Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Hanging Out!!

First off please take a look at my friend Debbie's blog as she received her beautiful daughter Lily today (actually last night). She is beautiful and is doing wonderful!!! Check out her blog and give her words of encouragement. You can check out her blog here.

We have not been up to much. Kevin finally got back in town on Saturday but then had to go to a DUI checkpoint on Saturday night and then on Sunday he had to work. His DUI checkpoint on Sunday night was cancelled so we had Kevin's parents over for dinner. After dinner we watched the kids swim-- it was a really nice evening.

The boys decided to eat their pie on top of the fireplace. Mary (Kevin's mom made the pie-- yumm!!!!)

My handsome little men!!

Don and Mary eating their pie by the pool. Kevin's mom Mary watches Mia one day a week. She is a retired teacher (just last year) and is teaching Mia soooooo many wonderful things. Mia is learning her colors and has many of them and she does all sorts of "good grandma" things.

Owen and Mia in the spa. Mia loves to swim and goes in on her own. She is totally fearless which scares me a but but we keep our eagle eye on her.

This morning Mia was being just as cute as can be with her baby doll. She had her purse and sunglasses and all sorts of "baby" things to take care of her baby in the stroller. It is too cute!!!

Here is Mia's "cheese" face again.

Mia strolling her baby around.

Mia looking through her baby goods.


  1. Looks like you have been having a Great Time...
    Have a Great Week...

    Mia is darling as always...

  2. She is so adorable. And so are those boys! Love the fireplace by the pool.

  3. Love family time. It's so wonderful for Kevin's mom to watch Mia.

  4. Your backyard is so amazing..I doubt I'd ever want or need to leave home!! I love the fireplace by the hot tub!!!

  5. Christy,
    I can't believe how long Mia's hair is. It's almost one length. WE just got Rowan's hair cut. Only her 2nd cut in a year. We are a long way behind growing the bangs out. She's not as good of an eater as Miss Mia. That must have something to do with it.

  6. girl...I LOVE your new McCain/Palin button...where did you get it?!?!? I'm lovin' it!!! OH...and your backyard is SO AMAZING!!!! I would LOVE an outdoor fireplace...especially by the pool. I know you guys must use it a lot!!! Mia is adorable as usual. Her little purse is too cute. Her hair is really growing too. I just cut Sadie's myself. Trying to get that one length thing going. W're almost there...I just wish she could keep it out of her face for now. She just hasn't grasped putting it behind her ears yet!! :) Hope you have a great week!

  7. Wow, it looks like it is still summer in sunny California! What a fun night with your in-laws. That's great that your MIL watches her 1 day a week and that she is teaching her so much! What great grandma time for her.

    Miss Mia is just way to cute with her baby and purse...I think you may have a girly girl too! : )

    I love the "cheese" face--that cracked me up! Ellie has one too!

  8. Adorable pictures of Mia and your boys.
    I looked at your friends blog and her new daughter is adorable but she looks NOTHING like her referall picture!

  9. the top of the fireplace is a pretty cool/warm place for pie,heh. cute Mia pics with her girly stuff!

  10. And if I had

    a) such an awesome fireplace and
    b) pie

    I would totally eat it there, too!

  11. I stopped by your friends' blog. What a gorgeous little girl that Lily is!
    Love your outdoor patio area with the fireplace..very cool :)

  12. Mia is so cute pushing around her stroller! I love watching little girls doing that. Mia is so lucky to have her grandma watch her one day a week. That will be special time that she cherishes her entire life.

    Your friend's Lily is adorable - I guess it comes with the name! :)


  13. I just love your backyard! We can't have this in Montreal :(

  14. Your backyard looks like a resort!! Gorgeous! Mia is so darling, as always! Your boys are handsome too!

  15. My LID is 2/6/07. But we are going SN and our agency is working to match us off of the shared list.

  16. I LOVE your pool! What fun! Mia is just adorable.

  17. Mia is looking so grown up here...and as adorable as ever!