lovely gift given to Max by our lovely little girl Mia. Yes Mia decided to take a sharpie to Max and now he looks like an orange zebra dog.

With not only a Zebra butt but a Zebra head!!

Wonder how long Max will be a Zebra-- anyone with experience in this area????


  1. LOVE the pictures...
    Looks like a wonderful weekend..
    LOVE THE BOWS... you know me..
    I am heading on over.. thanks for the tip..
    And poor little Max... but he is soooo cute..
    Have a Great Week..

  2. Your boys are so cute and Mia -- she is simply adorable. Love the bows -- I am going to check those out. Maddy usually doesn't like bows, but those are so cute! Your sweet dog -- orange looks good on him. Have no idea how long it will last. Have a fun week.

  3. Oh boy I've got to get some of those bows! Poor Max, but we're bustin up over here, toooo funny!
    Glad you guys had a great weekend.

  4. Okay.. can you email me.. I went on the site.. where did you get the different ribbon options..
    I dont see half of them..
    Have a Great Week..

  5. Okay, I thought I was bad with my 16 different bows that I got in today's mail! I agree with Isabella's mom and dad, I didn't see many options either. Can you tell me where they are located.

    Poor Max, what a patient dog. Maybe you can take him to Petsmart for a bath?? Glad our doggy is black! :)


  6. Forget my comment about the bows. I clicked on your link and found them. The link that I have is to the Etsy site and she doesn't have a lot of the bows on that one that is on her personal blog. Thanks again for the link!!

  7. Forget my comment about the bows. I clicked on your link and found them. The link that I have is to the Etsy site and she doesn't have a lot of the bows on that one that is on her personal blog. Thanks again for the link!!

  8. OMG! Poor Max, but too too funny. Ok you guys, now I have to check out the bows!

  9. The zebra dog pictures are hilarious! I will check out the bows too!

    It looks like you had a great weekend!

  10. Goin' to look at bows now.... I have been searching, so thanks for the link! I have to be really sneaky to actually get my girl to wear a bow...

    Max is so sweet and patient. :-) I like the new look.

  11. Ok...that is SO HILARIOUS that Mia drew on Max!! Too funny! He must be very laid back to let her do it. We have a mini schnauzer and she does not like Silas or Sadie messing with her. (She's a little afraid of them.) funny.

    OH...and I love your bows too!! They are adorable!!! I've gotta check them out!!! Have a fantastic day!

  12. Poor Max!!! LOL! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bows & will be checking them out!!!

  13. Your dog Max is a trooper! What a sweet dog! I'm going over right now to check out the bows! Thanks for the heads up!

  14. Cute doggy pictures! Love the bows too! They are so adorable. How long have Mia's ears been pierced? I guess I have never noticed before, anyway, very cute pictures! Sharon

  15. Sharon,

    You have noticed Mia's ears and that is the post I dont know if I can post about. I just got them done last week and my hubby is not the happiest man in the world. He is getting over it and seems to be ok now and has not mentioned much about lately but was unhappy when I got them done-- great observation skills :)

    Christy :)

  16. Ah ha, the secret is out! Don't worry Christy, Jerry said that Gracie can't get hers pierced until she is 16! Must be a guy thing.


  17. Those bows are So cute and I love the stripes by Mia on the doggie:)

  18. Ok, the header photos are just beautiful. I hope the children are enjoying their school days.
    LOVE the hairbows and I am going to that site.
    And poor Max! I'm sure they will fade with time.

  19. I think we are wiping out Love2sparkle's inventory. She has really cute stuff. I think I did pretty well and got some really great things for Ella. Thanks for letting us know about her.

    We've had Ella drawing on the walls but so far not the dog....hee hee..that was so cute.

  20. Loved all the pics!!! The Doggy
    pics are priceless!!!! Congrats
    on Mia's earpiercing!!! Allie
    was such a champ when we had
    hers done in April!!! NO WE
    ELSE..LOL!!! I love Ethan's

    Take Care,

    Sindy & Allie!!

  21. Sorry Christy to let the cat out of the bag! Hope everything is ok with Kevin on this subject (my brother is the same way with my niece)but she looks totally adorable!!! Good Luck!!! Sharon

  22. oh I am totally in love with Mia. What a good dog to sit there and take the decorations. Probably will come off when the hair grows out!! too funny!!

  23. New to your blog. :)

    Love the hairbows. I will have to check them out.

    And REALLY love the ZEBRA. Did you need to get a permit to keep him. That is priceless. love it!

    You have a beautiful family!


  24. Usually I'm only a reader here.

    But Max's decoration has promted me to laugh out loud. I mean it's not funny. And I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing. Hope it wasn't really a permanent sharpie? How long does it take for a dog to shed an entire coat of hair? Could your boys connect the lines and make some design? Kidding. Kinda. Poor Max. Funny Max.

    (note to self- sharpies go in the upper cabinet)