Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Soccer Season and the Rays!!

As previously mentioned, I was lucky enough to have the boys placed on the same AYSO Soccer team. This helps so much with practice and game running around and I just love it-- 2 practices a week and one game-- not 4 practices a week and 2 game-- that will be next year. Anyway, we had the boys first soccer game this weekend. The boys did really well. Surprisingly, both boys only have played 1 year of soccer way back like 3 or 4 years ago so really this is their first season playing. Both boys did great and ran their little butts off. Ethan made a goal and Owen almost made one. They did not win their game but they put out a great effort!!!

Ethan is # 8 and Owen is # 4.

I think the top right picture is when Ethan made a goal but I'm not 100% sure. Ethan, Owen and the coaches brother Fernando.

Lovely Miss Mia enjoyed the game with the exception of the small melt down for some unknown reason. She loved getting the orange wedges-- she just thought that was the best-- so did the boys. The middle picture is a picture of Mia's "cheeze" face. I love that she will smile when I point a camera at her face.

This is Kevin lifting Mia to the sky-- she loves it when he does that!!!

Being a single mom has been fine. Kevin has been gone since Sunday and yesterday I went to Laila's to hang out with Laura and Cass. The kids always have a blast at Laila's and us adults did as well. Tonight I have a babysitter for the kids and us girls are going out to a really nice dinner!! If we have time we may do a movie. I will post pictures soon of our nice night out. Next post is the LA county fair. I will do some comparing and contrasting from last year to this year. It is crazy how much Mia has grown. I will post that tomorrow.

Christy :)


  1. when my niece was mia's age she would go with her big brother to the "soccie ball" practice and eat "fwinch fwies." Those are adorable pics of Mia and the soccer kids.

  2. Looks like the boys are loving the pictures.... Love Mia's little clippie.. I know where that came from....
    Have fun with your friends tonight..
    Can't wait to see the pictures..
    Have a Great Evening.

  3. Great soccer pictures! You always have such great pictures!

    OMAN I can't wait for the fair, we are going next Friday!!!! I haven't been since I moved up here 14 years ago! I'll email you about our trip and see if we can't plan an hour or two...

  4. Glad to see even in sunny CA that Mia gets to wear cute sweaters in the Fall!!

  5. Gret soccer pictures! I hope you had a great time with your friends!

  6. Hope you're having fun with your friends! The soccer pics are cute. We started football today, so I will have pictures soon!