Friday, September 19, 2008

Thinking about doing this...

Hi guys, I am thinking about doing this. Tell me what you think or if you have any ideas. This letter is to our guide in Changsha, Hunan. The pictures at the end are the ones I sent her to jog her memory. Tell me what you think.

Hi Susan,
I am attaching a few pictures of us while in China to remind you of who we are. This is Christy Bock. We were in Changsha adopting our daughter Ba Jun Fei (Mia) in May 2007. Mia was from Yueyang County and you were our guide. We were not with a travel group but we were by ourselves. Mia was only 6 months old on Gotcha day and remember we were locked out of the civil affair office and we ended up having Gotcha by ourselves. Also, you may remember my husband was on crutches because he had broken his hip months before. I hope that jogs your memory.

Anyway, we have been home for 17 months and Mia is just doing amazing. She will be 2 in October. I wanted to ask you about the possibility of getting a poster of Mia then and now to her finding place at the civil affairs office in Yueyang county. I am not trying to find birth parents or anything like that. All I want to do is to display a poster in Mia's finding place that shows pictures of her finding ad and date of abandonment etc and then show pictures of her now showing how her life is here in the US. I mostly want to do this to give her birth mom peace knowing her daughter has a wonderful life. I don't want anything from her or them. My hope is that someone who knows who her mom was or ever the foster mom, will see the pictures and let her know so she can see them herself. That is it. I just want to know that I did everything i could to let her birth mom know Mia is OK-- I'm sure she wonders and I think there is a likelihood that she will go to her abandonment place on the anniversary. Maybe not but it is worth a try. If she sees the poster and is able to put two and two together then maybe she will realize the baby in the pictures is Mia and that by giving her up she gave her so much. It is really just to give birth mom peace-- nothing more.

So, my question is how can I get that poster over there and who can I get to post it at the civil affairs office? Maybe a local shop owner I can pay? What do you think?I would so appreciate your help with this Susan! Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much,

Christy Bock
Here are the pictures we sent Susan.

She was just sooooo tiny!!!

She would laugh so hard and get this little silly grin on her face-- too funny!!!

Yes, we are driving in a car and Mia is just sitting on Kevin's lap. If you have yet to travel to China, there are no car seats and kids just sit wherever-- reminds me of when we were kids.

So, what do you guys think-- got any suggestions????


  1. Love the letter..
    It is worth a try...
    Hope you find someone who will do this for you..
    Have a Great Weekend..

  2. It's a good letter - which "now" pictures are you sending?? I think it'd be cool is something did come of it!

  3. Sara,

    These are not the pictures I am going to put on the poster if I can get someone to post it for me. These pictures were just to jog our guides mind so she would remember who we are.It has been a while and all she does is guide people everyday so I wanted to remind her who we were. If I do the poster I will post her finding ad, her referral pictures, some pictures of us in China and then a bunch of her now at home. Im not sure which ones I would use but ones showing her life in the US-- just to make her mom feel at peace with her deicision and to know her daughter has a good life and is loved.

    Christy :)

  4. I think this is a great idea. You are such an incredibly thoughtful person for thinking of her!

  5. You might be starting something new in China. I think it's worth a try. I can't even imagine what her birth mom would think if she saw it!

  6. Oh, I love the McCain/Palin button too! I might have to steal it.

  7. Christy,

    I actually read somewhere of another adoptive mom doing this and I can't remember if people were receptive or not. I know it was on a message board somewhere and I wish I could remember the discussion. Did you talk to your agency to see what they might think of the idea? I have no opinion either way. Hope you are having a great weekend!


  8. Why not give it a try? If it can bring some completion to her birthmother, that would be wonderful. I can't wait to see what happens!

  9. Hi Christy...even thought I think it is a wonderful idea, somehow I do not think this will go over too well in China.

    Another thing to think about...I've read that sometimes mothers travel a distance to leave the babies at a different location from where they live so that there could be no connection back to them. Mia's birthmother might not even be in that area.

  10. I remember seeing a mom do this on the 'China's Lost Girls' National Geographic video, I think. The family was traveling to get dd#2 and did this themselves for dd#1. It sparked quite a conversation with the locals but I don't think that it is a bad idea at all.

  11. I think it is a great idea and if I were Mia's mom it would THRILL me to see pics of her and know that she is ok. Would the government have any objections to this? Not that they could do anything about it, but it was just a thought. I hope you are successful in making this happen!! :) Hugs - LeighAnne

  12. I hope you are able to do something like that. I would love to some how make contact for Glenys' benefit. I send a book to the orphanage every year with a year's worth of pics and activities but I know the birth mom doesn't see it and am not sure the foster family does. Keep us posted!!

  13. I saw that you had asked Jane Liedtke (however you spell that) and her response was a little negative. I was thinking that maybe you could run an ad in the local paper, maybe the birthparents would see that (and have greater privacy).

  14. Great idea...let s know what happens...