Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Taboo Post~!~!~!

So here is the post. Many of you have already figured this out but I feel like time has passed and things have died down that I now can post this post. First off let me give you some background. I have wanted to get Mia's ears pierced since she came home from China. I would ask Kevin what he thought about piercing her ears and his response was usually just "Lets just let her choose when she is old enough." I was always fine with that response but lately I have desperately wanted to get her ears pierced and I was quickly realizing there was no way I was going to be able to wait until she was 5 or 6 years old. Therefore since Kevin's response was still just kind of ho hum, I decided to just go ahead and do it. One morning I woke up and said to my self that today would be the day. I just decided to go for it and deal with Kevin's response later. Truly and honestly, I thought Kevin would be like "Oh Christy, you should have waited but oh how cute you are Mia" and all this would be behind us. That was not exactly how it went. Kevin was not too happy-- not so much that I got her ears pierced but that I didn't talk to him about it before. I felt horrible and told him that if he wanted to take them out that I would be happy to do so and I would go along with whatever he wanted to do. After a week or so Kevin seemed to be fine and it seems to all be behind us. So, I decided to post the picture. Lesson learned-- don't pierce your daughters ears without asking your husband!!

I was filling out the paperwork. Mia had no idea what was about to take place.

Showing my drivers licence-- really not sure why.

Ignorance is Bliss!!!

Mia wanted to fill out the paperwork as well.

More paperwork :)

Blurry but just so darn cute!!!

Still happy-- the storm is coming!!

It is coming close-- hold on--

What is this lady doing to my ear???

OK, I am not liking this too much-- what is going on??

Why are you drawing on my ear??

OK now I am not happy-- what the heck are you doing to me-- mommy help!!!!
That is the point where I put down my camera to attempt to comfort my daughter-- So, next I had to bear hug Mia so they could do one piercing and then turn her head so they could do the other ear. It was fast and quick but Mia screamed like crazy but the second they pulled out the sucker she was a bit happier as you can see.

Still not too happy but the sucker is helping.

Look at those pretty ears.

You know it hurts to be fashionable.

And that was about it. After these pictures I went up and paid and by the time we were walking out of the store she was happy and was not crying at all. She has done fine with the piercing. She doesn't touch or bug them at all-- which I am sooo happy about. She looks so cute with earrings!!!!

Tonight we went to the LA county Fair with Chuck, Susan and kids. We had a great time and i will post pictures soon.

This next week is going to be crazy. Kevin leaves tomorrow to go to Long Beach for some sort of gun school (MP5 I think) and wont be back till Thursday night (spending the week in a hotel). Then Friday he leaves to Vegas for a Bachelor Party for one of our good friends until Saturday mid day. He then gets home and has to work a DUI checkpoint on Saturday night, work on Sunday and then another checkpoint on Sunday night. Then he works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until he is finally off on Thurs, Fri and Sat. Poor guy he is going to be sooo busy and I am sure very tired. I will of course be a single mom for a week and a half and while I am not excited about it, I am glad to be in my shoes and not in Kevin's. Plus, the beginning of this week will be taken with Laura visiting so I'm sure I will be fine. Ill keep you posted!!


  1. LOVE this post...
    I truly understand about not saying.. I am hoping that we do Isabella's when she gets home.. I did KyLee's when she was 3 months old... Mia is darling..
    Have a Great Week..
    Can't wait for pictures...
    Love ya girly..

  2. Oh my. I could so totally see this being me and my husband when we have kids. I am glad it all worked out and Mia is adorable with earrings. She is just too cute Christy.

  3. Mia's earrings look adorable! Sometimes it does hurt to be fashionable! : )

    When we got Ellie's ears pierced she had a dentist appointment right after. When we got there she had been so dramatized from the piercing she would barely open her mouth! I guess I should have thought that one through! Ha!

  4. The earrings are absolutely adorable and she is sooo cute with them!

    The picture of her screaming broke my heart but she seems to have recovered quickly...Allie is 3.5 months old...I have heard of people doing them right after they are born but not me...I can't decide when we should do it but I do want to have it done.

    Thanks for the pics...they are great!

  5. She looks so cute in the before shots and just as cute in the after. Lollys work everytime! Hey, I'll be down on the 25-29th...maybe we could grab a cup of coffee or lunch or what ever. Hope your week isn't too crazy. Hugs!!

  6. I am with you - I LOVE the earrings :) My Mom pierced mine as an infant, which I would do if I ever had an infant daughter! My husband & I have NOT had this conversation and honestly, I think I am going to skip it & one day when Mya & I are having a girls' day - voila!

    I oftentimes think it is easier to apologize than to ask permission. Not ALWAYS the wisest choice, I know!!

    Girl, I only meant one more week of summer - seasonly. I know you live in Sunny California where it is summer all year round, so you probably don't keep track that FALL is right around the corner!!!

    No news on LOA yet. Big Sigh.

  7. Well, this has been something I've been struggling with myself ... I know Mia was fine within minutes, but those tearful shots just tug at my heart! I don't think I'm ready to do that to Cadence ... just yet! Plus, I KNOW she will play with them ... I can't even keep barrettes in her hair for goodness sakes! Guess we'll have to stick with fashionable shoes for now ......

  8. Love Mia's new bling! She is just adorable!

  9. I love little girls with ears pierced. That's just me though. Mia looks very pretty even with tears.

    All of my girls had them done when they where very little. Lia was the exception. Well two is still little but she was older than the other two. I figured I'd do it after her first eye appointment. She ended up passing out on the way to get them done and never woke up until they pierced the first ear. As soon as they where done with the second ear she stop crying. She just hated me holding her tight.

    Mia looks beautiful!

  10. They look adorable, but I am laughing about you taking pictures as she's I don't think I'll have the guts. My SIL will have to do it, and I won't be able to be there!

  11. Love the earrings -- she looks so adorable!!

    We often see girls in Claire's getting ears pierced and Maddy thinks about it for a minute or two.

    Have a good week and fun with your friends!


  12. What we girls will do for fashion! I totally get what happened with your husband. When we talk about most things they glaze over so how were you suppose to know this was a big deal? They are funny creatures. I love the pictures! Have a good week with your friend.

  13. Cara-Li (my 6 year old) was standing next to me when I was reading your post and asking what was going on with Mia. I told her that she was getting her ears pierced and therefore was very interested as she wants hers done too. As I scrolled down to view all the photos, Cara-Li spots the ones where Mia is in tears. Cara-Li made a full 360 and marched out of the room stating that she does NOT want her ears pierced anymore! Oh well!

  14. Oh, she looks so cute. I've wanted to do the same thing, but my hubby wants to wait until first grade. S.G. is in Kinder now, so by first grade it will really be up to her. I don't know if she'll want to do it. We'll see.

  15. Mia looks so cute! When I got Isabella's pierced, I made sure there were two girls there so they could do both ears at one time! She cried for only a second until she saw that sucker too!

  16. Oh my...I think Mark would have freaked if i did that without asking. he's much more convinced we need to wait. We always said Sophie couldn't do it until she was 13...well...we gave in this year at 10. It's been good because she can take care of them. I wanted to do Sadie too...but Mark sure said NO!!! So...I guess I'll have to wait. They look adorable on Mia!!! Bless her heart...she didn't know what was coming!!! Thank the Lord they have suckers, huh?!?!?

    Hope you have a great week. I'm trying to catch up on everyones posts. YIKES...I am SO FAR behind!!!

  17. Oh do they ever look cute. But my sweet thing would be like your husband. Problem is mine would never forgive me for it! His theory is it has to be their idea, not mine..... soooo we wait.